My Guardian Angel News for 04-14-2018

My Guardian Angel

Los Angeles Progressive Talent Management, Coaching for LA actors and professionals

Stellar Angel Talent is a long standing progressive Talent Management Company based in Studio City, California with a focus on career growth and advancement. Over the past three decades, the firm has helped hundreds of actors break into commercials, equity theater, hosting, industrial/educational videos, network television shows, feature films, video games and voice over work. Led by company founder and accomplished actor Kate Mirakal Romero, Stellar Angel Talent uses a personal, hands on approach to develop and shape the careers of each and every one of its actor clients. The company has developed a reputation for having its clients move steadily from co-star opportunities to guest lead and series regular roles in all forms of media. The Stellar Angel Talent list of network shows and feature films that have hired its actor clients are highly respected, household names in the Entertainment industry. 

In recent years, Stellar Angel Talent has attracted commercial acting work for its clients with some of the leading corporations and their brands in North America. The Stellar Angel Talent team is passionate about helping its clients develop as both acting professionals and human beings. They have a proven track record of being powerful collaborators with professionals from every sector of the Entertainment industry and are masterful at suggesting just the right talent needed every single time. 

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Babysitters Available in Hilton Head Island and the Jersey Shore

They are compassionate and caring individuals who have demonstrated a love and understanding for all ages. Our Pet Sitters have a lot of experience caring for those with fins, feathers or fur and are animal lovers at heart! Guardian Angels Sitting Service has an extensive screening process; hand-selecting only the most experienced and qualified Babysitters, Nannies, Pet Sitters and Elderly Companions to care for your loved ones! APPLICATION 1) Go to our website and click on the ‘book a Guardian Angel’ tab. 2) Fill out the appropriate membership application and click submit. 3) For annual members: once you fill out an annual member application to request additional dates during the time period of your membership, you may just fill out the Sitter Referral Request Form under Annual Members. BABYSITTER, PETSITTER & ELDERLY COMPANION REQUESTWhether you are requesting a Babysitter or Nanny for your child, a Companion for your elderly loved one or a Pet Sitter for your friends with feathers or fur, we will work to confirm your sitter or companion upon receiving your application. 

CONFIRMATION A Guardian Angels Sitting Service representative will personally email you to confirm that your application has been received. You will then receive a confirmation email once your sitter is confirmed, which will include a brief bio and picture of the sitter that has been placed with your family. 

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Guardian Angel Music Box

Give a new baby or new parents a truly stunning remembrance of the occasion of the birth of their child and gift them with this beautiful music and keepsake box. The mahogany wood box measures 4 by 6 inches and plays the beloved hymn Ave Maria using the alternative Bach-Gounod version. The cover of the music box is enhanced with a stunning, richly colored Italian stained glass image of a child angel holding a lamp and pulling a blanket up over the shoulders of an uncovered sleeping baby all found in front of a vibrant stained glass window. The contrast between the vibrant window and gentle image of the angel and baby makes the image stand out and really catch the eye. The velvet-lined interior of the box is divided into two small chambers, one of which contains the musical movement and the other which is available for the family to safely keep small gifts or mementos received such as jewelry, a rosary, tokens or even money. 

The wind up mechanism is found on the bottom of the box and small feet on the bottom corners keep the music box slightly off the surface on which it is placed. The music and keepsake box is a gift the family and baby could keep for a lifetime and will be a reminder of your love and how important you felt it was to share the excitement of this special occasion with them. The guardian angel music box could also be given as a First Communion gift. 

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Guardian Angel Hosta

As the summer progresses, the center turns to a lighter green, but is still a knockout Hosta. It has near white flowers in late June into July on tall scapes. When I saw Guardian Angel at the local Hosta Nursery I knew I had to have one for myself. That was 4 years ago and anyone that sees it, loves it. Some have even gone to the local Hosta Nursery and purchased it right away! 

I grew it for 2 years by the Gazebo in a sunny exposure, and then moved it to a more sheltered spot with an eastern exposure, 2 years ago under a Crab Apple Tree near the drive. Of course, that moving also set it back, but in another year it will be glorious! I divided the plant that I had into 4 or 5 divisions and spread them out so when they get to be a couple more years old they will fill out the area completely. The Hostapedia book by Mark Zillis, comments that this ranks as one of the best sports developed in the last 20 years! No wonder I liked it so well! 

This photo was taken in mid-September and still looks good after the hottest days of July and August. I can attest to that because next to Guardian Angel is one called Lemon Lime and that has been bothered by slugs, whereas Guardian Angel has no holes in early September as I write this. I love to search out different Hostas like this one to place at focal points around the beds. 

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