Guardian Angel News for October 15 2017

GUARDIAN ANGELS: Destiny 2 Iron Banner w/ Griffin, Russ, Pat and Ryan!

None of us are especially good at the Crucible in Destiny 2, so … this should be fun! It’s time for Guardian Angels! Subscribe for more videos!

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Guardian Angels Chaplet

I was very excited to make this latest Guardian Angels Chaplet. I wrote a while back about Guardians and the Hierarchy of Angels on my blog and in my reading I came across a chaplet in devotion to the Angels. As a tree resin these beads are full of natural inclusions. SERAPHIMObtain for me a burning love for God and set my heart on firefor his perfect charityThen One Our Father followed by Three Hail Mary’s on the smaller beads. POWERSObtain for me strength over all evil spirits through God’s graceso I will not be snared or tempted by the evil one.1 Our Father – 3 Hail Mary’s.
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