My Guardian Angel News for 03-22-2018

Guardian Angels Home Health Care

Hi, My name is Sharee Youssef, I am the owner and founder of Guardian Angels Home Health Care. I started Guardian Angels in April 2005 with my daughter Lami Powlesland. We have vowed to make this the best in-home care agency available in our community. We started Guardian Angels Home Health Care because of my mother Helen Youssef who had 7 very loving children, all of which would have loved to have her come live with them when the time came. My mother had made it very clear that she did NOT want to the leave her home of 47+ years, the home she raised her children and felt so comfortable and safe in. I thought if my mother would want and need that kind of service then many other people would want and need it as well…thus came Guardian Angels Home Health Care. August 23, 2012, we have expanded with a new service called Guardian Angels Senior Home Services. We offer a free referral service to aid families with advice for those who cannot reasonably stay home any longer. Guardian Angels Senior Home Services mission is to assist clients in finding the best senior community for them, researching available living communities in Northwestern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan, and taking the anxiety out of this often long and difficult process Mission Statement: Our mission, with the help of friendly, honest, and responsible employees, is to make a positive difference in the living conditions of our clients. We focus on enabling people to live healthier, happier, and more rewarding lives by providing assisted care to our clients in the safety of their own home. Guardian Angels Home Health Care stands on the principals of leadership, respect, and the integrity of our company, our employees and our clients. Sadly, in May of 2009, my mother lost her battle with her illness and passed away in the comfort of her home, alongside her loving family.

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Guardian Angels / Golden Orbs – Suzanne Bertolas

Many people have been blessed to see Angels in their recognizable human looking form, perhaps with wings, or maybe not. Maybe they have seen them in their beautiful radiant glowing light bodies, or maybe in Orb formation. I am very lucky to be one of these people who have interacted with my guardian Angel and I write specifically about that meeting in my book. There is no right or wrong way an Angel should look if you have a sighting. Sometimes Angels walk the earth, in human form assisting us, with little things to make our lives easier. I believe there are Earth Angels who are here to teach us life lessons like compassion, which is why it is so important not to judge people by how they appear to look on the outside. A homeless person living on the street could very well be a highly evolved Angel or light being, who has chosen to be here in that form, to teach those who are in such a rush with life, and focused on the materialistic world, to perhaps slow down and pay attention to those around who are suffering. I write about different ways our Angels appear and interact with us in our lives in my book. I have included a few pictures in this blog for those who believe that orbs in photographs are just dust particles, or something else, other than an energetic spirit or our Angles, participating in a photograph. Digital cameras are great for capturing orbs, but I also have a picture in my book, with an orb on my forehead when I was 13 years old, long before digital cameras came along. I also quite often, capture orbs zipping around our home on video, or when I am singing, if I video a song, I can see the orbs flying in and out of the room, circling around me. Robert always has a giant golden orb following him around, I had a series of pictures of him walking Maggie when she was younger and the orb literally followed him out into the back field.

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New York crime-fighting gang the Guardian Angels head back on patrols

The Guardian Angels stopped patrolling the subways and Central Park in the 1990s after a increase in policing around the time Mayor Rudy Giuliani took office although they continued in parts of Brooklyn and the Bronx. The last year has seen a rise in violent crime across New York which has culminated in seven slashing attacks on the subway in the last month. The Guardian Angels declined in stature after Sliwa admitted in 1992 that much of the group’s early were fake crimes designed to generate publicity, according to the New York Times. Last fall Sliwa announced the vigilante gang, who are instantly recognizable by their red berets and jackets, would return to Central Park because of increased crime in the Park and a general rise in certain crimes such as a two per cent increase shootings this year. The founder, who is also a talk radio host, portioned part of the blame on Mayor Bill de Blasio for being ‘oblivious’ to crime. Though the urban oasis is still much safer than it once was, it saw 22 robberies as of August this year compared to 11 during the same period in 2014.Grand larceny was also up 14 per cent from 29 to 34 this year, according to CBS New York. Shootings in the city at large have increased nine per cent in 2015, though serious crime as a whole has fallen five per cent. Despite the recent increase, crime is still lower than two years ago. Overall crime since 1994 is down 80 per cent, including robberies and rapes. The Guardian Angels endured and evolved: By 2006, they had a $200,000 New York state grant to do online safety education. In New York, Guardian Angels still patrol parts of Brooklyn and the Bronx regularly. Shortly after Rudy Giuliani’s mayoralty began in 1994, they felt policing had intensified enough that they weren’t needed to fight crime in Central Park until now.

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