My Guardian Angel News for 03-27-2018

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Sammy Sparrow written and illustrated by Tracy Ahrens received the title of 2017 Book of the Year Award in the Kids Books category during the 2017 Creative Child Magazine Awards Program. Sloth the Lazy Dragon by Regan W.H. Macaulay and illustrated by Alex Zgud has won the SEAL OF APPROVAL from Literary Classics. Literary Classics has given the CLC 2016 GOLD AWARD for The Veterans’ Clubhouse winning the Faith Based Early Reader category and also the CLC 2016 SEAL OF APPROVAL. This Cedar Breaks® My Dog Video has also taken First Place in the Best Musical category in the short film portion of the Hollywood International Family Film Festival in November 2015! The songs for both music videos are also featured in books; My Dog, published by Guardian Angel Publishing, and the book Light published by Empath Media LLC won Best Director in Music Video. Congrats to our Guardian Angel amazing songwriters/ authors/playwrights Dixie and Sharon Phillips! Our artist/author Susann Batson’s GILLY THE SEASICK FISH will be featured as a prop in Ireland’s animated series LITTLE ROY. Little Roy is seen in 8 northern Euro countries. The book and cover will be shown and read the first line to Little Roy by his Father. Colorado Authors League has selected My Brother is my Best Friend by Nicole Weaver and illustrator Clara Batton-Smith, as a Finalist in the Children’s category.

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Guardian Angel

I was at the lowest point in my life, having watched my mighty boy battle this horrible disease for almost 2 years, and not win. I felt calm again, and knew that my son was watching over me and my husband and would continue to do so…….it’s now 15years later and my collection has grown over time from gifts from my husband and now our 11 year old daughter, but the guardian angel who started it all, has pride of place in our house. That angel is my constant reminder that our mighty boy is o.k. and will protect us always. A second Willow Tree piece is nearly as precious to me as this and it’s the boy with the golden heart. My daughter-in-law gave it to me, telling me that I had given her a boy with a golden heart and she wanted to return the favor. Years later, my friend’s son committed suicide and when his birthday came, I gave her a boy with the golden heart, that I had purchased especially for her. I bought this angel for my mum, without knowing anything about Willow Tree. It has come to mean very much to me- Guardian Angel. I was so scared at the plane, I had to tell the hosteses. By the time i came to Gardermoen, I was exhausted and still very scared. I was so scared, You can’t understand anxiety before you’re there. I knew the little figure, Guardian Angel was probably watching over me, even though i wasn’t thinking about that at the moment.

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Guardian Angels Hickory Chapter –

After a Long awaited journey, The time is finally here. The Guardian Angels have arrived to Hickory! I am very proud and excited about this journey together with the community, and Know that, TOGETHER, we are going to do great things. The Guardian Angels are role models in the community and lead by example. They understand that problems of any community cannot be solved single-handedly and requires the cooperation of all its members. They recognize the need to foster community pride and civic mindedness to help remove many of the societal ills making safety patrol necessary. This attitude runs throughout the multitude of community programs and services volunteers administer. The Guardian Angels recognize that by thinking solely in terms of protection instead of prevention we are throwing up the white flag and surrendering to the inevitability of crime. We are here for YOU. We are here because WE CARE about the future of this community, and especially the future generations. lead by Commander Strider. The Baltimore Chapter has gone above and beyond within their community to solve the issues at hand, and really make a difference in peoples lives through their many programs, and events. Stay up to date with all of our chapter’s news and events right here. You can also connect with us on Facebook at Alliance of the Guardian Angels Hickory Chapter page.

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The Baltimore Guardian Angels

Welcome to the Baltimore chapter of the Guardian Angels website! As a non-profit volunteer-driven organization, the Guardian Angels has helped provide security and support to communities in need for over 25 years. In cooperation with local police, community organizations, neighborhood watch groups, schools, and individuals, we hope to help build stronger and safer communities and to inspire positive change. Primarily we support communities through our neighborhood patrols and our education initiatives with children and families about violence prevention and safety awareness. We also strive to act as role models to youth and to motivate individuals to join together to transform their community into a better place. We believe that change happens from the ground up and, as such, we take our lead from those communities who contact us. Currently we are working at the request of two communities in Baltimore, and have received requests to meet with an additional nine Baltimore City communities and three counties. We are a dedicated group of individuals determined to help where requested, mentor when needed, and give hope while serving the city of Baltimore. With the support of the Baltimore City Police Commissioner, as well as our partnership with the Police Community Relations Committee and several other community groups, we are confident and committed to our goals.

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