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HITMAN – Hokkaido – Guardian Angel – Challenge/Feat

Guardian Angel Rescue Services –

At G.A.R.S. we offer an array of classes to our customers so you don’t have to go to a variety of companies to make you current and up to date with today’s ever changing safety training. Any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact one of our professional staff members at G.A.R.S. Don’t let your geographic location be the reason you can’t use G.A.R.S. At G.A.R.S. 

our staff is ready and willing to travel to all 48 states and serve our customers happily. G.A.R.S. is prepared to follow all state, OSHA, NFPA and federal regulations. At G.A.R.S. we have over twenty years of combined experience. 

Our instructors/rescue stand-by team has been in true emergency situations that have prepared us to handle/instruct any situation that may come up in a professional manner. Our staff stays up to date and current with today’s many ever changing regulations, techniques, and teaching skills. At G.A.R.S our staff holds and maintains many state and federal certifications. You can reassure our skills and abilities are second to none. G.A.R.S will provide you with professional staff, modern equipment and techniques, and a passion for what we do that is second to none. 

At G.A.R.S. we can work with any industry complex or business no matter how big or small the job or class is. G.A.R.S. our staff is cross-trained to handle any situation that comes up you can be sure of that. We take the time and tailor each class to your companies’ needs. 

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Your Guardian Angel

Angels, those who have chosen to remain forever obedient to God, are our good friends. The same angel or angels may have been with you right from the moment you were conceived, and in all probability know far more about you than you know about yourself. Angels are described in the Bible as forever distinct from humans – that is, humans do not somehow become angels after they die. Angels have often manifested themselves with the appearance of a human when they were dealing with humans. Angels appeared to many people throughout the Bible, sometimes to inform or assist e.g. 

Gabriel’s Message to Mary that Jesus Christ would be born, or rescuing Peter, and at other times as agents of God’s wrath against evil e.g. The Destruction Of Sodom and Gomorrah, or the killing of the 185,000 Assyrian troops who were besieging Jerusalem and openly challenging and insulting God. There is one other unseen visitor that you might possibly have the company of occasionally, one that you are more familiar with, a spirit being that you actually have known by name. Humans themselves cannot bodily travel through time. Human time travel would likely be very clumsy and imperfect. 

Spirit beings are not however bound by the same physical laws as humans. Spirit beings can travel through time without the same sort of consequences that affect humans. They can, and almost certainly do make physical changes in human events that adjust future outcomes in desired directions. After your physical life’s journey has ended, if you have accepted God’s offer of eternal life, you will be changed to spirit, a spirit being that can travel through time perhaps just as easily as you can now travel from one thought to the next. 

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Guardian Angels

Join the mission to engage younger generations of Catholics with the Good News of Christ and our Church. Warmest thanks to these Guardian Angels who gave during the fall 2017 campaign, through Dec. 15, 2017. Guardian Angels – Catholics like you – have brought decades of Catholic history in Arkansas to the Internet, free to everyone. Because of that challenge, your Guardian Angels membership is needed to invest in new technology and other resources to help keep those young adults connected to the Church – and better serve all Catholics in the diocese. Making a differenceGuardian Angels have been important to extending our reach through new media. 

The number of sessions of people reading the Arkansas Catholic website has more than doubled since 2011, and the number of users nearly so. Every gift countsA Guardian Angels sustaining membership is a monthly gift that is convenient, ongoing and secure. Angel: For donors who give a one-time gift of at least $60, or a recurring gift of $5 a month. Arkansas Catholic will announce the sustaining members in the newspaper, with our thanks. Click for a list of Guardian Angels who gave during the fall 2017 campaign, through Dec. 15, 2017. 

Hundreds of Guardian Angels supported scanning years of archives into a digital format that will never fade, crumble or be lost to fire or natural disaster. Since 2010, every issue in every bound volume from 1911 through 2001 has been protected from the ravages of time, digitally scanned and processed and posted online, freely available to inspire new Catholic generations. 

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