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Do you have a GUARDIAN ANGEL?

Who are our Guardian Angels?

No evil shall befall you, nor shall affliction come near your tent, for to His Angels God has given command about you, that they guard you in all your ways. Upon their hands they will bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone. Psalm 91: 10-12 A heavenly spirit assigned by God to watch over each of us during our lives. The doctrine of angels is part of the Church’s tradition. The role of the guardian angel is both to guide us to good thoughts, works and words, and to preserve us from evil. 

Since the 17th century the Church has celebrated a feast honoring them in October throughout the Universal Church. Since the last calendar revision this feast is Oct 2. He has charged His angels with the ministry of watching and safeguarding every one of His creatures that behold not His face. Kingdoms have their angels assigned to them, and men have their angels; these latter it is to whom religion designates the Holy Guardian Angels. 

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Guardian Angel Program

Save-A-Pet’s no-kill mission promises unconditional love and life for all our feline and canine residents, regardless of their special needs. Some may be older or have a medical condition, or may have been abused and in need of time to learn to trust again. Becoming a Guardian Angel helps support our residents with all the care they need while they wait for their new families. Your monthly gift will help ensure that Save-A-Pet can properly care for the animals we serve. Two complimentary tickets to either Aces for Animals Casino Night or Tuxedo for Tails Gala. 

Donations are easily debited on a monthly basis via a credit or debit card. All Guardian Angels are listed in the lobby of our Grayslake facility. It is donors like you who help us continue to save lives and care for our residents, regardless of their special needs! Guardian Angel donations are designated to the overall care of all Save-A-Pet animals. 

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Coin Value: Token ~ Jeton: US Guardian Angel Good Luck

From your description, it sounds like you have a medal or token, not a coin. A coin will normally list the country it was minted it, its denomination, and the date of issue. You have not described your item as having any text or numbers – this is usually a tell-tale sign of a medal or token. There are plenty of coin-like objects with angels on them, so this may not be your piece, but this one is quite common and fits your description. Such medals or tokens, with little or no wear, attractive eye appeal and colorful toning, may sell to a collector for a few US dollars. 

It is unlikely that it has much numismatic value, that is, value to coin collectors. Worn: less than $1 US dollaraverage circulated: $1well preserved: $2fully uncirculated: $5. An anonymous commenter has informed us that these tokens are sometimes handed out to people who donate to the Catholic Relief Services. 

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Guardian Angel Personalized Pendant

A modern twist on women’s classic fashion and accessories. Beauty, wellness and beyond … helping women look and feel great at any age. Quality women’s apparel, shoes and accessories at unbeatable value. Classic womens apparel in Misses, Petites and Women’s sizes. 

Helpful products for a full, independent life at any age. Women’s & men’s fine clothing, brand-name shoes, scrumptious food & savvy gifts. Timeless women’s apparel and shoes in famous and exclusive brands. An energetic mix of clothing, shoes & accessories for play, travel, work or just hanging out. Products that make life easier: problem-solvers for in and around the home. 

Premium-quality clothing and accessories with a classic flair. Stylish, affordable women’s fashion, footwear and accessories serving sizes 14 to 28. Original silk apparel for women’s and men’s year-round comfort. 

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Free reading of the Tarot of Guardian Angels

The Tarot of Guardian Angels: free online Predicting the future: With the Tarot of Guardian Angels. The Oracle of Guardian Angels has the objective of bringing you messages of wisdom and inspiration. The advice of the angels will guide you towards the divine spirit that watches over each of us. Concentrate for a few moments on the question that is close to your heart click at the bottom of the reading mat, each guardian angel will bring you a precise response relating to your current state of mind. The oracle of the angels represents the three celestial hierarchies: The Kingdom of the Form which refers to our material world, the Kingdom of Creation that refers to our relationships with others and the Kingdom of Paradise that transmits a spiritual message through the cosmic connection we possess with the divine element inside each of us. 

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Curtis Sliwa: Guardian Angels To Patrol Subways For 1st Time Since ’94 « CBS New York

NEW YORK – After a series of recent slashing incidents on New York City subways, the Guardian Angels returned to the subway system. Founder Curtis Sliwa boarded the uptown No. 1 train Monday with several colleagues in response to a series of subway attacks, 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reported. Sliwa said there will be regular day and night patrols on the subways for the first time since 1994. There have been at least six slashings in less than a month. The most recent incident took place Sunday morning at the Central Park North 2 train platform. 

A man and a woman were arguing when the woman asked a stranger for help. Last week, a man attacked a 71-year-old woman on a D train pulling into the Broadway-Lafayette station and a 29-year-old woman was slashed on the hand on a No. 3 train in separate incidents. 

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