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Guardian Angel Ambulance Services

VisionTo offer the people of the community and surrounding territory an ambulance service excelled by no other. Mission StatementEstablished in 1998, Guardian Angel Ambulance Services, Inc. is an organization of professionals who strive for excellence in efficiently transporting and compassionately caring for ill and injured persons, who facilitate access to desired health care resources, and who contribute to the improvement of Emergency Medical Services through evaluation, education, and leadership. Company ProfileGuardian Angel Ambulance Services, Inc. is fully licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to operate as Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support. The company currently has established three basesites of operation. In 1998, the company established the base in the Borough of Verona and began to provide emergency and non-emergency ambulance service to the community, and has continued to serve the community through today. A subscription program has been established for the community and an Advanced Life Support emergency crew is assigned to the Borough 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once the crew is dispatched on a call, the dispatch center immediately dispatches a backup crew to provide coverage until the initial crew is available. During the 2001 year, the Training Coordinator applied for and secured recognition for Guardian Angel Ambulance Services, Inc. to become a Community Training Center through the American Heart Association. Early during the 2002 year, Guardian Angel Ambulance Services, Inc. applied for and received certification as an Accredited Continuing Education Sponsor through the Pennsylvania Department of Health. These individuals are required to complete various continuing education programs in order to maintain their certification with the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The company is currently managed by individuals with a combined total of over 100 years of Emergency Medical Services and public safety experience. This includes the President with over 25 years of experience, the Executive Director with over 35 years of experience in both the volunteer and paid sector, the Compliance Officer/Marketing Manager with over 20 years of experience, and the Director of Field Operations with over 25 years of experience.

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‘Guardian Angel’ barricade system makes its way into schools across the country but not in Alabama

It isn’t allowed in Alabama schools under the current fire code. Former school teacher Lance Sargent from Missouri designed the ‘Guardian Angel’ barricade system to help make students and teachers feel safer. Sargent admits this isn’t a solution to preventing an active shooter from coming into a school. Nearly 80 schools in Missouri have had the Guardian Angel installed. When the superintendent of Guntersville City Schools caught wind of the idea, he wanted to learn more about it so Sargent made a trip to Alabama. The Guntersville City Schools superintendent said he hopes officials will create a variance that would allow them to use devices like the ‘Guardian Angel’ system. Our school system along with others across the country are having deep conversations focused on safety and security measures because of the recent outbreak of violence at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. In our school system, these deep conversations have guided us toward the importance of building upon layers of protection for our schools. As we reviewed different means of providing additional layers of protection for our schools there was the realization that utilizing a school door security system was one means of accomplishing our goal. We soon determined one school door security system appeared to stand out from the others for a variety of reasons, but most importantly realized this system provided another desirable layer of protection for our schools. We believed this product would be permissible for installation in our schools because it was advertised to be fire code friendly with satisfied customers in school systems located in other parts of the country such as Missouri. As we continued exploring this possibility in order to provide another layer of protection for our schools we were notified by the local Fire Marshall this and other school door security systems of a similar nature do not meet the Alabama Fire Codes and are currently prohibited from being installed in schools within our state. My desire is for some type of variance be provided within the Alabama Fire Codes allowing school door security systems to be installed for the purpose of adding another layer of protection for our schools and others across our state.

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Guardian Angels Catholic Parish

Because of your generosity and good stewardship, our little parish is taking a major step forward into our future. Oktoberfest Weekend will be very exciting this year, because on Sunday, October 2nd immediately following our unity Mass, we will break ground for our new Church Center. A planning committee for this celebration is already at work to make this a memorable event for the parish. Our parish will come together even more closely to do the work of the Gospel! By opening this site ground and blessing it, we are planting a seed of blessings that will become our new building, where love and peace will find a home. By gathering together, we will welcome Jesus who comes to break open our worn and hardened hearts so that He might plant in us the seed of the Word of God. As we expand, we ask God to bless the work of our hands, to prosper us for the greater honor and glory of God. Just as the Precious Blood of Jesus fell from His open side on the Cross to the earth, so too may we grow in the practice of His compassion for everyone and become in this new building even more mature disciples. Let our hearts be made open to welcome His life that saves us in His blood. First and foremost, all the parishioners who have pledged and are keeping their pledges; but also Karen Rademacher, chair of the Design Committee, Denise and Louise Bustamante, chairing the Capital Campaign Committee, Norm Finke, chair of our Finance Council, and Kathy O’Leary, Pastoral Council Chair. The parish is furthermore grateful to the Women’s Group and the Knights of Columbus for their service and community building. God is love! What we do creates a sacred space to worship God, and then filled with every grace to set our hands to the work God gives us to do – the corporal works of mercy! Let us praise God in the company of the holy angels.

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