Guardian Angel News for October 13 2017

What are guardian angel coins?

The original guardian angel coins were commissioned by King Louis XVI of France in 1792 as a symbol of French protection. After Dupre reputedly escaped execution by using one as a bribe, they quickly became a symbol of luck for the country. These coins were adopted over later centuries by followers of the Christian faith as a way to have a symbol of their guardian angel with them at all times. They are now sold as both coins and as charms for pendants and bracelets. They are also used as centerpieces for rosary and prayer beads. The coins were also carried by pilots during World Wars I and II, including the German Luftwaffe, and the tradition continued through later wars. There is evidence of ship captains carrying the coins in their pockets and keeping them on their bridge dashboards for luck during harsh weather and protection against death on the waters.

Guardian Angel Tattoos

When we talk about angel tattoos there are few tattoo designs which are also have beauty and meaning. They have deep symbolic meaning for those who wear these tattoo design they what its value for them. Many people wear angel tattoos for different reasons. Angel tattoos are mostly known in all over the world mostly in christians, jewish and Muslims. When we talk about guardian angel and fallen angel tattoos they are common choice among both of men and women. There are many varieties in angel tattoos and options are endless that’s why angel tattoos are so much popular. They mostly shown by holding sword or other weapons.

Guardian Angel Home Watch

At Guardian Angel Home Watch we check your property weekly for an affordable. We take care of your property the way we would like ours done. Your home we check yards, irrigation, water, vandalism or forced entry, and. We provide monthly updates through email on your home upon. Please check out our packages or we can customize one for you. That we will check your property weekly to ensure your home is safe and well maintained.

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