My Guardian Angel News for 03-28-2018

Guardian Angel

I remember thinking, as I started the walk, that I needed a sign. I had looked at a house that I was interested in, but for various reasons, was a bit undecided about it. I had a really good feeling about the house, but it wasn’t a 100% go-ahead feeling. So I asked for some kind of a sign when I started out on this walk. Less than 5 minutes later, I looked down and noticed something that looked like a coin, but was oval, right in my path on the street. I stopped above it and saw that it was plain, but it looked like one of those coin things that you smush at a tourist attraction, you know, put a penny in, and out comes an oblong imprinted souvenir. Now, I’ve gotten pretty behind schedule when it comes to posting about these dimes and finds. Up until I sat down to blog today, I was three dimes and one guardian angel behind. What I just realized as I’m writing this post about the Guardian Angel Ellis Island coin is that I found it on July 5th. 5 years ago, on July 5th 2004, my grandfather died. He was born in this country only a few years after his parents had immigrated by boat and arrived through Ellis Island. He knew more about houses than anyone I’ve ever known. I need some kind of validation that the Guardian Angel Ellis Island coin was from him if it indeed was.

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Adult Guardian Angel Costume

It seems like their job should be pretty easy, simply maintaining the status quo, but with Mankind always working to discover and ultimately tackle the natural laws, you’d be surprised how often those winged workers have to keep things in line. Our favorite of the angelic hosts are, of course, the guardian angels. Well, now you can dress like those angels with this Adult Guardian Angel costume. This sleeveless, crushed velvet and knit mesh fabric dress has the look of a wrap and shimmers with almost glittery appeal, edged with gold braid all along the neck and hemline. A cloak drape of white knit mesh glides down to give you an ephemeral glow, though it is your gold feather printed wings and a halo of gossamer feathers that clearly designates you as the angelic guardian of your family and friends. 100% polyester crushed velvet & knit mesh fabrics. Sleeveless crushed velvet mock-wrap dress has V-neck & elastic empire waist. Neckline, hemline & front overlap panel edged w/ metallic gold braid. Each drape is a swath of white knit mesh anchored to a polyfoam disk trimmed w/ feathers & tinsel. Drapes attach to shoulder straps of dress w/ Velcro. Wings have printed gold feather, wire edges, elastic shoulder straps. Halo is circle of feathers attached to white headband w/ wires.

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Personnel Recovery Issues

PRESS RELEASE: Personnel recovery task force rescues aircrew in exercise. With everything going on in Japan, here’s some news from the Horn of Africa. Guardian Angels from the 82nd Expeditionary Rescue Squadron participate in a rescue exercise. AF Rescue operations in HOA use a concept of operations that if different than is typically used elsewhere. HOA is a good proving ground for SAR/CSAR CONOPS that are not helicopter-centric, which is good. The other edge of that sword is that it creates incentives for the rescuers to stretch the conceptual boundaries more than is appropriate. I’ll attribute the ambiguity to sloppy writing on the part of the public affairs people and not necessarily conceptual ambiguity on the part of the exercise planners. The harder the Guardian Angels work to demonstrate that they don’t need HC-130s and HH-60s to operate, the weaker their own foundation becomes. Their strength is to provide a direct link between the ground and supporting airpower. Those skills, as important as they are, are not what compel the AF to invest so heavily in Guardian Angel capabilities. Break the link with airpower and the basic rationale for PJs is lost. I think the perspective I just described would provoke enegetic objections within the Guardian Angel community.

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Legacy Walk honors LGBT 'guardian angels'

The Legacy Walk, a collection of bronze plaques affixed to rainbow pylons on a half-mile stretch of Halsted that opened in 2012, is meant to honor the achievements of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals who have made notable impacts. Standing in front of a plaque covered with a pride flag before its formal unveiling, Legacy Project Executive Director Victor Salvo praised those memorialized on the walk. The 2014 Legacy Walk induction ceremony unveiled seven plaques honoring individuals from all walks of life, including poets, athletes, scientists and religious leaders. Carrie Maxwell, a researcher with the Legacy Project who wrote Ride’s bio, said she has admired Ride for decades. When Ride died and it was revealed in her obituary that she was a lesbian, Maxwell said her first thought was that Ride should be included in the Legacy Project. Besides those individuals being memorialized this year, a plaque also commemorates the 1969 Stonewall riots, a series of demonstrations at a gay club in New York City that was raided by police. Kevin Goldwater, a Lincoln Park High School senior and president of the school’s Sexuality and Gender Alliance, said he appreciates that the Legacy Walk helps raise historical awareness of LGBT contributions.

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