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Guardian Angel Kids

Download printable Guardian Angel Kids 2018 Submission Themes PDF. SUBMISSION:EMAIL ONLY PLEASE! Please mark the email subject line with submission title, the month submitted for, and your name. No more than two submissions per issue and please adhere to word count noted for each category. Due to the volume of submissions received, we will no longer respond to submissions that are over the word count. We examine all submissions EXCEPT SNAIL MAILED SUBMISSIONS. Due to the volume of submissions received, we do not give individual feedback. We reserve the right to reject any submission without explanation. For kid submissions, we will make check payments for submissions within the United States. Otherwise please provide your correct and verified PayPal email address within your email submission. PHOTOS: Please do not send copyrighted or licensed pictures from the internet to accompany your submission. HEARING FROM US: You will recieve an automated response that tells you that we received your submission. Submissions are NOT selected for publication until the week or a few days before the magazine is actually published so do NOT expect confirmation of publication until then. NEW! YOUNG MUSES/CHILDREN SUBMISSIONS: Guardian Angel Kids is pleased to announce we are now accepting submissions from children up to 14. We do not use previously published material and the accepted submissions after publication may not be recycled into any other format- for sale or otherwise.

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How To Make A Guardian Prayer Amulet To Protect You

One of the best ways to make contact with your Guardian Angels is by making a Guardian Angel Prayer Amulet. A Guardian Angel Prayer Amulet is a powerful, magical tool, that when worn or carried on your person, will draw angelic protection around you. Since so many people often ask me how they can make contact with their Guardian Angels, I am going to teach you how to make this powerful Amulet. A piece of leather cord- Two 4 inch square pieces of violet or blue material
- Matching colored thread
- 2 teaspoons of Cardamom pods. Hand sew the two pieces of material together into a square shape, leaving one of the ends open. Once you have put everything inside, add two drops of lavender oil. If you plan on wearing it, you can hand sew a loop of thread through the pouch and around the piece of leather cord in order to attach the pouch to it. Then close your eyes for a few minutes, still holding the amulet between your palms. Imagine all of your angels surrounding you at this very moment!

Then open your eyes, and thank them for their protection!

. You can now tie the cord around your neck and wear it, or you can carry the amulet in your purse or pocket! Add a few drops of oil on the material every few days or so, as the scent starts to fade!

. If you take the time to make this guardian angel prayer amulet, and use it as instructed, you will be amazed at the powerful results you will get! Your guardian angel prayer amulet will protect you, and also keep your guardian angels around you!

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Divine Messengers

Angels – Divine Messengers archangels and divine messengers Today’s Outlook on Angels. People were mostly trying to make sense of angel traditions and reports of angels guarding and rescuing people. They were hoping to learn about not only divine angels, but also about the holy God, the Wholly-Other, who cares enough to send such envoys to humans. If angels do exist, and if they do deal with us in any way, then for the sake of being real we would be wise to account for them. We can’t prove angels exist, any more than we can prove God exists; they are, after all, spiritual beings and don’t fit into material-world rules. Herald angels sang to a bunch of field-working shepherds on the day Christ was born, and many thousands of us try to sound like that angel choir each Christmas. Angels are servants, acting on Someone Else’s authority, while we humans. Every angel goes by what they know: they personally live in God’s great presence and receive God’s command. The apostle Paul even tells the Corinthians that, in the end, we will judge angels, not the other way around. How much more will it be so for creatures like us who bear God’s image, once the Kingdom comes in full! What’s much more important than us or the angel is the One for whom they are acting. Some angel-fans think Malachi is an angel, but the book’s content and its presence among the Prophets make it certain that Malachi is a human messenger, a prophet. In the Bible, angels point out the direction God wants people to go.

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Guardian Angel Hospice

Part of providing peace-of-mind during life’s final journey comes from giving you control over your hospice care. It’s your decision to choose the level of support you prefer from Guardian Angel Hospice. Fact is, Guardian Angel Hospice provides a much broader range of services and support than many people realize. Most people think of hospice for providing medical care and pain relief, which Guardian Angel Hospice expertly delivers through the skills of our nurse practitioners, physicians and nurses. Look to Guardian Angel Hospice to provide medications, equipment and supplies related to the terminal illness. We also offer emotional, spiritual, and personal support for patients, caregivers, and other members of the family. Grief and bereavement support is also available for family members to find comfort during and after their loved one’s final journey. Do not let concern about finances keep you from this vital support! Payment for hospice services is covered 100% by Medicare and frequently covered by private insurance. With generous donations from the community, we are also able to provide services to those who are not eligible for Medicare. No one will be denied care because of an inability to pay. Follow the links on this page to learn more about our services. If you choose our care, you’ll have the opportunity to go through these lists with your Guardian Angel Hospice nurse, who will explain our services further and help you determine the ones that are right for you.

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