My Guardian Angel News for 03-23-2018

13610 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA

We are a locksmith company based in the Los Angeles area ​and have been providing high-quality, dependable, commercial and residential locksmith services since 2003. Our team of customer representatives and locksmith technicians are the best in the industry. Guardian Angel Locksmith is focused on providing the most professional, honest, and responsive locksmith service you have ever experienced. Guardian Angel Locksmith makes an effort to build trusting and long-lasting relationships, Our goals and commitments are to the customer. We consider it our responsibility and obligation to provide you with the most quality products and services available. Whether it’s a simple lockout or high-tower master key system… we value your business and home, and take care in always providing consistently excellent service. Thank you for your constant support, and for choosing Guardian Angel Locksmith Los Angeles as your Lock and Security specialist! Founded in 2005, Guardian Angel Locksmith was founded with the purpose of providing extraordinary service and a wide variety of products to suit our client’s needs. To this day, Eli Shirel and the team at Guardian Angel Locksmith continue to make it their business to provide clients with peace of mind and first class service. Our first class service is achieved through honesty and integrity in all aspect of our business. Guardian Angel Locksmith not only provides basic key and locksmith services, we also offer a wide variety of burglar and fireproof safes, security systems, intercom systems, camera systems, car keys, and high security keys. With over 35 plus years of experience Guardian Angel Locksmith is no longer just a locksmith, we are your security specialists.

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Jersey Shore and Hilton Head Island

Guardian Angels babysitters and nannies are responsible, reliable, and enjoy spending time with children. Guardian Angels has an extensive screening process; selecting only the most experienced babysitters and nannies to care for our families. Learning through play is the philosophy that we live by! Learning through play is so important as it helps promote and develop: emotional maturity, social skills, language skills, motor skills/physical coordination, self-confidence, problem solving and language skills. Learning through play will allow your child to develop the skills necessary to interact with other children and will allow them the confidence needed to explore new environments and try new experiences. It is through play that children learn to make sense of the world surrounding them. In order to ensure the highest level of care and safety for your child we require that all of our sitters are interactive and hands on at all times. Interactive activities will be used to promote your child’s physical, emotional and academic growth as well as developmental milestones for the younger children. The only job a child has in life is to play, learn and grow. It is the job of the sitters to be right along side your child, playing with them, encouraging your child to learn while stimulating positive growth. Day time Nanny Full time Nanny Nanny Placement Duties Simple meal planning and preparation Laundry and Clothing Care for children House Cleaning- Clean bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Child Care- help with children, meals, bathing, playing and driving to activities. Organization of play activities and outings, educational activities and projects, Social activities Help with errands, food shopping and meal preparation.

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Guardian Angel Safety Outlet Review

The Guardian Angel Outlet is an electric outlet that provides what is said to be absolute safety along with the convenience one expects from a normal outlet. The Guardian Angel Safety Outlet took over five years to bring to market and comes as a 2 pack for $39.00 plus $4.99 shipping on Amazon. The Guardian Angel Outlet is a simple device that simply plugs in and then is screwed to your existing 15-Amp wall outlet panel. Guardian Angel currently does not have plans to make a 20A version of this outlet cover, but is planning on introducing a wire-in version in the years ahead. Here is a look at the back of the Guardian Angel Outlet. Legit Reviews spoke with Dan Masterson, founder and CEO of Guardian Angel Enterprises, who was able to furnish us with some images of the inside of the Guardian Angel Outlet. We tested the Guardian Angel Outlet in our home at various outlets and found that it worked as advertised for the most part. The Guardian Angel Outlet helps reduce the risk of being shocked by an electrical outlet. The Guardian Angel Outlet was designed to be a better outlet and we agree that it does improve upon the current solutions on the market today. The Guardian Angel Outlet successfully cut the power to the outlets before we could get zapped 99% of the time. When writing this review we noticed that many early articles about this outlet called it the Guardian Angel Shockproof Outlet, but recently many have been calling it the Guardian Angel Safety Outlet. The Guardian Angel Safety Outlet takes a new high-tech approach at solving a worldwide issue and we like that. The Guardian Angel Safety Outlet comes as a 2 pack for $39.00 plus $4.99 shipping on Amazon.

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