My Guardian Angel News for 03-23-2018

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I wish to hold you to myself, for the reason that I cannot bear to part with you, and love you as my guardian angel. Is asleep At least he doth no vigil keep But far doth roam. This, to my mother, was more than a duty; it was a necessity, a passion-remembering what she had suffered, and how she had been relieved-for her to act in her turn the guardian angel. Since I first began to study the portier, I have had opportunities to observe him in the chief cities of Germany, Switzerland, and Italy; and the more I have seen of him the more I have wished that he might be adopted in America, and become there, as he is in Europe, the stranger’s guardian angel. You, who pretend to understand everything, even the hidden sources of knowledge, – and who enact the part of a guardian angel. Upon earth, and could not even find an antidote to a poison administered to a young girlAthos approached and hung over the youth in an attitude full of tender melancholy; he looked long on this young man, whose smiling mouth and half closed eyes bespoke soft dreams and lightest slumber, as if his guardian angel. A grateful sense of their deliverance made them receive me as a guardian angel. They kissed the hem of her black dress, they called her their guardian angel. At the same time Gourville appeared behind Fouquet, like the guardian angel. Not that I feel the least indebted, upon this score, to my exceedingly weak-minded parents, who, beyond doubt, would have made an arrant genius of me at last, if my guardian angel. They took their places at the table, with Father Bishopriggs behind them, in the mixed character of major domo and guardian angel. He had spoken earnestly, mildly: his look was not that of a lover beholding his mistress, but it was that of a pastor recalling his wandering sheep-or better, of a guardian angel.

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Guardian Angels HomeCare

Guardian Angels HomeCare is a leading provider for non-medical Connecticut Home Care. Connecticut Home Care Services Guardian Angels HomeCare is a leading provider for non-medical home care services. At Guardian Angels HomeCare you will find quality Companion Home Care by friendly and highly skilled Caregivers for those needing a caregiver’s assistance for all types of non-medical home care. We specialize in Connecticut Live-In home care with homecare aides providing 24 hour caring, custodial care. If you are seeking care for a loved one with Dementia or Alzheimers we make sure your aide is experienced specifically in Dementia and Alzheimer care and has passed our through and unique screening process for at home healthcare for Alzheimer and Dementia. We offer full Elderly home care services for seniors in their home with Personal Care Aides, Companions and Homemaker Aides to support your loved one to live independently at home. Our Live-In care aides are experienced in eldercare, Certified and available for around-the-clock, 24/7 Home Care. Many of our Dementia Care aides have been acclaimed by the Alzheimer’s Association receiving annual awards for the last 10 years often with their pictures on the Association’s website! Our Connecticut home care services are tailored to your specific circumstances. Our Companion care services will make sure your loved one is not alone and continues to enjoy the friendship of a caring person checking in on them, playing cards, games or helping to safely attend religious services, shopping or errands. We strive to provide you with the Premiere standard in home care at affordable rates. Our goal is to always provide the highest quality of elder care in Connecticut to our clients at affordable rates – and, we guarantee never to go over your budget.

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Angel Guardian Orphanage

Angel Guardian Orphanage donated the A026 series of photos to the Society. The charitable care initiative that would become Angel Guardian Orphanage illustrates how immigrant German religious women were able to succeed in America. The Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, an order of German sisters newly arrived in the United States, mentored and inspired other German immigrants through their work at the German Catholic Orphanage of the Holy Guardian Angels, which would later be known more simply as Angel Guardian Orphanage. Angel Guardian Orphanage At that time, the German population was increasing throughout the city. The Angel Guardian Orphanage, located on a 40-acre campus near Devon and Ridge in West Ridge, was opened as a response by the German Catholic community to the increasing population of German Catholic orphans needing care. As Angel Guardian served a prominently German community to the north of the city’s limits, the German heritage the orphanage maintained was perceived as one of its strengths. Ultimately, in the later 20th Century, St. Henry’s was renamed Angel Guardian as a tribute to the orphanage. The Sisters successfully ran Angel Guardian Orphanage, experiencing trials and hardships as they struggled to provide for the children in their care. The German Catholic community, in looking to provide culturally sensitive care to the orphans, recruited The Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ to run Angel Guardian Orphanage. As a result, their charges absorbed these intrinsic German traits with the native German language that the sisters used to run the challenging mission that was Angel Guardian Orphanage. RPWRHS photo A026-0009 shows the Angel Guardian Orphanage bakery. RPWRHS photo A026-0011 shows an aerial view of Angel Guardian Orphanage.

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