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Companion animals being cared for via our Foster Home program where unforeseen emergency veterinarian care is required and the legal military/veteran pet owner has insufficient funds to cover such expenses and we have the funds available in the MPA Fund account. Veterans requiring emergency inpatient care lasting less than 30 days which will involve temporary pet boarding at a local and licensed boarding facility. The military/veteran legal pet owner is usually responsible for any and all pet care related expenditures that can include but not limited to needed veterinary care, food, treats, grooming during the foster term unless other arrangements have been made by the organization’s national office. In addition we hope the military/veteran legal pet owner will consider supporting the organization following the foster term via a monetary donation to the organization so we may continue assisting other active duty service members, our wounded warriors, our veterans, and their beloved pets. We may not be able to assist with each case since we are dependent on available volunteer registered foster homes in our network that will meet the needs of your pet and appears to be a good fit for both the pet and the potential foster home in our network. 

We will make all efforts to place more than 1 pet belonging to the same military or veteran legal pet owner where possible. We will try to determine and suggest a foster home located as close as possible to where the pet is currently is located. Re to prepare and sign the FWA will be recognized as between you and the foster home only and outside of the Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet area of responsibility or ability to assist with any issues that may arise during foster term. For your protection and that of your pet a FWA is required to be prepared and signed by both parties. As much as we would love to assist with every possible situation a military or veteran pet owner may encounter, it is just not humanly possible to do so. 

Family of Deploying Service Member assistance related to a major medical situation within the immediate family that would have an impact for the family to care for their beloved pet during the spouse’s deployment. At the end of the foster term the family needs to pick up the pet or pets whether at that time they decide to keep the pet or pets or surrender the pet or pets. 

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The guardians of progress

FORWARD OPERATING BASE LIGHTNING, Afghanistan – The Spartan security force advise and assist teams of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division can focus on their mission of helping their Afghan counterparts lead in the defense of their nation thanks to a select group of soldiers who watch over them, ensuring their safety. The shift in the U.S. mission focus from leading the fight to more of a supporting role has meant fielding teams of subject matter experts with an emphasis on mentoring the Afghan National Security Forces, as they continue to develop their capability. This shift has created the need for specialized U.S. soldiers with the capability of providing a high-level of security for these advisory teams. 

Known as guardian angels by those they protect, they are hand-picked, highly trained soldiers dedicated to ensuring the safety of their teams. Guglielmi’s unit is currently assigned to the 3rd Brigade Special Troops Battalion of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, which has been tasked with providing security for the Spartan brigade. The guardian angels are individually chosen from among the Spartan brigade’s ranks. Due to the nature of the job, the soldiers selected as guardian angels primarily come from the Army’s combat arms career field, giving them an already formidable tactical skills set. The training for the soldiers selected as guardian angels is comprehensive and challenging. 

The shoot-house is an enclosed facility designed to train, as well as test the soldiers, on their ability to engage targets as a team in extremely close quarters. The soldiers who execute the guardian angel missions understand how changes in their line of work reflect the changing nature of the mission in Afghanistan, especially those who have deployed as security specialists before. Security posture refers to the level of protective presence the soldiers display, and it can vary from aggressive to low key, as the situation dictates. Finding the right level of security posture is a tricky question for the guardian angel teams, with no easy answers. 

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+Guardian Angel Chaplet + Handmade by Via Rosa+

Por la intercesin de San Miguel y del coro celestial de los Serafines, dignaos, Seor, hacernos dignos de una caridad perfecta. Por la intercesin de San Miguel y del coro celestial de los Querubines dignaos, Seor concedednos la gracia de abandonar el camino del pecado, y de correr en el de la perfeccin cristiana. Por la intercesin de San Miguel y del Coro sagrado de los Tronos, concedednos, Seor, el espritu de una humildad verdadera y sincera. Por la intercesin de San Miguel y del coro celestial de las Dominaciones, concedednos, Seor, la gracia de dominar nuestros sentidos y corregirnos de nuestras malas pasiones. Por la intercesin del glorioso Arcngel San Miguel y del celeste coro de Potestades, dgnese el Seor librar nuestras almas de las asechanzas y tentaciones del demonio. 

Por la intercesin del glorioso Arcngel San Miguel y del Coro de las admirables virtudes celestiales, no permita el seor que caigamos en las tentaciones, sino que nos libre de todo mal. Por la intercesin del glorioso Arcngel San Miguel y del Coro celeste de los Principados, dgnese el Seor llenar nuestras almas del espritu de verdadera y sincera obediencia. Por la intercesin del glorioso Arcngel San Miguel y del Coro Celeste de los Arcngeles, quiera el Seor concedernos el don de la perseverancia en la fe y en las obras buenas para que podamos conseguir la gloria del paraso. Por la intercesin de San Miguel y del coro celestial de los Angeles, dignaos, Seor, concedernos la gracia de ser guardados por ellos durante esta vida mortal, para ser conducidos enseguida a la gloria eterna del cielo. Per intercessione di San Michele arcangelo e del coro celeste dei cherubini, il Signore voglia darci la grazia di abbandonare la via del peccato e correre in quella della cristiana perfezione. 

Per intercessione di San Michele arcangelo e del sacro coro dei troni, il Signore infonda nei nostri cuori lo spirito di vera e sincera umilt. Quinta invocazione:Per intercessione di San Michele arcangelo e del coro celeste delle potest, il Signore si degni di proteggere le anime nostre dalle insidie e tentazioni del demonio. 

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