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Guardian Angels

Machkiel is one of the guardian angels stationed in the sixth of the seven Heavens. The listing found in Pirke Hechaloth includes the angel Machkiel as an angelic guardian of the sixth Heaven. Madagabiel is one of the many guardian angels of the gates of the North Wind. Mador is an angel from hechaloth lore, and is one of the guardian angels of the fourth heavenly hall. The guardian angel Mahariel is stationed at the gates to the first Heaven. 

According to Ozar Midrashim, Malkiel is one of many guardian angels of the gates of the South Wind. A guardian angel in the fourth Heaven, Margiviel is prince of the face. The angel Maspiel is one of numerous guardian angels stationed at the second Heaven. Hechaloth Rabbati states that there are seven guardian angels assigned to the second Heaven, and the angel Matafiel is one of them. Modiel is one of the many guardian angels found at the gates of the East Wind, and noted in Ozar Midrashim II, 316. 

According to Pirke Hechaloth, Mufgar is a guardian angel who watches over the first of the seven Heavens. Mufliel is found in hechaloth lore, and is believed to be one of the guardian angels stationed in the highest of the Heavens, the seventh Heaven. 

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White angel wings with a burst of light and cloudy sky as a backdropAngel wings. A textured image of a golden female angel gazing at her wings as a heavenly light touches themWoman with her angel. Spiritual woman in darkness standing with hand stretched to her guardian angel of light and faith ,concept of faith enlightens the mindBaby cupid with angel wings. A female hand touching divine light of angel wings like a concept for angel love, guardian angels and angel protectionAngel. Dream of teenage girl, she walks like an angel over the cloudsDreaming Angel. 

Wide blue sky banner with fluffy clouds and a pair of white Angel Wings with Seven Chakra whirling between the wingsFallen angel with black wings. White angel wings made of real feathers isolated on black backgroundAn Angel Praying. Cute Baby with angel wings sitting in clouds and hands held prayingThe angel. Abstract background of angel figure with smokeThe angel. Angel statue in the sky with clouds and rainbowWinter angel. 

Attractive woman running with angel wings behind backBlack Angel. A beautiful angel with roses in background with soft dreamy lighting in vintage grunge styleBeautiful angel woman in theatre. 

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Guardian Angel – Gospel Musician from East Africa – Kenya

Guardian Angel is a Kenyan top Gospel Musician, Songwriter and multi-talented Instrumentalist, he plays both the guitar and piano. With a music career spanning more than six years and a host of award nominations locally and in the greater East African region, Guardian Angel has released several chart topping songs that have placed him among major household names on Kenya’s music scene. Some of his popular songs include Nadeka, Amazing Grace, Liwe Liwe, Pendo and Rejea. Guardian Angel describes his music as music for the soul that seeks to encourage people to believe in God and bring them back to God’s presence through repentance, true worship and praise. His main fuel for this passion is to do music that is relevant now and many more years to come. 

Rising from too much talk of him being the most underrated artiste in Kenya, in the year 2017 he proved the naysayers otherwise by releasing – Nadeka, a song that catapulted him onto the national scene once again, it ruled the airwaves for months leading him to inking several corporate partnerships e.g with Taxify Kenya and was listed to headline some of the biggest gospel shows in the year 2017. 

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Robert Browning. The Guardian Angel. Henry Charles Beeching, ed. 1903. Lyra Sacra: A Book of Religious Verse

A Picture by Guercino at Fano.DEAR and great Angel, wouldst thou only leave That child, when thou hast done with him, for me!Let me sit all the day here, that when eve Shall find performed thy special ministry,And time come for departure, thou, suspending 5Thy flight, may’st see another child for tending, Another still to quiet and retrieve. Then I shall feel thee step one step, no more, From where thou standest now, to where I gaze. Suddenly my head is covered o’er 10 With those wings, white above the child who praysNow on that tomb-and I shall feel thee guardingMe, out of all the world; for me discarding Yon heaven thy home, that waits and opes its door. How soon all worldly wrong would be repaired! I think how I should view the earth and skies 30And sea, when once again my brow was bared After thy healing, with such different eyes. 

O world, as God has made it! All is beauty:And knowing this is love, and love is duty. 

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About Guardian Angel Pet Rescue – Guardian Angel Pet Rescue

Guardian Angel Pet Rescue, founded in March 2001, is a NO-KILL, 501(c) 3 non-profit, community service organization staffed entirely by volunteers. GAPR relies solely on the public’s donations, fundraisers, and adoption fees. GAPR is dedicated to rescuing animals from helpless situations, and offers refuge, medical care, nourishment, and a second chance for life to companion animals that are in immediate peril of euthanasia shelters in the greater Memphis area. All rescued animals are lovingly cared for in private foster homes until they are placed in responsible forever homes to be a life long friend. GAPR promotes responsible pet ownership through education, and has a mandatory spay/neuter policy for all animals. 

Foster Families are the backbone of Guardian Angel Pet Rescue. Thanks to all families who are keeping pets in their home until they find their forever family. 

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