My Guardian Angel News for 03-17-2018

Hosta Guardian Angel

This hosta has large blue-green leaves that put on a show in early spring by displaying white centers. As the plant matures, it tends to keep its white centers longer into the spring season. ‘Guardian Angel’ is quite unique because it offers this unusual color patterning: in the spring, the center of each new leaf is bright white, while the margins are cool blue! This is the just the opposite of normal hosta leaf patterns. By late spring, a distinctive green misting covers the white centers, and in midsummer, clusters of light lavender flowers are produced. Hosta ‘Guardian Angel’ has been chosen as a Popularity Poll winning specimen! This attractive sport of Hosta ‘Blue Angel’ can be somewhat slow growing, but will make a large mound when mature. ‘Guardian Angel’ is a low care perennial and is ideal for shady positions, tubs and patio pots, and one of the most popular landscape uses. It grows well in moist, well-drained, highly organic soils with a pH between 5.5 and 7.5. Sandy loam is better than clay because it provides more aeration for the roots. Plant ‘Guardian Angel’ in an area that receives the right amount of light. The leaves need some morning sun to bring the rich golden color out. ‘Guardian Angel’ is a vigorous grower, a good sized hosta, and has a plump, symmetrical habit!

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Humane Society of Dallas County

Sponsor a Dog & Kitty City dog or cat through our Guardian Angel Program, designed to help those animals who have a harder time finding a permanent home. Some cats and dogs are not as adoptable as others due to their age, disposition or disability. Some have been at the shelter so long that it is their home. As they grow older, they are less adaptable to a new home, so it may be in their best interest for them to stay in the home that they know – the shelter. Others are shy and retiring and don’t present themselves to potential adopters to the point that they do not get noticed. Many animals with chronic medical problems or disabilities have a harder time finding homes due to their special needs. One of our cats with a disability is Rey, who is blind. The sponsorship donation of $20 helps support basic expenses – food, shelter and medical care. You can also donate additional dollars to cover other expenses including veterinary care such as exams, blood work, vaccinations and dentals. If a sponsored animal leaves the shelter, Guardian Angels can select another animal who will benefit from their help. Every opening at the shelter helps another animal in need! The Guardian Angel Program is a wonderful, personal way to truly help these precious homeless animals until they can “Go home” with adoptive families.

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Wedding Handkerchiefs

Angels knew from the start that gifts of love are gifts from the heart. Check out the glow in the dark new driver visor clip below and my other visor clips on the visor clips page. I personally design and handcraft over 200 distinct guardian angel pins from my home in Eaton, Colorado. Guardian angel jewelry makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. Everyone needs to have a reminder of their guardian angel. My collection of angel designs extends far beyond the basic guardian angel pin. By clicking on the “Angel Pin Index” you can view the various categories of angel pins I’ve designed. Under “Everyday/Birthstone Angels” you will find a wide selection of angel pins, birthstone angel pins, angel pendants, angel earrings, angel badge holders and bookmarks. In addition to my angel jewelry, I carry a variety of religious and keepsake gifts. My selection includes pocket tokens, guardian angel visor clips, prayer cards, bridal keepsake gifts, expectant mom and new baby gifts, and other inspirational gifts for all the special times in your life. I also carry a variety of sports charms that can be customized for you into pendants, bracelets, earrings, key rings, tack pins, and money clips. I feel the Lord has blessed me with my talent and this business. I hope you and those you give them to are blessed as well.

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Guardian Angels of those born in May

He will help his protégés to live with love. Haziel will help them to receive support and friendship from influential people, and they will be greatly appreciated by many. Haziel will help them to keep good faith, to look for reconciliation, to be honest and keep to their word. He helps his protégés to maintain good health, and to be involved in lucky endeavors. His protégés are talented and creative. As long as they do not fall into these negative feelings, Lauviah will make sure that his protégés always retain their privileged situation. He stops misfortune and shows his protégés the way to better situations. Hahaiah wants his protégés to have high moral standards and pleasant manners. With providence on their side, these carriers of love can show their love at different levels. His protégés can have a great role in conciliating and unifying at all levels. Ieiazel will help them to have the desire to learn, and to learn anything very easily. Their talents can be developed in many surprising ways, as can be seen in the list of his protégés! Mebahel protects the innocent, and helps to regain what we have unfairly lost. Needless to say, the protégés of Mebahel are very special. Mebahel wants his protégés to defend justice and freedom, to fight for the truth, to protect the innocent.

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