Guardian Angel News for October 08 2017

Join the CAN-DO Guardian Angel Program

Amy Povah of the CAN-DO Foundation and Jason Hernandez of Crack Open the Door, have teamed up with additional clemency recipients, such as Ramona Brant, Shauna Barry Scott, Angie Jenkins and more to assist clemency applicants seeking mercy through clemency by launching the Guardian Angel program. In essence, clemency recipients are working together to help their fellow brothers and sisters who were left behind in their struggle to obtain freedom by receiving a commutation of sentence from President Obama. As we enter the home stretch leading up to January 20, 2017 – the final day of President Obama’s administration, a sense of urgency is setting in as family members worry about whether their loved one in prison will be on the next list of clemency recipients. Your clemency applicant receives their own set of wings in the form of clemency, or, President Obama leaves office, at which point we hope your applicant is on the final list. PR Director Ramona Brant recently granted an interview for her local TV station WSOC TV in Charlotte North Carolina that aired on July 4th. She talks about how President Obama saved her from a life sentence which would have required her to decease while incarcerated, and why clemency is such an important tool for President Obama to utilize to grant relief to others. Currently we have 40 Guardian Angels and two Attorneys who are assisting 55 clemency applicants. This program allows us to be more efficient, organized and hands on for clemency applicants who have their petitions in the pipeline and deserve every opportunity we can afford to enhance their chances of reuniting their families and moving past the stigma of their darkest hour. You will need to communicate with the clemency applicant using email and/or phone and/or text – please review our Guardian Angel Task Sheet. Due to the overwhelming demands to provide these applicants with the tools they need to be successful, Amy realized she needed an army to assist CAN-DO with the herculean task of securing freedom for those who are among 10,000 applicants waiting in the clemency pipeline. Jason has limitless energy and passion when it comes to assisting others who are seeking justice through clemency. Clemency Recipient Ramona Brant, who had the extraordinary opportunity to meet, and have lunch with President Obama, is the Public Relations Director of the Guardian Angel Program. Plus, numerous clemency recipients, such as Angie Jenkins, Barbra Scrivner, Shauna Barry-Scott and others are lending their support, either by speaking out for clemency applicants, volunteering to be a Guardian Angel, or be mentoring family members of applicants who need guidance or mental support during this time of high-anxiety as we all anxiously enter the home stretch leading up to the end of President Obama’s term.

Who Is Your Guardian Angel? And How Can You Connect With Them?

Yes, you read that correctly! Whether you are currently aware of your guardian angels or not, everyone who is alive on the Earth at this time has guardian angels. Guardian angels don’t however, all work and act in the same way, and some guardian angels are more hands on than others. Honestly how you and your guardian angel work and connect with one another depends largely on your personality and your needs in the moment As your guardian angels will change their approach depending on what will most serve. Depending on how aware of angels you are, and of how often you seek to make a connection with your guardian angels, or invite their help and guidance and healing to your life Plays a key role in how much your guardian angels are able to do for you. Other times your guardian angels will support you by comforting you and triggering a feeling that comes from deep down when you’re feeling alone and sad and depressed, that reminds you: “Everything’s going to be all right. Everything’s going to be okay. Keep going.” This is often the guidance of Guardian Angels. Ultimately, Guardian Angels are spiritual beings, and so they don’t have physical bodies like you and I. They don’t even have wings despite, Angels so often being represented with wings. If you’re not seeing your Guardian Angel as a being that’s standing before you with wings and robes and necklaces and wearing sandals Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you’re not fully connecting with them, because sometimes, the way your Guardian Angel can most help you is more subtly. Open your heart, set the intention to connect, ask your Guardian Angels for help and now tune into their love, guidance, inspiration, healing, and blessings. Guardian Angels can act in ways that are incredible human, by being a friend, being an ally, being a comfort, but they can also guide you in a way that’s more nonphysical, that’s more like how ideas flow through you and how your creativity and inspiration flows in. Ask your Guardian Angels for help, making the connection with them, be willing to look for signs and signals of their presence, and be willing to how your connection unfolds. The more you ask, think about and invoke your angels, the more guidance you’ll be able to receive, and the more love of your Guardian Angels will come into your life. If you’d like further assistance connecting with the love, messages and guidance from the angels, check out my newest angel course that will guide you through learning a new process to more deeply connect with the guidance of your angels.

Are Guardian Angels Biblical?

Are guardian angels biblical? What is an angel’s chief duty for the believer? Do unbelievers have guardian Angels? Does each believer have their own angel or more than one? Are angels dispensed only in emergencies or are they ever present with Christians? What does the Bible say about angels? Does each and every believer in Christ Jesus have their own angel? We know that Jesus had a multitude of angels and could command angels at His command. It is possible that many of us have even encountered angels and not even known about it and so the writer of Hebrews tells us to, “Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it”(13:1-2). Not only do believers have angels protecting them, the Body of Christ in general has multiple thousands of angels watching over it. Angels are our protectors when God sovereignly commands them and are under God’s sovereign hand and so we might conclude that Christians have guardian angels but let’s read on before making this determination. There is scriptural evidence that children, before and after they become believers, also have angels watching over them and these same angels communicate to the Father on their behalf but do they have specific angels assigned to them and also to adult believers? The little chubby angels that look like infants with angel wings are not biblical. Certain angels were solely created for the purpose of giving continuous praise and worship to God Almighty as found in Isaiah chapter 6. These are angels that have rebelled against God Almighty and have followed Satan, the most powerful created being that God has ever created. Luke 16:22 indicates that when the believer dies, angels could bring their spirit to heaven in the presence of God. The word angels in Luke 16:22 is plural so this gives some indication that more than one angel is involved just as children have more than one angel watching over them. The angels are also messengers of ours to God and sometimes from God to us. If you are not a believer in Christ Jesus then you have no angels watching over you, and worse, God will not answer your prayers.

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