Guardian Angel News for September 19 2017

Guardian Angel from The Bird Care Company

The ultimate supplement for sick or stressed birds! White cells are the backbone of the body’s immune system. Guardian Angel contains the special nutrients most in demand for rapid white cell production. This, combined with our essential range of vitamins, extra vitamin C, rapisorb minerals, beneficial bacteria, herbal extracts, electrolytes and long term energy gluconates, makes Guardian angel the ultimate supplement for sick or stressed birds! Application: In water: 20g per litre or 1 level tsp for 150mls On food: Approx 1 gram per kg body weight Give 1 pinch for 20 small finches, 7 canaries, 3 budgies, 2 cockatiels. Alternatively give 1 level tsp for 240 small finches, 84 canaries, 36 budgies, 24 cockatiels, 6 Amazons or Greys or 3 Macaws. Clean fresh water must always be available if Guardian Angel is used on the food. If calcium deficiency is suspected also use Calciboost. Allicin concentrate, glucose polymers, nucleotides, L-carnitine tartrate, Freeze dried beneficial bacteria: L. casei casei 40 mil cfus/gram, E. faecium 120 mil cfus/gram Shelf life: 20-24 months.

Saints & Angels

The Old Testament theology included the belief in angels: the name applied to certain spiritual beings or intelligences of heavenly residence, employed by God as the ministers of His will. The English word “Angel” comes from the Greek angelos, which means ‘messenger’. In the Old Testament, with two exceptions, the Hebrew word for “Angel” is malak, also meaning ‘messenger’. He was himself a messenger, and he prophesied about the coming of “The messenger of the covenant”, Jesus Christ. Although the word “Angel” in the Bible, meaning a messenger, nearly always applies to heavenly beings, it can occasionally apply to human messengers. Malachi himself said a priest was a messenger of the LORD of hosts, and in the Book of Revelation the elders of the seven churches of Asia were called angels. When we meet messengers doing supernatural things, there is no doubt they are heavenly beings – God’s messengers, working for Him and for the ultimate benefit of mankind.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is the sixteenth rock album by British instrumental group The Shadows, released in November, 1984 through Polydor Records. Guardian Angel was the group’s first album to be released on LP and CD simultaneously and only the group’s second CD release. It had the distinction of being the group’s only 1980s album to contain mostly original material, except for one track. The album and its single, “On A Night Like This” were not promoted strongly by Polydor and the album failed in commercial terms, spending one week at number 98 in the UK album chart. Only two tracks from this album became part of The Shadows’ live repertoire, during the January to March 1985 “Down-under” tour in Australia and New Zealand; the two tracks being “How Do I Love Thee” and “Hammerhead”. The album was reissued on CD in December, 1998 on the now defunct See for Miles Records label and added eight tracks, two of which had never been issued on CD before.

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