Guardian Angel News for September 08 2017

A Guardian Angel Adoption Agency

At A Guardian Angel Adoptions we have many services to give you the support you need and we have programs to help in all kinds of situations. We also have a caring staff to help you walk your adoption journey. Many members of our team are adoptive moms or birth mothers. Because of this we want to help you feel safe and supported throughout your adoption process. At A Guardian Angel you are family from the first time you call us and for years to come.

Guardian Angel Tom Tide thinking

For my son’s Guardian Angel Make a rope swing, I thought, for my son: Fill sunny days with pendular fun, Thank God and all angels I tested the bough: To see if rough usage its strength would allow. For down the bough came, my shoulders were struck: Although my blood flowed, I hold More When the bough breaks- to the tune of ‘Rockabye Baby’.

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