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Angel Guardian Orphanage Alumni

This website is dedicated to all of us, who had the memorable experience, of being at Angel Guardian Orphanage for any length of time, in any era. Angel Guardian Orphanage was founded in 1865 by five German Catholic parishes to help preserve the German cultural heritage. A.G.O. has a long and consistent history in serving Chicago’s neediest families and their children, under the auspices of the German Catholic Society through the Catholic Charities of Chicago. During those years, many children received opportunities that they may not have otherwise enjoyed, were it not for Angel Guardian Orphanage. This website was established, as means by which A.G.O. Alumni could communicate with each other. Shared experiences at A.G.O. It serves as a social club, a newspaper, a fortifier and many more positive contributions. We hope that anyone, whether you were in A.G.O. for one day or ten years, will join us in this conversation about life at A.G.O. and afterwards. Our invitation is extended to any child, relative or friend of an A.G.O. Alumni. All of these elements, come together to foster an atmosphere of comradery that we once knew while in A.G.O. and which made a difficult situation a little easier. We can advise any solicitors, who happen onto our website, as to where they may find relief or a helping hand. The primary purpose, for our website, is to sustain our community of A.G.O. Alunmi, our families and our friends and keep alive the spirit that was borne from within the campus of A.G.O. Never to forget the memory of our friends, our life-long friendships and attitudes. We hope to see more former A.G.O. Alumni contacting and posting on our message board and enjoying the features of our website, from the many photo albums to advice on how to gain a loved ones records while at A.G.O. Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction.

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SPCA Florida

Each year compassionate donors enable SPCA Florida to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home 6,000 orphaned animals; serve 2,000 pets and people through our community programs; and provide affordable veterinary care to more than 16,500 pets through our McClurg Animal Medical Center. As a private 501(3)(c) non-profit, the majority of SPCA Florida’s funding comes from generous donors and business partners like you. Your tax-deductible gift will help us to improve the life of a pet in need. You may also donate over the phone 577-4608, mail a check to SPCA Florida, Attention: Philathropy, 5850 Brannen Road South, Lakeland, FL 33813, or visit the Administrative Office Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. To schedule an after-hours donation please call 577-4600. Our adoption fees only cover a small percentage of the $300+ we invest in each pet, which is why monthly donors are critical. SPCA Florida’s PerPETual Friends is a group of dedicated supporters whose monthly gifts provide a consistent, reliable income stream, allowing us to focus more resources on our lifesaving programs and less on raising the necessary funds. Our monthly SPCA Florida donors like it because it’s easy to budget and feels great making a difference for animals every month of the year. Every month SPCA Florida invests between $10,000 and $15,000 to treat diseases and injuries, giving both owned and homeless pets in need a second chance at health and happiness. What better way to celebrate someone’s life, birthday or special occasion than with an SPCA Florida tribute gift. These donations allow you to memorialize a loved one, honor a co-worker or spouse, or pay tribute to a beloved pet, all while helping the homeless animals we serve. If you’re looking for the purr-fect gift for the loved one or friend who has it all, look no further! Tribute gifts far exceed any material item; these donations truly are a gift, the gift of a happy ending for an SPCA Florida pet. SPCA Florida tax returns for recent years and our annual reports are available with other detailed organizational and financial information at

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Guardian Angels Return To Central Park For First Time In 20 Years « CBS New York

NEW YORK – The Guardian Angels – the famous squad in stop-sign-red jackets and berets – strode through Central Park recently on guard for signs of crime. Guardian Angels volunteers made a pointed return this month to Central Park for the first time in over two decades, citing a 26 percent rise in crime there so far this year. City officials stress that crime is down citywide, and the park is far safer than it once was. Still, the renewed patrols by the Guardian Angels – known for both crime-fighting and controversy over their 35 years – are bright-red signals of unease about whether New York, touted for years as the nation’s safest big city, is slipping. Sliwa and eight other Guardian Angels, ranging from graying long timers to a 20-year-old woman, trooped along roadways, paths and rocky, dark trails for hours one night this week, shining flashlights into thickets, asking people whether they’d had any trouble and eyeballing a quartet of teenagers who quickly took off on bicycles. After years of celebrating crime drops, the nation’s biggest city has seen killings rise by 9 percent so far this year, though serious crime overall is down 5 percent. Sliwa says officers don’t penetrate into the secluded spots where criminals could lurk, an argument he underscored as the Guardian Angels passed an unilluminated NYPD light stanchion on a foot trail. Guardian Angels feel much of their function is deterring crime, but if they see it, they’re ready to make citizens’ arrests, call police and defuse potential problems. The Guardian Angels began in 1979 and quickly expanded to other cities, welcomed by some people as a tough-minded neighborhood watch, derided by others as loose-cannon, publicity-seeking vigilantes. The Guardian Angels endured and evolved: By 2006, they had a $200,000 New York state grant to do online safety education. In New York, Guardian Angels still patrol parts of Brooklyn and the Bronx regularly. Shortly after Rudy Giuliani’s mayoralty began in 1994, they felt policing had intensified enough that they weren’t needed to fight crime in Central Park, Sliwa says.

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