Guardian Angel News for September 28 2017

THe Guardian Angel”Heroic Acts, Taking Flight”

The Guardian Angel has been created from ten different companies technologies along with my own to create the ultimate drone. It took almost 6 months of planning, sketching, designing, and modeling before I had my first plan to start prototyping. Once the drone was designed I presented it to the Fraternal Order Of Police who generously donated me the funding necessary to build The Guardian Angel. After I obtained funding I started the actual build knowing that my first competition was in 4 months. These 4 months flew by and 2 weeks before the competition I had a working drone. At this competition this drone became a grand award winner, U.S. Air force distinguished award winner, took home 2nd place in the overall competition, and obtained a competitor seat at SEFI hosted in Indianapolis, Indiana. After this competition I knew that my competition would get even hard so the Guardian Angel kept evolving. Once I arrived at SEFI I was scared that my project wasn’t good enough to move on to my ultimate dream, International Science and Engineering Fair sponsored by INTEL. I started interviews at SEFI that morning and my very first interview was the scholarship committee which gave me a big boost of confidence, then I had my scheduled judging rounds, followed by grand award judges, and then special awards judges. At this point I felt like I already gained a spot to INTEL ISEF. After all the judging was over I dissembled my poster and drone, and walked over to the award ceremony scared with my heart jumping out of my chest. At thee award ceremony they give everyone a participation medallion, and then the real awards start. They announced all the special awards and I had received nothing and at that point my confidence was dwindling. Then they started to announce the scholarship committees decision.

Let It Shine Soundtrack

Yeah, Hey,They say I’m young,But my purpose is the inspiration of a nation. Innovation, ’till I change the talkingTo a conversation. I’m like a doctorAnd my patients are anxiously waiting. Healing all the hatingThats faking in the paper chasingIts hard to live up to these expectationsThat I’m facingand gain the admirationOf an older generationThat’s why I’m pacing back and forthContemplating, meditating how to use what I’ve been taughtAs a positive force. Oh this is who I amI wish you’d understandIts time to set me freeMy Guardian AngelNo no matter what I doI’m still apart of youI hope you’ll always beMy Guardian Angel. 2nd Verse)I wanna be the greatest in the worldNot for the money,or the fame,or the girlsNot for the car keys,or the jet skis,or the vacation to the West IndiesBut simply ’cause love itWhen I write I’m like a puppetPulling my strings til the melody singsAnd the honesty makes me spread my wingsYou calling me outwas out yo mindSend that thought back down your spineI’m on the grindIt’s all on the lineRoad signs say both ways at the same timeMost days I can’t wait to rhymeExpress my stress elevate and shineProgress,regressEach step’s climbedSo I take that test and I testify. 3rd Verse)I feel so misunderstood’Cause my intentions were goodIf you can only see that poetry can hide in the hoodThe passion in Philosophy of possibilitiesEvery dream is in my reachI’ll find my freedom in this beatFollow me now it’s a brand new groundSwallow your pride I’ll make you proudAll of my life I’ve lived out loudWe just preached to different crowds. Chrous)Oh this is who I amI wish you’d understandIts time to set me freeMy Guardian Angel. Oh this is who I amI wish you’d understandIt’s time to set me freeMy Guardian AngelNo no matter what I doI’m still apart of youI hope you’ll always beMy Guardian Angel.

Guardian Angel Pins

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