Guardian Angel News for October 17 2017

Guardian Angel Personal Safety Device

The Guardian Angel is a wearable lighted device, designed to provide the same immediate visibility and recognition for the wearer as they have in their official vehicles. With the latest LED technology, the Guardian Angel provides visibility from more than two miles away, from above, and from a nearly 360-degree radius around the wearer. The latest lighting technology was utilized for the Guardian Angel, with LED lights that rate up to 900 lumens each. The rechargeable, long-lasting battery incorporated into the Guardian Angel will allow for more than 90 hours of continuous use – equal to more than ten professional emergency responder work shifts, or more than two standard work weeks. Though originally designed to be worn on the epaulette of a professional uniform, the additional mounting options for the Guardian Angel are versatile as well, including a plain clothes mount, vehicular mount, bicycle or motorcycle mount, duty belt mount, or alternative metal-surface mount.

Guardian Angel Guardrail Boot

The Guardian Angel Guardrail Boot is made for the rapid construction of temporary guardrails constructed of 2×4 lumber. Guardrail system shall be capable of withstanding, without failure, a force of at least 200 pounds applied within 2 inches of the top edge, in any outward or downward direction, at any point along the top edge. Durable Design – The Angel Guardrail Boot is a durable design with reinforced gussets to withstand the harsh jobsite environment. Integrated Toe Board – The new Guardian Angel Guardrail Boot includes a simple to use toe board slot for easy attachment of a toe board. Quick Installation – The Angel Guardrail Boot is easy to install and can be attached to wood or concrete.

Guardian Angel Day Care

The United Methodist Church of Carrollton, Missouri Day Careknown locally asWhere your child receives heavenly care. This will be a day of celebration of the church’s daycare ministry to the families of our communityand day of acknowledgement of those who work with the children. Session cycle starts on the first day of August and ends on July 31 each year. Church Sponsored: Because we are a church sponsored day care, we hold to an even higher and more inclusive standard while caring for our children than the standards set by the state. Tuition Assistance: As a state licensed day care facility we are able to accept children who receive financial assistance through the Division of Family Services.

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