My Guardian Angel News for 04-09-2018

Does Every Person Have A Guardian Angel?

Spiritual Guardian Angel and You

In the name of God, I call my Guardian Angel to assist me in these trying times. Give me the strength, courage and resignation needed to face the various terrestrial tests. Help me to be strong when I am weak, courageous when I am fearful and hopeful when I am desperate. Assist me in the removal of all negative thoughts from my mind so that I can better help my fellowman and myself. May God permit you to stay by my side always………Amen. 

Protecting spirit who watches over me incessantly, you whose mission it is to guard me, whether because it brings you joy to do good, or because by doing so your spirit advances becomes pure, save me. During the night, as my spirit goes out into the unknown, take me where my dear departed are, so that they may help me by teaching me lessons I need to learn in order to deal with the problems of my life. Help me gain strength by observing nature, help me raise my tired spirit from the new battles it has met, battles that have weakened my hopes. These spiritual beings are with us from birth and remain to the end of our terrestrial visit. For sometime, I had been attempting to contact my Guardian Angel, but to no avail. 

I felt the presence of a spirit of light in front of me. Even though I always knew that my Guardian Angel was by my side, the confirmation was something extremely special. 

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from Protection Spells

Get your Guardian Angel today and feel the comfort of knowing someone is looking out for you 24/7. Save money by getting your Guardian Angel Spell as part of a bundle. Magic spells are more powerful when you cast them yourself, since your own energy and power is the driving force of the spell. If you think you do not have the ability or power to cast spells yourself – you’re wrong! We all have it within ourselves to be powerful witches, and you only have to trust and believe in yourself to find success. 

Easy & Effective – all my spells are very easy to do. My spells are suitable for all ages, genders and ability levels in magic. My spells are detailed, well written, fully explained and designed to give you the best results. High Quality – all my spells are thoroughly researched and based in traditional white magic. Our spells are unique and exclusive to this website. 

You will not find my spells anywhere else! These are not rubbish 1 or 2 line spells, they are all at least a full page in length. I want you to have the best spells available in the world today at a fair price, and my prices are the lowest I’ve seen on the web. Fully Guaranteed – I guarantee my spells for 60 days. Contact Me – lastly, I am always available to help you out, answer your questions, give advice and generally support your magical development and your use of my spells. 

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Guardian Angel Locksmith

Guardian Angel Motorcycle Locksmith can help you when you have lost your keys, need a duplicate made or need a key cut by code. If you have lost your keys and need keys made by impression Guardian Angel Motorcycle Locksmith has the solution for you. Select a motorcycle lock made of steel for the best protection. Lock the forks of the bike with large, brightly tagged locking devices. If the bike is obviously protected, a thief may be less likely to risk detection by damaging the motorcycle to get it moving. 

The U-shape conforms to the wheel firm, so the wheel can’t physically rotate. A disc brake motorcycle lock is a small device that uses a cylinder lock. The lock is pressed in to secure it to the inner portion of the wheel. A cable or chain motorcycle lock, made of steel, can be coiled around the wheels and attached to an immovable object, such as a post. Since padlocks can be snipped with bolt cutters, buy a top-of-the-line padlock, made of the most resilient material available, and position it in such a way that makes it difficult to reach. 

Another tip for securing your motorcycle involves strength in numbers. Many motorcyclists ride in groups, and locking the motorcycles together is a great way to protect them all. 

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Guardian Angels to send members to Camden in light of police layoffs

CAMDEN – The anti-crime group Guardian Angels said today that it will send members to Camden just before police layoffs take effect. The group says 40 members from New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania will arrive in Camden on Sunday. About half the 370-member police force could be laid off, though the exact number will depend on whether police unions accept concessions. Police Chief Scott Thomson has said he will reconfigure the force to maintain patrols. Other area police agencies, such as the Camden County Sheriff’s Office, have been in talks to help more in the city. 

Studies consistently find Camden, with open-air drug markets in several neighborhoods, to be among the nation’s most crime-ridden places. Thomson said he didn’t mind any help from the Guardian Angels. Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa said in a release today that the patrols in Camden will run from 11 a.m. until midnight. The group went into Newark in November when there were police layoffs there. 

Nashville police recruit Camden officers about to be laid off. Jersey City police union accepts ‘pay lag’ to avert layoffs, but not suspension of uniform allowance. Laid off Newark police officers cope with unemployment. 

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