My Guardian Angel News for 03-30-2018

What Do Guardian Angels Do?

Although the Church does not have a formal teaching on guardian angels, it is a traditional belief that every person has their own particular angel. The Church has always held the belief, even designating October 2 as the Feast of the Guardian Angels. From its beginning until death human life is surrounded by their watchful care and intercession. Already here on earth the Christian life shares by faith in the blessed company of angels and men united in God. They are created immortal beings, meaning that they are created and they cannot die. Angels are not separated from us after death, but remain with us in heaven, not to help us attain salvation, but ad aliquam illustrationem. If, God forbid, we should not go to heaven, we can assume that our angel would continue, as it has always done, to glorify God unceasingly. Please note that all email submitted to Catholic Exchange becomes the property of Catholic Exchange and may be published in this space. Published letters may be edited for length and clarity. Names and cities of letter writers may also be published. Email addresses of viewers will not normally be published.

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Conversation with the Father

Today’s Readings:Job 19:21-27.Psalm 27:7-9, 13-14.Matthew 18:1-5, 10.Our angels show us how important we are to God. You are so important to God that he has assigned an angel to you, which you share with no one else, to help you throughout your life. We underestimate how important we are to God. How much help we receive from our angels depends upon our trust in God. If we don’t really understand that we’re important enough to God for him to give us angels, we won’t understand their role in our lives. We are God’s children; we were made in the image and likeness of our Father God. As we can deduce from Matthew 18:10, the angels are here to help us be who we are. God doesn’t give us guardian angels to help us develop great reputations, because we are already great to God. Only when we cooperate with this – letting the angels minister to the child of God that we truly are – only then can they guide us into doing great things for God. Help me be productive to bear the fruit of God’s labor. Be the pride of God in all of my days in all my ways. Help me to serve Jesus, and be God’s living pride.

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Working with your Guardian Angel

I would like to share with you information on our Guardian Angels. When we are born we are assigned with one or more Angels whose job it is to protect and help us move forward on our journey. Our Angels stay with us from birth to death and never leave our side. All people have Guardian Angels, but we must ask our Angels for help before they can intervene. Angels will not do anything to prevent us learning the lessons we are meant to learn on our journey. Ask your angels to sort it for you, get out of your own way and see what happens. Our Guardian Angels cannot override our own freewill so we are still always responsible for what we do. I am so very grateful that I have my Angels in my life and at times just like to spend time with them and thank them and feel their love and strength. People will often see their Angels or other people’s Angles as bright flashes of color or light. If you want to see your Angel there are many ways you can try. In the Take 5 below I give you an exercise to practice which will assist you to to see your Guardian Angel or Guide. To feel an angel, you must touch another’s heart.

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Mercy targets an ally and quickly flies toward their position. Any ally within 30 meters can be targeted, even the soul of dead allies. The ability can be reset midway by either releasing the button if Toggle Guardian Angel is off, otherwise by pressing the button again. Mercy can glide past the targeted ally by using the jump key. Guardian Angel Prefer Beam Target: When disabled, any hero that Mercy is facing will be the default target for Guardian Angel. If enabled, when Mercy has a beam connected to a hero not in front of her, she will fly to the connected hero instead; Mercy only flies to the hero in front of her when the beam is not connected to a hero. Toggle Guardian Angel: When enabled, pressing the appropriate button will toggle Guardian Angel; another press will cancel it. Otherwise, the button must be held for the whole flight duration; if the button is let go, the ability will be canceled. Guardian Angel Sensitivity: Adjust the sensitivity of Guardian Angel’s targeting. The less value it is, the closer the distance between crosshair and the teammates has to be for assigning the target.

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