Guardian Angel News for October 09 2017

Guardian Angel Jewelry: Pendants & Charms come with FREE Necklaces!

Our high-quality angel wing pendants and charms come with a FREE necklace and lifetime warranty against tarnishing. Originally made to be worn underneath the shirt, pendants such as crosses and angels were placed next to the heart on the chest, but as times have changed, trends have as well, moving to the new trend where the jewelry is out, rather than away. Rappers like Slick Rock and Run DMC also wore gold chains, furthering the scene for hip-hop jewelry, and by the time the ’90s rolled in, hip-hop jewelry trends became that of Cuban link chains, platinum necklaces, and pendants to help differentiate themselves even more. The ’90s helped popularize not only chains and pendants/medallions, but also the stylish addition of adding diamonds to any jewelry item, whether it was earrings, rings, necklaces, grills, or pendants. Rappers have been seen to use different types of pendants to showcase their allegiances to certain labels, with some labels known to advertise their own branding, like Roc-A-Fella and Death Row, as well as artists on OVO wearing owl pendants, while others such as Meek Mill sporting Dream Chaser pendants. As of today, the trend continues with more bling jewelry, such as delicate rope chains, to more customizable Cuban chains, Jesus Pieces, and angel pendant necklaces. As for pendants, the larger and more decorated the pendant, the easier to be recognized and admired for your magnificence. Iced out charms and pendants are only made of the best materials because it is a statement synonymous with class and luxury. Our hottest item is the 18k white gold praying angel iced out pendant, as it is the perfect combination of elegance and glimmer. We offer not only a large variety of necklaces and pendants, but we also have the best prices for the quality of jewelry you are obtaining. All of our pendants are safe for individuals with sensitive skin and those susceptible to irritation from precious metals, as all of the materials used are free of lead/nickel and are hypoallergenic. We supply an assorted collection of angel pendants to fit any style, that we guarantee are of the utmost quality to exceed your expectations.

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Before I start telling you what has happened, I would like to point out that these are TRUE events that have been happening to me at an early age until the present day. Seven years ago was when these events leading up to this day has been freaking me out in a weird and uneasy way. These horrible dreams I was getting were all paranormal and out of body experiences. I didn’t think much about this and I thought It was interesting and astonishing that I could actually step out of my body and walk around my house and actually see what was going on as it was happening. Web Definitions: The dissociative experience of observing yourself from an external perspective as though your mind or soul had left and was observing…. This was amazing! Until I read online that stepping out of your body is your soul leaving your body because it is trying to run away from you. Leaving your body also leaves your body open and pretty much a sitting duck for anything bad or even demonic that wants to take control. On top of these “Out of body experiences” I had multiple dreams where I have been visited by spirits. In the morning I was somewhat freaked out about this and I went to the first person I could. I instantly got a cold chill down my neck/spine, walked out of the booth without saying a word, and tried to enjoy the rest of my night even though I knew it wasn’t possible. You can NOT snap out of sleep paralysis as you have to wait for it to pass. I tried to scream but all that came out was a quiet wheezing sound that not even someone next to me could hear. Sleep Paralysis – Friday, July 26th. 6:17am was the exact time I woke out of it.

Guardian Angel Knitting for Good

SMALL THANK YOU. Once again, we would also like to thank Spotlight for providing the patterns found in the knitting book. Their continuing support has been an integral part of the Guardian Angel Knitting Program. This year, we are thrilled to have the support of the St Vincent de Paul Society. We would also like to thank Followmont Transport, Kings and Victorian Freight Specialists for their generous support of the Guardian Angel Campaign by helping us get the knitted items into the hands of those who need them most. Through these important partnerships, we are breaking down barriers, one step at a time. If you have any knitting queries, contact Spotlight on 1300 305 405. For your nearest yarn stockists visit A NOTE FROM THE ST VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY Victoria CEO. Sue Cattermole “The St Vincent de Paul Society is grateful for the support of Guardian Angels across the country and I would like to thank the many volunteers who have lovingly knitted garments for Australians facing hardship. We aspire to shape a more just and compassionate society – one which challenges inequality, and is welcoming of all people without judgement. The Guardian Angels program exemplifies this vision, by giving the gift of warmth, comfort and dignity to those on the margins of society. Your commitment to partner with Vinnies will assist us to rebuild and restore the lives of many Australians in need and we thank you for your generosity.”

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