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About Us –

Services including Skilled Nursing, Home Health Aide, Occupational and Physical Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, and Medical Social Work are provided by qualified caring professionals in the comfortable, convenient, and cost effective home setting. Staff development and continuing education is an integral component of Guardian Angel’s commitment to professional services. To provide quality home health services which meet the needs and expectations of those injured, ill, disabled, or challenged. Guardian Angel will develop quality relationships with clients and payer sources to assure patient advocacy, cost-effectiveness, and fiscal integrity of the agency. To provide superior home health care and to ensure the satisfaction of each customer we serve. Superior care will be delivered by well trained, dedicated professionals. Our services will continually be tailored to meet the needs of the communities we serve. Integrity conduct our corporate and personal lives with integrity; Relationships based on loyalty, fairness, truthfulness and trustworthiness. Excellence Continuously improving the quality of our service through education, research, competent and innovative personnel, effective leadership and responsible stewardship of resources. Cases are opened within 24-48 hours of referral by caring staff. Clinical Pathways are used to promote high quality care and outcomes. Continuous Quality Improvement activities, such as development of programs and conducting studies.

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Our Staff of Angels

The Guardian Angel Hospice interdisciplinary team prides itself on providing the highest possible level of care to all our patients and their families. The majority of the Guardian Angel team has been with us since we began providing hospice care in 2003. I am the Patient Care Manager and one of the owners of Guardian Angel Hospice. Since its founding, I have been the Medical Director of Guardian Angel Hospice. Orange Hopkins, RN. I have been a hospice nurse at Guardian Angel Hospice for 11 years. Alaza Hamilton, RN. I graduated from Charity School of Nursing, and have been working in hospice for over 7 years. There has been no other field of nursing that is as rewarding as hospice. Terrie Picou, RN. As a Registered Nurse at Guardian Angel Hospice for over 6 years, I am fortunate to work closely with patients and families to educate, assist, and support them during this difficult time in their lives. I have worked for Guardian Angel Hospice for several years and I enjoy hospice care because it allows you to have a more personal connection while taking care of your patients. As a registered LPN, I have worked at Guardian Angel Hospice for over 10 years. I employ a strong work ethic and knowledge of hospice to ensure our office runs smoothly, and I bring a positive attitude and optimism to my work in the field with patients and families. I graduated from Loyola University and work at Guardian Angel Hospice as a community liaison.

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Find your Angel of the Day

The Tree of Life not only signifies the mechanics of God but also the compassion. The Tree of Life touches every global community and penetrates every religion known to mankind. You will find the universal Law of Seven in every facet of its existence. Like the Seven Chakras, the Seven Archangels, and the Seven Octaves, The Tree of Life has seven branches that represent a union of all that is; supported by the trunk. The lowest or first branch symbolizes our Body Self; our sense of wellness. The third branch represents our relationship with the divine and how easily we are able to connect. The fourth branch signifies our thirst for Knowledge. The sixth branch represents our Truth; the Essence of who we are; the ‘I Am’. The seventh and final branch, like the crown chakra is the primary portal or connection to the divine allowing one to explore that which is not attached or of the physical body. Keeping our own Tree of Life healthy is vital if we are to be productive instruments of God. The thing to remember is that the Tree of Life represents the highest degree of the world of existence; the position of the Word of God, and the Supreme Manifestation. Its no wonder so many are driven to save the trees on this beloved planet. We have many angels, legions of angels governed by the likes of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ Archangels in our presence committed to sustaining our significance and the integrity with which we were created.

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Atlanta Guardian Angels

Single father leads effort to start Guardian Angels. The Guardian Angels, who have been here twice before, believe it’s for good this time. While previous visits haven’t made the Angels feel welcome, Atlanta police now say they’re interested in the possibility of getting a hand from the martial-arts group that patrols city streets wearing their familiar red berets. Brandon Byrd is behind the Guardian Angels’ newest chapter in Atlanta. After a few months of watching downtown riff-raff, Byrd reached out to the Guardian Angels, a group he’d been reading about since he was a middle schooler. The Angels, a nonprofit created in 1979, now has close to 5,000 members with chapters in 140 citiesacross the world, including about 85 in the United States, founder Curtis Sliwa said Thursday. At first, Byrd was just curious about whether Atlanta had a chapter. Sliwa came to Atlanta, but said he did not get a warm reception from Atlanta police Chief RichardPennington. Atlanta police Deputy Chief Pete Andresen said Friday that the department couldn’t offer an official stance on the Guardian Angels until it met with them. He said Atlanta police are certainly interested in increased community involvement. Last weekend, two veteran Guardian Angels came from Florida to patrol downtown streets and pass out fliers with Byrd. On Thursday, several people spotted him in his Guardian Angels uniform on the street and expressed their gratitude.

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