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Guardian Angel

First Appearance: Spider-Boy #1. Powers/Abilities: In his youth, Tom Harper was a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant with the agility, strength, endurance and reaction time of an Olympic-level athlete. Since retiring from super heroics, the elderly Tom Harper has avoided physical altercations and prefers to battle injustice by using his vast fortune to fund Project Cadmus. Inspired by the exploits of Super-Soldier during the 1940s, billionaire Tom Harper underwent intense physical training and became the homefront hero of World War II, the Guardian Angel. Years after World War II, Tom Harper decided to leave the swashbuckling to the younger generation of heroes. Retiring his winged shield, Harper used his vast fortune to fund Project Cadmus, a scientific think tank dedicated to creating a better, safer world through cutting-edge science. Along with Project Cadmus scientists Victor Von Doom, Reed “Prof” Richards, Dabney Donovan, Otto Octavius, college intern Peter Parker, and General “Thunderbolt” Ross, Tom Harper attempted to create a Super-Soldier clone with the genetic ability to manipulate gravity. “Big Trouble!” – After Reed “Prof” Richards set the homicidal D.N.Alien known as Bizarnage free from his holding cell in Project Cadmus, the murderous symbiote began running amok through Cadmus’ genetic research facilities. The Bizarnage symbiote attempted to graft itself onto Director Tom Harper so that it could become the “Big boss” of Project Cadmus. Although Tom Harper told Spider-Boy not to worry about him, Spider-Boy nonetheless saved the day by tricking Bizarnage into setting Harper free. After Bizarnage was captured, Tom Harper defended Doctor Dabney Donovan from Ben “Rocky” Grimm’s accusations that it was Donovan responsible for Bizarnage’s escape. Key: Marvel characters are listed in regular, or bold black type. Non-Marvel Copyright info All characters mentioned or pictured are and 1941-2099 Marvel Characters, Inc or DC Comics.

Guardian Angel Chapter 1: Prologue, a naruto fanfic

“I’m a friend” the man said as he cleaned the drying blood off Naruto’s head. “Shh it will be alright,” he soothed the whimpering child, who didn’t appreciate the sharp pain that came with the hot water meeting the nasty cut on his forehead. “Why are you helping me?” Naruto asked distrustfully. Naruto finally opened his eyes, coming face to face with a translucent man who looked like he was in his mid-twenties, with strikingly gold hair and loving blue eyes. Naruto hesitated for a moment before he allowed himself to be enveloped in the older man’s strong arms and carried to the bathroom. Naruto shook his head, feeling increasingly comfortable with the man in front of him. As the man helped him out of his dirty clothes and into the warm water, Naruto’s thoughts couldn’t help thinking of all the times he’d been helped by a mysterious guardian angel who had never let himself be seen. The venders would refuse to allow Naruto to buy any food from them and he’d go back home starving not long afterwards, he would find a bunch of groceries waiting for him on his counter. Now looking at the man in front of him, Naruto couldn’t help but wonder if he was the one who’d been protecting him for so long. “What’s your name?” Naruto asked the man, his innocent blue eyes boring into him. “That’s a nice name,” Naruto complimented, earning a laugh from Minato. Naruto flashed Minato a genuine grin causing Minato to fall even more in love with the little child. Minato’s eyes softened as he removed the groggy Naruto from the bathtub and toweled him dry. The seal on Naruto’s belly glowed gold for a moment before the light faded away, leaving Naruto alone to slumber the rest of the night away.

Topical Bible: Guardian Angel

Psalm 34:7The angel of the LORD encamps round about them that fear him, and delivers them. From a root corresponding to uwr; a watcher, ie An angel – watcher. THE GUARDIAN ANGEL. … You need have no fear of this world. Live in God’s serviceand do his will, and this guardian angel will keep you. …/orr/food for the lambs or helps for young christians/the guardian angel. …/palgrave/the treasury of sacred song/ccclxxiii the guardian angel. Whether Angels are Appointed to the Guardianship of all Men? … When he arrives at the end of life he no longer has a guardian angel;but in the kingdom he will have an angel to reign with him, in hell a demon to … /…/aquinas/summa theologica/whether angels are appointed to. Whether the Angel Guardian ever Forsakes a Man? … OF THE GUARDIANSHIP OF THE GOOD ANGELS Whether the angelguardian ever forsakes a man? Objection 1: It would seem … /…/aquinas/summa theologica/whether the angel guardian ever. If you love your guardian angel, never impose on him the painfulduty of bringing to God the report of your evil doings. While the Saints Enoch and Elias were Thus Speaking… … And He gave me this sign of the cross, saying, Walk into paradise carryingthis; and if the guardian angel of paradise will not let thee go in, show him … /…/unknown/the gospel of nicodemus /chapter 10 26 and while. No. 112 Dear Angel! ever at my side. Dear angel! … /…/the st gregory hymnal and catholic choir book/no 112 dear angel ever.

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