My Guardian Angel News for 04-12-2018

Guardian Angel Day ! 6/4/18

Prayers & Litany to Our Guardian Angel

PRAYERS & LITANY TO OUR GUARDIAN ANGEL. O Angel of God my guardian dear, to whom His love commits me here, ever this day be at my side to light and guard, to rule and guide. O Holy Angel to whose care God in His Mercy, hath committed me, thou who assistest me in my wants, who consolest me in my afflictions, who supportest me when dejected, and who constantly obtainest for me new favours; I return thee now most sincere and humble thanks; and I conjure thee, O amiable Guide to continue still thy care; to defend me against my enemies; to remove from me the occasions of sin; to obtain for me a docility to thy holy inspirations; to protect me, in particular, at the hour of my death; and then conduct me to the mansions of eternal repose. O Holy Guardian Angel, my dear friend and solicitous guide on the dangerous way of life, to thee be heartfelt thanks for the numberless benefits which have been granted me through thy love and goodness and for the powerful help by which thou hast preserved me from so many dangers and temptations. O Angel of God, make me worthy of thy tender love, thy celestial companionship and thy never failing protection! 

Now, of God’s kind Providence,Thou image pure and bright,Watch o’er me while I’m sleeping – My Angel dear, good night! O most Holy Angel of God, appointed by Him to be my guardian, I give thee thanks for all the benefits which thou hast ever bestowed on me in body and in soul. In acknowledgment of and in return for all thy loving ministries to me from my youth up, I offer thee the infinitely precious and noble Heart of Jesus, and I firmly purpose to obey thee henceforward and most faithfully to serve my God. Do not refuse, O my Angel, to be my interpreter with God, and to protest to Him that these are my sentiments and my will. PRAYER TO OUR GUARDIAN ANGEL IF WE ARE UNABLE TO GO TO MASS. 

O holy Angel at my sideGo to the Church for meKneel in my place at Holy MassWhere I desire to beAt Offertory in my steadTake all I am and ownAnd place it as a SacrificeUpon the Altar ThroneAt Holy Consecration’s bellAdore with Seraph’s loveMy Jesus hidden in the HostCome down from Heaven aboveThen pray for those I dearly loveAnd those who cause me griefThat Jesus’ Blood may cleanse all heartsAnd suffering souls relieveAnd when the Priest Communion takesOh bring my Lord to meThat his sweet Heart may rest on mineAnd I his Temple bePray that this Sacrifice DivineMay mankind’s sins effaceThen bring me Jesus’ blessing homeThe pledge of every grace. Almighty and everlasting God, Who in the counsel of Thine ineffable goodness hast appointed to all the Faithful, from their mother’s womb, a special Angel Guardian of their body and soul, grant that I may so love and honour him whom Thou hast so mercifully given me that, protected by the bounty of Thy grace and by his assistance, I may merit to behold, with him and all the angelic hosts, the glory of Thy countenance in the heavenly kingdom, Thou Who livest and reignest world without end. EJACULATIONS. Hail, glorious Angel, appointed by God to be my guardian! Hail, holy Angel, my shield at the hour of death!’. 

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The MIT CDM Guardian Angel Project

Guardian Angel is a collaborative project, currently between the MIT Lab for Computer Science’s Clinical Decision Making Group and The Children’s Hospital Informatics Program, begun in 1994 to put power and responsibility for health care more into the hands of patients. The Guardian Angel vision is more fully explained in a technical report we call the manifesto, Guardian Angel: Patient-Centered Health Information Systems. PatientSite, a patient portal that gives patients full access to their electronic medical records at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston My HealtheVet, a patient portal created by the Department of Veterans Affairs. For each patient, the ED doctor could customize the daily content, typically by adding or modifying advice about unusual conditions specific to the patient. Our initial foray into medical record systems architecture and development began in 1994, at about the same time as our initial work on Guardian Angel. 

Inspired by the rocketing success of the early World Wide Web, we believed that the records sharing part of the Guardian Angel vision could be solved by using the same kinds of methods as the Web to provide a seamless virtual shared record that any patient could assemble on-the-fly from whatever institutional systems held those records. Although we built many parts of the home system, the project ended before the clinic system could be built and before the entire system could be integrated and deployed. Several companies have been early to create systems that allow a patient to store and retrieve personal health records on a Web server. The initial record system created by VitalWorks gave patients a convenient way to record information about their health, doctor’s visits, medications, etc. Our Boston colleagues Schoenberg and Safran proposed a Web-based record keeping system architecturally similar to PING. 

Integrating record keeping with other aspects of the ongoing activities of health care is a more difficult challenge, and is required to achieve the goals of Guardian Angel. Current health information systems are built for the convenience of health care providers and consequently yield fragmented patient records in which medically relevant lifelong information is sometimes incomplete, incorrect, or inaccessible. We are constructing information systems centered on the individual patient instead of the provider, in which a set of guardian angel software agents integrates all health-related concerns, including medically-relevant legal and financial information, about an individual. 

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