Guardian Angel News for October 10 2017

Angel Figurines and Sculptures

Our guardian angel catalog highlights unique angel gifts such as small and large guardian angel statues and sculptures. Our male and female angel statues hold adorable sleeping baby girl or boy figurines. Guardian angels are thought to protect and guide the interest of the one in need and so, for those who believe that each of us has a guardian angel, our catalog highlights a selection of the celestial power that protects those who need help. Our Heavenly Lily Angel with solar feature brings a beautiful flower of solace. How do angels communicate? What are the ways you can do to open up the communication of angels so that you can use their help to aid you in the day to day activities of life? Many who are able to communicate with angels oftentimes receive some kind of proof that their angel friends are hearing them. One of the ways of communicating with the angels is to understand the art of clairvoyance. With practice, you will be able to differentiate between your voice and the voice of the angel. Clairsentience happens when the angel is able to communicate with you by eliciting an emotional response. When you are able to receive angel messages through your sense of feeling, you are really being clairsentient. You can perfect this art of communicating with the angels over time to better assist you so that you receive a more accurate guidance from the angels. The one thing you have to learn is to always pay attention and understand the way your angels communicate with you.

TITLE: Secret Agent/Guardian Angel IMPACT: Fun, energizes a group, can be used to discuss dynamics in a group that is not reaching goals or is stagnating RISK: Low GROUP SIZE: 10 or more TIME REQUIRED: 10 minutes DIRECTIONS: Ask the group to form a circle. Tell them that each person should look around the group and select one person to be his or her ‘secret agent’ without acknowledging who that person is. They are not to show or tell anyone, including the secret agent, who they picked. Secondly, ask each person to select a guardian angel, using the same guidelines as above. Tell the group that sadly, their secret agent has turned against them, and they will need help from their guardian angel. In order to do that they must always keep their guardian angel between them and their secret agent. Say “Go.” Continue play for a while, and watch as the configuration moves and changes! HINT: You may begin the game by having people select two people randomly, not naming them as secret agent and guardian angel, but instead as Person A and Person B. This may eliminate scapegoating if that is happening within the group. DISCUSSION: You may not need to process this game if you are only playing it as an energizer. It can be used as a metaphor for a group that is having trouble accomplishing its goals because it is too chaotic or unable to make a decision.

Avacyn, Guardian Angel

7/18/2014 The possible color choices are white, blue, black, red, and green. You can’t choose artifact, colorless, or any other word. 7/18/2014 For each activated ability, you choose the color as the ability resolves. The color of a source that would deal damage to the creature or player is checked only when it would deal that damage, not as Avacyn’s ability resolves. If you choose blue, damage a blue creature would deal is prevented, even if that creature wasn’t blue when Avacyn’s ability resolved. 7/18/2014 Whether the target creature or player is still a legal target is no longer checked after the appropriate ability resolves. If a creature targeted by the first ability gains protection from white after the ability resolves but before it prevents damage, the effect will still prevent damage. 7/18/2014 The second activated ability doesn’t prevent damage that would be dealt to planeswalkers the target player controls. If that player is you, it can still prevent noncombat damage that your opponent would want to redirect from you to one of your planeswalkers. Just apply the ability’s prevention effect to that damage first, and there won’t be any damage to redirect. 7/18/2014 Both activated abilities prevent all damage of the chosen color, not just combat damage. 7/18/2014 Neither activated ability has any effect on damage that’s already been dealt.

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