My Guardian Angel News for 03-25-2018

Coco Jones Lyrics

Oh!This is who I am(It’s all me y’all)I wish you’d understand(I feel free y’all)It’s time to set me freeMy guardian angelNo!No matter what I do(They try to stop me)I’m still a part of you(But they can’t stop me)I hope you’ll always beMy guardian angel. I wanna be the greatest in the worldNot for the money or the fame or the girlsNot for the car keys, or the jetskis or the vacations to the West IndiesBut simply ’cause I love itWhen I write I’m like a puppeteerPullin’ my strings till the melody singsAnd the honesty makes me spread my wingsJust calling me out was out your mindSend that thought back down your spineI’m on the grind, it’s all on the lineBoth signs say both ways at the same timeMost days I can’t wait to rhymeExpress my stress, elevate and shineProgress, regress, each step’s a climbSo I take that test and I testify. I feel so misunderstood’Cause my intentions were goodIf you could only see that poetry can hide in the hoodThe passion in philosophy of possibilitiesEvery dream is in my reachI’ll find my freedom in this beatFollow me now, it’s a whole new groundSwallow your pride I’ll make you proudAll of my life I’ve lived out loudWe just preach to different crowds. Oh!This is who I amI wish you’d understandIt’s time to set me freeMy guardian angel. Oh!This is who I am(It’s all me y’all)I wish you’d understand(I’m bein’ freed y’all)It’s time to set me freeMy guardian angelNo!No matter what I do(They try to stop me)I’m still a part of you(But they can’t stop me)I hope you’ll always beMy guardian angel. Thanks to alyssa, ashleigh, Travistar for correcting these lyrics.

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First, I would like to say…. * THIS IS FOR REAL *. No astrological sign is required here…. Second, I myself have used this process to figure out my Guardian Angel’s name(Ariel),. 2* Relax…You may want to light some candles, put on some relaxing music(w/no words…the words may distact you), etc. 3* Get in a meditative state…Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth for at least 3 deep breaths to get your breathing regular. 5* Just sit/lay there and let names come into your head. When one comes, let it go and let the next name come in. 6* Keep doing this until one name just sticks in your head and you can’t let it go and no other names will come to you. 7* Trust yourself that this is in fact your Guardian Angel’s name. 8* If you can’t fully trust that you have received your Guardian Angel’s name, that’s okay. That is what the next step is for… 🙂 us human’s always need proof because we find it hard to trust ourselves !!! :). *9* Get up from your meditative state. 10* Remember the name you received and ask your Guardian Angel to give you CONFIRMATION that this is truly his or her name(ask them out loud like you were talking to someone, they are always with you…so they WILL hear you. You may be driving down the road and a flower truck passes by you with FLOWERS printed on the side of the truck. If after you have received your confirmations this is still not enough for you to believe…simply ask for more.

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Guardian Angel Tarot Cards Reviews

Even when you cant see angels in real life or on your cards they are there, and thats a good thing! This deck has chubby angels on the Aces and a few other cards. The card back motif is pink with an angel and flowers similar to front box design encircled with blue pink and white lace. They are not reversible but look nice in a spread. As far as the card design, all the cards are divided in two parts; upper is the card image framed in lace and placed over a wallpaper style background. The text and background color, wallpaper and lace, are distinctive for each of the suits and majors which makes it easy to recognize and memorize cards. So some of the cards meanings are seen in a new light and that always welcome and refreshing! I could almost see Jane Austen and Mr. Darcy on these cards. The images used for the Court cards are eye catching and make me think they must be from real portraits or old paintings. The book gives a good introduction to tarot in general and to this particular deck as well as a few standard spreads and more information for each card. I would love to see titles on the Minors like in the Crowley Thoth deck, as well as distinctive design scheme for each type of court cards. The cards are oracle size and made with strong stock, the box is sturdy and they have beautiful golden edges. There is a nice guidebook that comes with the cards and includes explanations for each card plus A few nice spreads one can use to read with. The backs of the cards are pink with lace, flowers and an angel inside an oval in the middle of the card.

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