Guardian Angel News for October 31 2017

Guardian Angel Rescue Services –

At G.A.R.S. we offer an array of classes to our customers so you don’t have to go to a variety of companies to make you current and up to date with today’s ever changing safety training. Any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact one of our professional staff members at G.A.R.S. Don’t let your geographic location be the reason you can’t use G.A.R.S. At G.A.R.S. our staff is ready and willing to travel to all 48 states and serve our customers happily. G.A.R.S. is prepared to follow all state, OSHA, NFPA and federal regulations. At G.A.R.S. we have over twenty years of combined experience. Our instructors/rescue stand-by team has been in true emergency situations that have prepared us to handle/instruct any situation that may come up in a professional manner. Our staff stays up to date and current with today’s many ever changing regulations, techniques, and teaching skills. At G.A.R.S our staff holds and maintains many state and federal certifications. G.A.R.S will provide you with professional staff, modern equipment and techniques, and a passion for what we do that is second to none. At G.A.R.S. we can work with any industry complex or business no matter how big or small the job or class is. G.A.R.S. our staff is cross-trained to handle any situation that comes up you can be sure of that. Tired of the same old safety training that you and your employees must have that bores you and your staff? At G.A.R.S. we are young, interactive and fun with new techniques and teaching skills that are new and current. We take the time and tailor each class to your companies’ needs.

Allow your Guardian Angel to be your teacher Angels love to teach and are brilliant teachers. Ask your Guardian Angel for a sign Angels are very good at giving signs. An angel is not going to take up a pen and write something down for you unless for some reason that particular angel can communicate in that way – which is very rare. Seek the help of your Guardian Angel in good times as well as bad Your Guardian Angel is not just there to solve your problems, it is also there to make sure that you really enjoy and appreciate the pleasure of being alive. Ask your Guardian Angel to send you a special angel to help with a particular task Your Guardian Angel is with you from the beginning of time – it is the Gatekeeper of your soul. Your Guardian Angel can invite other angels to come and help you – an angel who is an expert at something who can help you at a particular time in your life – such as taking an exam, becoming a parent, or falling in love. 2 We can have a myriad of other angels around us and they can be different angels at different times of our lives. There are hundreds and millions of angels out there, angels of all sorts, and many of them are looking for employment. Ask for the Angel of Strength and that angel will be there by your side instantly. No angel has ever harmed me and I can assure you that no angel will ever harm you. Ask your Guardian Angel its name “What’s my Guardian Angels name?” is the question I am most frequently asked. In fact angels are not nearly as hung up on names as we humans are, and frequently I just call the angels around me “Angels.” But we like names and so the angels are happy to oblige.

Guardian Angel Staffing Careers and Employment

Established in 2000, Guardian Angel Staffing Agency, Inc., has grown to be one of the largest nursing pool providers in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. More… Assistants, Radiology Technicians, and other specialties. Since our inception we have been addressing nursing service shortages through contractual, and per diem basis to hospitals, long-term care facilities, correctional facilities, physician offices and behavioral health facilities throughout the Kentuckiana Area. Our ability to place emphasis on quality service, recruiting talented personnel, and embracing an uncompromising dedication to customer satisfaction has given Guardian Angel an excellent reputation among medical facilities throughout the Kentuckiana Area. Guardian Angel excels at providing temporary emergency staffing and long term staffing assistance to ensure effective delivery of State and Federal Care Requirements. Our professional staffs are oriented based upon the specifications outlined in each individual facility contractual agreement. Our past and current customers attest to our ability to place fully credentialed and experienced healthcare professionals to meet their staffing needs. We have staff answering calls and addressing needs twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Guardian Angel understands the importance of a quick response to assure efficient staffing therefore, when you call, we have your needed nursing support ready to meet your needs. Whether you’re a facility looking for the best possible medical staff or an individual looking for the best possible career opportunities, Guardian Angel is the right choice for you!!

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