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Manly P. Hall: RARE LECTURE VIDEO: Is There a Guardian Angel?

HSHS St. John’s Hospital, Springfield, IL

The Guardian Angel Grateful Patient Program was created to provide patients and their families with a meaningful way to express their appreciation for exceptional, quality care and service. Monetary gifts of both large and small amounts help us to help others while also providing a powerful testimony to the significance and value of such care. Because of generous gifts we are able to perform medical miracles every day. From purchasing state-of-the-art equipment to providing continuing education for nursing and medical staff, your contribution helps to enhance the outstanding level of care our community has come to expect from St. John’s. 

The investment you make today will benefit our community for years to come and a card and Guardian Angel pin will be presented to the recipient to notify him/her of your kind gift. Advance and support health care delivery and patient care. Benefit current programs and services at St. John’s Hospital. Assist with the cost of patient care services not covered by medical insurance. 

Underwrite the cost of new equipment and technology. 

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Five Encounters with Guardian Angels

No evil shall be allowed to befall you,no plague come near your tent. Scripture is filled with God’s messengers coming to Earth – from the angel placed at the entrance to Eden all the way through the apocalyptic vision of John. We read about these beings intervening in human affairs, both protecting and disciplining. We don’t hear a lot of that today, and it’s easy to wonder when or if angels are commissioned. These stories and videos provide testament of people’s experiences. 

When Bruce van Natta counts his blessings, he’s not quite sure where to begin. A diesel rig mechanic, Bruce was working on a lifted semi-truck when the jacks strained under the weight. The improperly mounted truck slipped off and Bruce was pinned beneath over 15,000 pounds of steel. As his coworkers rushed to save him, Bruce was at complete peace. To see Bruce recount his story, check out the video here. 

Is the premier place on the web for people to be inspired every day. A portion of all proceeds goes directly to charitable causes! Outbrain desktop bottom of article. 

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Prayers to Our Guardian Angel – Family Life Ministry

Prayer is essential in our relationship with God and a necessary spiritual component of our daily Orthodox life. We also have a faithful guardian assigned to each of us by God to aid us in our journey and to protect us. Our guardian angel should also be included in our daily prayers. For without our prayer life with God and our prayers to our own guardian angel, we leave ourselves at risk to temptation and many others dangers – both spiritual and physical. Pray for me to the Lord, that He may make me worthy of the grace of the All-Holy Trinity, and of the blessed Mother of God, and of all the saints. 

During Great Lent, Orthodox Christians embrace a heightened and more disciplined spiritual inventory and reflection as well as increased prayer and worship in preparation for Great and Holy Pascha: the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. What better time than now – during our Lenten journey – to take these prayers to heart and to memory; teach your children these prayers, teach by example and pray as a family. 

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Guardian Angels

Dahariel is also an angel of the shinanim order – and according to some sources a guardian angel of the fifth Heaven. Dahaviel is one of the guardian angels of the first Heaven. Darkiel is one of many guardian angels of the gates of the South Wind. Deharhiel is referenced in hechaloth lore, and is an angelic guard of the fifth Heaven. The angel Deheborym is referenced in the Pirke Hechaloth and is a guard in the first Heaven. 

Dirael is an angel from hechaloth lore, and one of the guardians of the sixth heaven. Dormiel is one of many angels who are responsible for guarding the gates of the East Wind. Druiel is a guardian angel who protects the gates of the South Wind. Dubbiel is viewed as a corrupt angel, and is the guardian angel of Persia. It’s rumoured that the angels of nations were corrupted by national bias, hence the belief that Dubbiel is a demon. 

Durba’il is an Islamic guardian angel, often invoked during rites of exorcism. Become a fan on Facebook to get updates when more angels are added. 

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Guardian Angel Pendant / Prayer Card

Pray for us, so that the word of the Lord may speed forward and be glorified, as it among you – 2 Thessalonians 3.1. It was with this spirit that a Catholic-led interfaith team of biblical scholars undertook the challenge to translate the Bible into modern English. The result is the New American Bible, a Catholic Bible translation equally suitable for private devotions, careful study, and reading aloud in public. Drawing upon recent textual scholarship and reflecting careful consideration of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Revised Edition NAB contains a fully revised Old Testament and a Psalter that is rendered to provide a smooth, rhythmic translation. A careful translation of the original language texts. 

Introductions and outlines for every book of the Bible. Over 8,000 helpful notes prepared by the best Catholic biblical scholars. This edition contains a complete list of readings for Sunday Mass and Major Feasts of the Year, as well as a Weekday Lectionary. 

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