My Guardian Angel News for 03-20-2018

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In view of such a multitude of angels, it is natural to suppose that in the world of angels, just as in the material world, there are various degrees of perfection and various stages or hierarchical degrees of the heavenly powers. Some Church Fathers expressed the opinion that dividing the angels into nine choirs touched only upon those names that are revealed by the word of God but in no way encompasses other names and choirs of angels that have not been as yet revealed to us. The Scriptures mention by name three more angels: Raphael Assistance of God, Uriel Flame of God, and Salathiel Prayer book to God. Some of the angels, headed by Lucifer, one of the closest to God, misused that freedom and rebelled against God. As we shall see, the good angels, and in particular our Guardian Angels, actively help us in our battle against evil. A host of angels sang praises and glorified Christ’s birth and an angel gave glad tidings to the shepherds of the Savior’s birth, and prevented the return of the seers to Herod. Angel of God, my holy protector, given to me from heaven by God for my protection, I fervently beseech you: enlighten me and preserve me from all evil, instruct me in good deeds and direct me on the path of salvation. Almost all these books advocate an openness to angels and a grateful acceptance of angels and their communications with mankind. Nearly all these books fail to consider that the devil and his legions of demons are fallen angels who can disguise themselves as angels of light to cause the destruction of our souls. From the letters of St. Paul to modern times, the writings of the Church describe how these fallen angels masquerade not only as angels of light but also as saints, the Virgin Mary, and Christ Himself. In a different time and place, the Kiev Caves Paterikon records that a young monk named Nikita did reverence to an angel of light who told him not to spend time in prayer, that the angel would do it for him because it was more important for Nikita to spend time reading. To put into practice these words of Christ and St. Paul in discriminating between real angels and demons masquerading as angels is difficult in the face of human frailty, our sinfulness, our self-willed delusion, and the thousands of years of experience of the enemy of man and God.

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Guardian Angels Ukraine Project

On April 27, 2015, the Guardian Angels Ukraine project helped finance the opening of the first Centre for Psychophysical Rehabilitation of Ukrainian servicemen located at the Irpin Military Hospital near Kyiv. The centre treats veterans of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including the National Guard, and territorial defence battalions, hundreds of whom have sustained serious injuries during Anti-Terrorist Operations in eastern Ukraine. In Ukraine on the eve of the NATO-sponsored conference on rehabilitation medicine in Ukraine. In Toronto on December 19, 2014 during a special benefit dinner welcoming over 400 guests, including prominent Ukrainian and Canadian political leaders and medical experts. Funds raised enabled the project to finance the first fact-finding meeting in Canada between Ukrainian medical staff treating injured veterans, and Canadian experts in the field of rehabilitation medicine. Was the springboard for knowledge exchange activities between Canadian and Ukrainian physical medicine and rehab specialists. The Guardian Angels Ukraine Project is a non-profit humanitarian initiative. The project’s mission is to support the medical treatment, rehabilitation, and social integration of Ukraine’s wounded soldiers and victims of the Euromaidan attacks. In Ukraine, the project works with Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence, its network of military hospitals, academic institutions, local NGO’s, civilian rehabilitation facilities, charitable foundations, physicians, and psychologists. The project cooperates with the Ukrainian registered charitable organization. Special Advisor to Ukraine’s Minister of Defence for Medical Issues, has cooperated with the project by chairing an Experts Working Group, together with leading Ukrainian military and medical experts working in the field of rehabilitation medicine and psychology, as well as representatives of Ukraine’s leading academic institutions. As part of our project’s focus on the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, we have launched our Hero’s Companion project which aims to pair quality trained service dogs with veterans of the Ukrainian armed forces and Ukrainian volunteer battalions who continue to struggle with PTSD and other invisible injuries inflicted by time spent in combat operations.

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The Church’s Teaching Concerning Angels

Jacob saw angels both in a dream-the vision of the ladder-and when awake-when returning home to Esau he saw a host of the angels of God. A mighty host of angels sang the glory of Christ’s nativity; an angel announced the birth of the Savior to the shepherds and stopped the Wise Men from returning to Herod; angels ministered to Jesus Christ during His temptation in the wilderness; an angel appeared to Him in the Garden of Gethsemane; angels announced His Resurrection to the myrrh-bearing women; and at His ascension angels proclaimed, His second coming. Angels loosed the bonds of Peter and the other Apostles and of Peter alone; an angel appeared to Cornelius the Centurion, telling him to send for Peter who would instruct him in the word of God. An angel announced to Paul that he was to appear before Caesar and the vision of angels is the foundation of the Revelation of St. John. Many teachers of the Church have expressed the thought that God created the angels long before the visible world and that at the time when the material universe was created, they already stood before the face of the Creator and served Him. Holy Scripture depicts angels as descending from heaven to earth, or ascending from earth to heaven, which gives us reason to believe that they cannot be on earth and in heaven at the same time. Not only angels, archangels, thrones, dominions, authorities and powers inhabit the heavens, but there are innumerable other kinds and an unimaginable multitude of classes, which no words can be adequate to express. The angels of those ranks which are closest to the human race appear in Holy Scripture as messengers or heralds of the will of God, guides for people and the servants of their salvation. Angels not only hymn the glory of God, but also serve Him in the plan of His Providence for the material world. According to the vision of the Prophet Daniel, there are angels to whom God entrusts the fate of the kingdoms and peoples of the earth. Having the freedom to choose evil, one of the angels actually did so, and by so doing, from an angel of light became the devil. The Archangel Michael took command of the angels who remained faithful to God, forming an army of angels, and entered into conflict with the fallen spirits.

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