My Guardian Angel News for 03-18-2018

Guardian Angel

If you would like to know your Guardian Angel’s name, it is simple to discover who your divine spirit is. Each of the Guardian Angels provides different skills and talents, and has different effects on our lives. This Guardian Angel reading is free and is quite detailed. Which of the ministering spirits is my Guardian Angel? The Guardian Angel calculator will quickly help you discover which of the fairy godmothers is yours. Guardian Angel is a guide and protector; sometimes they will appear as a fairy godmother, a spiritual symbol, or an angel who cares for us. You can determine the appropriate Angel through your date of birth. For an individual born in the northern hemisphere on October 1, 1955 the Guardian Angel is St. Raphael. Rafael is an angel of journey sent by God to guide us to His intended joy. For the month of October the Guardian Angel Is Barchiel. This Angel guides us to understanding our achievements and ourselves. For the Libra sun sign the Guardian Angel is Uriel, “The light of God” who always carries a scale in his hand. This is a very short synopsis of the Guardian Angel reading provided for this birth date. Guardian Angels could be considered as spirits sent to watch over us during our mortal life, by God. The Angels leads us toward virtue, good work and away from evil.

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Guardian Angel Prayer

I am a healing master specialized on Soul Healing and Enlightenment. After 30 years of study and practice I have discovered some unique methods to help people getting a better life. My name is Gabonne and I am here to bring you peace and safety. One of the most important things I learned is to “Awake” your Guardian Angel so that you can get in touch with him and get under his protection. Please notice that this has nothing to do with religion or other believs you may have. One of the best things you can make in your life is to “Awake” your Guardian Angel, so that you can let him take care of you. 1) Did you ever thought that your Guardian Angel may exist and you are never talking with him? 2) What if he does exist and he’s ready to help you all the time but you are refusing his help? 3) Do you know how many disasters can you avoid in your future if you let him watch your steps? Most of the people are just starting to believe in him and asking him different kind of things. Why? Because the connection between them and their Guardian Angel is broken. After a while they just get borred and forget about it. A guide telling exactly how to deal with your Guardian Angel. One month of daily special rituals and prayers dedicated for you. Thousands of “Thank you” from people benefiting from your donation.

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Guardian Angel Figures

If you would like to carry these angel collectibles in your shop, contact us for order and price information. Handmade in Germany! Handcrafted angels have long been a tradition in the Erzgebirge. While there are several artisan companies who make angels, we think we have found the most unique angels of all, and all are exclusive to Sachsen Imports. Click on each image for a larger view and more information. These whimsical small guardian angel collectibles embody all the traditional craftsmanship of the Erzgebirge. Each angel is lovingly crafted and painted by hand, and the artistry has been awarded the coveted “Tradition and Form” design prize in 1995, 1998, and 2005 from the Verband Erzgebirgischer Kunsthandwerker und Spielzeughersteller e.V. New Guardian Angel Series. The story of the Gnter Reichel company began on January 1, 1989 as a one-man business, and has grown steadily. Over the years, the company has succeeded in creating its own distinctive collection of characters that has gained fans far beyond the borders of Germany. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, they are releasing a new series of angels, a bit larger, full of vitality, and sure to gladden the heart! A modern take on the traditional angel orchestra or angel band – the Big Band Guardian Angels!

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Guardian Angels

The angel Adnachiel acts as a guardian angel over people born under the star sign Sagittarius, and is the angel of November. According to hechaloth lore Agbas is a guardian angel who acts as guard of the fourth heavenly hall. An angelic guard, Agromiel is guardian of the sixth Heaven. Alamaqanael is by no means the sole guardian of the gates, but is one of their many guardian angels. Alimiel is one of seven angels who guard the curtain or veil around God’s throne in seventh Heaven. Amamael is a guardian angel of the third heavenly hall. Amtiel is a guardian angel of the third Heaven, also known as the third heavenly hall. Ananiel is one of many guardian angels who guard the gates of the South Wind. Also known as Haniel, Aniel is one of many guardian angels responsible for guarding the gates of the West Wind. Aniel is one of the 72 angels who bear God’s name Shemhamphorae. According to rabbinic lore, Anpiel is a guardian angel who protects all birds. Arvial is one of the angels guarding the fourth Heaven. According to hechaloth lore, the angels Atsaftsaf and Atshatsah are guardian angels of sixth Heaven. Azfiel is described in hechaloth lore as a guardian angel responsible for the protection of the first of seven heavenly halls. Become a fan on Facebook to get updates when more angels are added.

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