Guardian Angel News for September 07 2017

“Oneironaut” will be available on Amazon Sunday, August 10th, 2014!—————————————-. “Helen, wha…t if this was the dream?” Henry asked. “What if that world is real and this one isn’t?”. Oneironaut is the story of Henry Morgan, a married man who starts having dreams so authentic and sequential that his waking life pales in comparison. He has interesting friends and lives in an amazing environment. Not everyone in Henry’s dreams has a kind heart, not every landscape beautiful. This is the tale of when the dreams turn into nightmare. Anybody interested in beta-reading Oneironaut would receive the novel in any digital format they’d prefer for absolutely free, on the one condition that you leave an UNBIASED review on the book’s Amazon page after it launches! There is no deadline for this, but it would be ideal within the first three months of launch. This would provide a much needed service to the author and would be greatly appreciated!

Find Out Who Your Guardian Angel Is

Your guardian angel is the spirit of someone passed on, to guide a person or group of people. The concept of guardian angels dates back thousands of years and is widely believed in by many faiths, some gone some still here. Even some more obscure faiths like Zoroastrianism teaches that we’re each guided through life by a guardian angel – a protector from heaven. Guardian angels were the original belief of many Pagans. It was something the Christian faith, as well as some others, appropriated. Pagans believed that angels were simply highly evolved spirits that had a higher calling: to watch over the world and guide the people living on it.

Guardian Angel

With the Guardian Angel program, you can honor that calling through a charitable gift to the UMC Foundation recognizing the caregiver who made a difference during your stay. Your donation helps provide the specialized equipment and support that saves lives. Thank a standout physician, nurse, housekeeper, or other caregiver through a gift to the UMC Foundation. Your Guardian Angel will receive a custom-made lapel pin and a special card acknowledging your generous donation.

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