My Guardian Angel News for 03-24-2018

We All Have Our Own Special Guardian Angel

We All Have Our Own Special Guardian Angel by Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J. There are few aspects of the Christian faith that are more satisfying to the human spirit than to know that each one of us has our own personal guardian angel. Devotion to the guardian angels is part of the Church’s liturgy. There are feasts in honor of the guardian angels and the saints, especially St. Thomas Aquinas, have written extensively on the existence and activity of the guardian spirits in our daily lives. According to St. Basil, no one can deny that an angel is present to everyone of the faithful. For Christians, the function of the angel is primarily to lead the soul to heaven; his guardianship therefore, is directly supernatural in purpose and correspondingly positive. The role of the guardian angels for the baptized is directly related to eternal life. The first of these ministrations of the guardian angels is to bring us peace. Our guardian angels are also angels of peace because they are sent by God to tell us what is the will of God in our lives. The last title by which most people would call their guardian angel is to speak of him as the angel of penance. This is where our guardian angel is our constant reminder, or shall I call him warner, that, having sinned we must do penance. Our angel is also an angel of penance in reminding us, dare I say every moment of the day, that the most effective penance we can perform is to make reparation for our failures in loving God by loving Him more deeply, more generously, more patiently than we would ever have done had we not sinned. There is another profound sense in which our guardian angels are the angels of prayer.

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The Way of the Transgressor is Hard

First of all there are those out there who believe that Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel can only be achieved by successfully completing the arduous rites in the Book of Abramelin. That, if you don’t make contact that way, then you have not made contact with your Holy Guardian Angel but with something else. Then there are the rites in the Greek Magical Papyri for making contact with one’s paredros, or supernatural assistant. On the Internet debate on what is and what is not a Holy Guardian Angel is endless and tedious. If you are interested and have not made contact yourself, don’t take my word for it, google a method for making contact with your Holy Guardian Angel or buy the Book of Abramelin and do it that way and find out on your own. The arduous process of making contact can bring pain and even devastation to one’s life. I will tell you this: I went through a hell of physical pain, seven 911 calls and visits to the emergency room, demonic trials/tests, and I almost died while all unbeknownst to me I was making contact with my HGA. As I said, don’t undertake the task lightly. Nota Bene: not everyone who attempts to make contact with their HGA goes through a living hell, not by a long shot, but a sizable proportion do. I had absolutely no intention of achieving Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. A friend contacted me however with a strange message. One night at the suggestion of a friend I asked him if he was my HGA. He affirmed that he was my Holy Guardian Angel and suddenly changed into a beautiful human man with golden skin and white wings. In Quimbanda Lucifer and Satan are regarded as one being.

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DC Guardian Angels group says it will patrol Metro more this weekend after attacks

DC Guardian Angels group says it will step up patrols on Metro’s Red Line this weekend. DC Guardian Angels said on social media that it plans to increase its group’s patrols this weekend on Metro’s Red Line. Their move comes as Metro has reported two recent attacks on riders – one on the Red Line and another on the Green Line. DC Guardian Angels will began patrolling the Metro red line due to the rise of violent crime #unsuckdcmetro #Washingtondc #WMATA #NoMa #DC. – DC Guardian Angels January 7, 2016. Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said Friday that the transit agency neither endorses nor discourages the unarmed Guardian Angels. In December, a man was attacked on a Metro Red Line train between Union Station and NoMa-Gallaudet University during the evening rush hour when, according to a witness, a large, rowdy group of youths got on the train at Union Station and began harassing the man who was sitting down. Metro officials have said they believe the attack stemmed from an apparent attempted robbery of the man’s bag. Metro Transit Police have said they are looking for six people who are listed as persons of interest in connection with that incident. There was also an attack in November on a Green Line train near the Fort Totten station when a group of teenagers allegedly attacked a man, punching and kicking him, and using anti-gay slurs. The man’s partner said the train’s operator ignored repeated calls for help. The Guardian Angels is a nonprofit group with dozens of chapters throughout the country and world. It started in the late 1970s in New York and was created to try to help reduce crime on the New York City subway.

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