Guardian Angel News for November 11 2017

Guardian Angel Tattoos- High Quality Photos and Flash Designs of Angel Wing Tattoos

A guardian angel, of course, is someone who watches over you; in some ways, a guardian angel tattoo is like a holy fairy godmother. Angel artwork can incorporate some of the best things about angels – like glowing auras, ephemeral wings and glittering halos – while blending in surprising and contradictory details. Angel tattoos can be depicted smiling wanly or glowering. If you really want to throw people for a loop, you could go for an angel design that includes a dose of violent imagery – swords and guns are great options. Of course, guardian angel tattoos don’t have to be splashy or outlandish. A simple, austere depiction of an angel can convey a surprising amount of feeling and emotion. When most of us imagine an angel, a glowing being that looks a lot like a mortal human immediately comes to mind. The major difference, in most cases, is that the angel sports a pair of ephemeral wings. Halos are optional, but they can be found in many classic and contemporary depictions of angels. As you can see, angels and guardian angel tattoos have been depicted in many different ways through the years. Although angels generally conjure images of purity and goodness, they are sometimes given a strange and surprising twist. Depictions of classic angels can be interwoven with unusual elements like barbed wire or drops of blood to create dramatic, eye-catching effects.

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Angels knew from the start that gifts of love are gifts from the heart. Are you looking for a guardian angel for a new driver? Check out my Glow in the Dark New Driver Visor Clip. Check it out below and see my other visor clips on the Visor Clips page. I personally design and handcraft over 200 distinct guardian angel pins from my home in Eaton, Colorado. Guardian angel jewelry makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. Everyone needs to have a reminder of their guardian angel. My collection of angel designs extends far beyond the basic guardian angel pin. By clicking on the “Angel Pin Index” you can view the various categories of angel pins I’ve designed. Under “Everyday/Birthstone Angels” you will find a wide selection of angel pins, birthstone angel pins, angel pendants, angel earrings, angel badge holders and bookmarks. In addition to my angel jewelry, I carry a variety of religious and keepsake gifts. My selection includes pocket tokens, guardian angel visor clips, prayer cards, bridal keepsake gifts, expectant mom and new baby gifts, and other inspirational gifts for all the special times in your life. I also carry a variety of sports charms that can be customized for you into pendants, bracelets, earrings, key rings, tack pins, and money clips.

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