Guardian Angel News for October 23 2017

Nadeka Acoustic – Guardian Angel X Phil

Watch the Original Nadeka Video â–» Guitar: Benjamin Kabaseke Producer: Vicky Pondis Video: Kevin Current Enjoy other Songs: Rejea …

Guardian Angel Senior Home Care Services

Guardian Angel Senior Care, Inc. home care service is dedicated to taking care of your needs so that you may be able to live safely and independently in your own home. We work with you, your family members, and your physicians to come up with a customized Senior Care Assistance Program to ensure that you receive the care and companionship you deserve. Once you have been set up with a caregiver, Guardian Angel Senior Care, Inc. will remain in contact with your family to keep them informed on your daily activities. Guardian Angel Senior Care, Inc. offers a variety of services at affordable hourly rates. If you need companion care, elder care, and/or home care we can help you stay in your own home, where you feel most comfortable. We can schedule assistance for any time of day-mornings, afternoons, or evenings-and even holidays and weekends.

Traditional Catholic Living

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman wrote a poem to his Guardian Angel, and it is full of Catholic teachings on guardian angels and the Christian way of life. Beginning with Baptism, the poem continues to the reality of Purgatory, and the glorious entrance into Heaven. I assigned a hymn tune to the poem, so it can be sung and prayed. When first I drew my breath;My faithful friend, that shall be mine,Unfailing till my death. Thou hast been ever at my side;My Maker to thy trust. Thou wast my sponsor at the font;And thou, each budding year,Didst whisper elements of truth. Thou wilt linger round my bed,When life is ebbing low,Of doubt, impatience and of gloom,The jealous sleepless foe. Mine when I stand before the Judge; And mine, if spared to stay. Mine, O brother of my soul,When my release shall come;Thy gentle arms shall lift me then,Thy wings shall waft me home.

Angel Stories

The Work of the Holy Angels is not meant to be merely an abstract study of the angels, but an intimate collaboration with the holy angels as we live out in daily life our vocation and mission in the Church. For this reason, we want to provide our readers with some real life experiences of the help and intervention of the holy angels in the lives of OA members and of others. Although we should never seek out or pray for supernatural experiences, these testimonies can help to strengthen our faith in the hidden presence and powerful influence of the holy angels on our daily lives. We need only to call upon them more frequently and with greater faith.

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