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5 Most Amazing Angels Caught On Tape

Guardian Angels

Historically, the belief in guardian angels has been a predominantly Christian belief. Some scholars claim that the concept of guardian angels was born from the pagan Assyrian and Babylonian beliefs in statues of winged animals with human heads. The concept of guardian angels can be found throughout fictional and nonfictional literary works as well as throughout modern media such as movies and television. A 2008 survey, by Baylor University, revealed that fifty-five percent of those surveyed expressed belief in guardian angels. Reading the stories below about real life encounters with guardian angels, it’s very easy to see why so many people believe in them. 

Where Angels Walk featured this real life story from Meg Smathers, who grew up in a household strained by an abusive relationship. Angels & Ghosts publishes stories provided by readers, as well as a forum where witnesses who have been visited by these entities can tell their stories. Where Angel’s Walk also published another story about a woman who had a car accident and witnessed angels sitting on the laps of her child occupants. Guardian Angels have influenced movies and television for many years. Touched By an Angel was a television series throughout the late 1990’s where a group of angels were sent on various missions by God. 

James Stewart plays George Bailey, a man who is taught an important lesson by his guardian angel, Clarence, about what is truly important in life. Given the overwhelming volume of witness stories, it is very likely that angels really do walk among us. 

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Guardian Angel Suggestions

By an overwhelming majority of votes, my Facebook peeps suggested this article be about connecting with guardian angels. Don’t panic if you can’t feel the presence of your guardian angels. The star student in the classroom might get less attention from the teacher because the teacher is busy helping those that are really struggling. If your guardian angels aren’t constantly meddling in your life, it might be because you’re doing a good job all by yourself. Don’t expect your guardian angels to solve your life’s problems or tell you what to do. 

Say a quiet prayer and let your guardian angels know which form of communication you prefer with them. It can sometimes be hard to tell if a sign, message, or spiritual help was delivered from a spirit guide, a loved ones in Heaven, an angel, or God him/herself. Despite what you may think, you’re guardian angels will never, ever, EVER give up on you! They’ve seen you at your best, and they’ve seen you at your worst. Keep in mind that sometimes guardian angels work through us to help other people. 

We’re often pawns in this chess match of life, and on any given day you can as an angel for a fellow brother or sister of humanity. You might not realize that you’re being guided by a guardian angel, but keep listening to your intuition and you’re bound to be at the right place and time to help another in need. If you’d like to schedule a psychic reading with me to identify and discuss your guardian angels, simply call my office at 402-933-5652. 

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Angel of the Month, Birthday Angels

Find out what qualities your birth month angel has and how your angel can help you. Learn to work with the angel of the month so that they can help you in all that you do, our angels can help us in many ways. Also one of the childbed amulets angels and our Angel of September. Uriel is an angel of transformation, archangel of salvation, regent of the sun, and is the spirit of ministration and peace. One of the 28 angels of the 28 mansions of the moon, each phase of the moon has a corresponding angel these are the 28. 

Barbiel is a fallen angel but now he helps archangel Gabriel and archangel Uriel , and he loves doing work to help you with tests, and he helps you with walking across the roads safely. He is one of two angels ruling over the Choir of Angels, the other being Phaleg. Our glorious Angel of January is Archangel Gabriel, the Messenger, and is one of four well known and great archangels. He is the angel of many things, some being: Annunciation, Resurrection, Mercy, Angel of Death and Revelation. There are 7 levels of heaven, the first heaven is called Shamayim, this is the lowest heaven and is associated with planetary angels and angels that rules the stars, atmospheres, wind and water. 

Each of us has a Birthday Angel, and each month they give us messages that are just for us. Guardian angel Asmodel is there to help you enrich your life during the month of April, with transformations/rebirth spirits so you can begin to view things/situations with new perspectives. 

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The Secret Guardian Angel Chapter 1: Happy 17th Birthday, a harry potter fanfic

Summery – Harry is poisoned during the summer holidays by death eaters to make him 10 years younger but something goes wrong and he becomes 10 years older. Stare out the window some more, get the evening meal for the Dursley’s and then, if he was really lucky, he would get to stare out the window some more! Attempts to get some sleep usually resulted in waking up in a sweat from Voldemort-induced nightmares and then yes, you’ve guessed it! Stare out the window some more! Harry was not even allowed out of the house to go down to the park to break up the monotony of staring out the window due to Order rules. 

Harry reached out to pet the feathers on her chest as she nipped his fingers affectionately. All his bravery faded as soon as Harry opened the door, which caused Harry to smirk in a very Snape-like manner. Since sixth year Harry had filled out nicely. After Harry let them into his room, he quieted them down with owl treats and with drinks of water. Harry smiled to himself as he grabbed some parchment and his quill. 

Harry attached the parchment to the owl that delivered Hagrid’s letter and present and sent it on its way. Harry raised an eyebrow, good choice, he thought to himself as he grabbed some more parchment. While tying the note to the owls’ leg, Harry smiled to himself. Harry had thrown himself into his studies, which pleased Hermione immensely. Perfect, thought Harry, he was feeling a little thirsty after writing all his letters and eating the pie. 

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