Guardian Angel News for October 30 2017

Guardian Angel owner far from angelic

The man behind Guardian Angel Service Dogs has had his share of legal problems in his home state of Virginia, and a barrage of comments online raised questions about his organization following the publication of a story last week. “Dan Warren, president of both Warren Enterprises LLC and Guardian Angel Service Dogs, did not respond to several messages left for him regarding information that he was found guilty on seven charges of”uttering” and seven charges of “false statement to obtain credit. The McLeods sought a declaratory judgment two weeks ago in Jefferson County asking to sever ties with Guardian Angel Service Dogs after Warren sent a letter through his attorney, John Anderson, asking for all the money the McLeods raised at their fundraiser in February. Warren stated in his press release on his Guardian Angel Web site that, “While time and space do not permit the correction of all of the misstatements” in The Examiner article written last Thursday, July 12, “Guardian Angel Service Dogs Inc. wants to make it very clear that Warren Enterprises LLC is not affiliated with Guardian Angel in any manner and does not ‘own’ Guardian Angel.” While Warren Enterprises LLC might not “Own” Guardian Angel Service Dogs, a Charles Warren Jr. is listed as the owner of Warren Enterprises LLC, which coincidentally has the same physical address as Warren Retrievers, 15216 Rockford Road in Montpelier, Va. Warren also uses P.O. Boxes in Orange, Va., and Montpelier as contact information on his Web sites as well. On the Warren Retrievers Web site, it mentions that Guardian Angel Service Dogs is “a fully incorporated 501(c)3 organization and is the philanthropic arm of Warren Retrievers and Diabetic Alert Dogs by Warren Retrievers.” According to the Internal Revenue Service, Guardian Angel Service Dogs, which was incorporated in October 2010 and granted tax exempt status in April 2011, has still not filed its 990 with the IRS after it was due May 15, 2012. Carol Borden, executive director of Guardian Angel Medical Alert Dogs, a service dog provider based in Florida, also has a beef with Warren over the use of the name Guardian Angel Service Dogs. Most dog trainers prefer one to two years of training by a certified dog trainer before a dog is ready to be placed with a diabetic. While there’s still no guarantee the dog and the person will work together, in most cases, the dog at 2 years old is much better prepared to scent detect than a dog that is dropped off with a family at 3 months old, as is the case with dogs from Guardian Angel Service Dogs. Guardian Angel sends the dog to the family or person at 3 months old and a pair of trainers spend a week with the family and the dog, training the dog and teaching the family how to train the dog. He and his wife continue to work with the dog but are growing frustrated and simply want to end this situation with Guardian Angel and move on.

425 Inc. Releases Guardian Angel Wearable Personal Safety Light

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Mount Pleasant, Wis., 425 Inc. is a personal safety device company. Its Guardian Angelâ„¢ product line represents the industry’s first small, wearable lighted device designed to improve personal safety – both in the workplace and out. Their repeated attempts to break through the crowd and gain visibility to allow for back up support to reach them became the catalyst for the solution that then took shape in the form of the company’s first product line: the Guardian Angel. With the initial goal of providing police officers with the same official visibility on their person as they have in their squad cars, the Guardian Angel is a small, wearable lighted device, designed to be worn on the shoulder epaulette of an officer’s uniform. Since introducing the concept to local Wisconsin-area police departments and garnering significant positive feedback, 425 Inc. recognized the same need existed within the greater emergency responder market, and extended its initial product offering to include military, firefighters, EMS, security and other first responders, offering wider ranges of light color options to emulate the official lights of its users. With the latest LED technology, the Guardian Angel provides visibility from more than one mile away, from above, and from a nearly 360-degree radius around the wearer. The latest lighting technology was utilized for the Guardian Angel, with LED lights that rate up to 900 lumens each. The lighting options for the wearer also offer enhanced versatility, including: forward-facing lights only, rear-facing lights only, lighting with 360 degrees of illumination and/or above illumination, as well as a utility work light for reading or writing in dark environments. The color combinations available on the Guardian Angel are virtually limitless and can be customized by each professional establishment to reflect their own official color combinations. The rechargeable, long-lasting battery incorporated into the Guardian Angel will allow for more than 90 hours of continuous use – equal to more than ten professional emergency responder work shifts, or more than two standard work weeks. The outer housing of the Guardian Angel is ruggedly durable, to prevent damage in extreme working conditions. Though originally designed to be worn on the epaulette of a professional uniform, the additional mounting options for the Guardian Angel are versatile as well, including a plain clothes mount, vehicular mount, bicycle or motorcycle mount, duty belt mount, or alternative metal-surface mount.

Guardian Angel Weapon System

About once a year, for the past few years the Air Force’s Battlefield Airman Branch of the Aeronautical Systems Center at Wright-Patterson AFB releases a new requirement for a battlefield truck for their Guardian Angel Weapon System. GAWS is made up of the Combat Rescue Officer, Pararescue, and SERE careerfields. Obviously, the vehicle would mainly be used by the PJs. Unfortunately, they’ve never actually purchased any vehicles. We’ve even written about one of the candidate vehicles from past attempts; the SRTV. This year is no different and a pre-solicitation for the Guardian Angel Air-Deployable Rescue Vehicle was released last week. They’ve included a System Requirements Document that spells out the vehicle characteristics they are looking for. These have limited speed, agility, range and payload. The proposed GAARV will be airdroppable from fixed wing aircraft and be able to carry medical, rescue, and survival equipment to an incident site and be able to exfiltrate the rescue team and isolated personnel over adverse terrain. Specifically they want a vehicle that can be airdropped, features a comms and datalink package, integrates M240 and M249 for defense, capable of on and off-road operation and a minimum payload of 4000 lbs. Obviously, as a rescue vehicle, it’s going to need external power outlets, an air compressor and a winch. “There are also a couple of other”interesting” requirements such as:”The GAARV shall be steerable and stoppable by at least one RT member other than the driver”The GAARV engine shall run using standard gasoline, 87 Octane or higher, diesel, or JP-8″”The GAARV fuel tank shall not require a purge prior to adding a different type of fuel than is already in use”. Something you may feel is missing is an armor requirement. I used to be in the armored vehicle business and armor is anathema to the offroad agility capabilities required by GAWS. Interested parties have until March 6 to tell the Air Force about their capabilities. The Air Force has done a lot to upgrade other rescue capabilities, hopefully this year, we’ll see them buy a new truck.

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