Guardian Angel News for November 10 2017

Guardian Angel Awards

Since the centre was opened in 2000, it has delivered hands-on interactive safety education to 150,000 people using life-size, realistic scenarios. In a typical year, some 9,000 Year 6 primary school children visit the centre. Over the last 15 years in his charge, the centre owes much of its success to Andy’s commitment, enthusiasm and leadership. He motivates his staff and volunteers – who also play a key role in the success of Lifeskills – on a daily basis to do their best in delivering high quality safety education. For his long term commitment to safety education in his community, equipping future generations to understand risk, RoSPA honour Andy Townsend with an Archangel Award in 2016. Supported by her husband Martyn, has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the potential dangers of nappy sacks, as well as helping to spread other child safety messages, through setting up a Facebook page called Maison’s Memory, speaking to the press, and working with RoSPA on its campaigns – including appearing in a RoSPA appeals video. Stacey has worked tirelessly to promote awareness of CO, by setting up an awareness raising charity, The Dominic Rodgers Trust in her son’s memory, running local campaigns and working with a range of organisations. Over the following few years, new training measures and safety technology were introduced to the fleet. She became chair of the charity RoadPeace in 2006, and has worked tirelessly to ensure that fleet operators take responsibility for the risks their vehicles pose to others. Colleagues describe Dr Abdulrahman Jawahery as having been GPIC’s Guardian Angel for over thirty years. Under his leadership, and through his work with organisations including RoSPA, NEBOSH and the National Safety Council of America, the organisation has become a beacon for health, safety and sustainability in the Middle East. A member of parliament at home in Bahrain, he has helped to push through radical changes in health and safety legislation that will benefit many.

About the Angels and the Guardian Angel

The angels were created as part of the “Heavens”, above. All angels chose to follow of not follow Lucifer when he revolted against God. Angels were created, and according to the Fathers, have a very fine body, which we cannot perceive with our eyes of flesh. In the prayers for the making of a catechumen, we pray “Yoke unto his/her life a radiant angel” From this point onwards, we certainly have a guardian angel who protects us in ways we cannot fully understand. If you feel sweetness or compunction at some word of your prayer, dwell on it; for then our guardian angel is praying with us. In the presence of an invisible spirit, the body becomes afraid; but in the presence of an angel, the soul of the humble is filled with joy. The angel who is always near us is by nothing so distressed and made indignant as when, without being constrained by some necessity, we deprive ourselves of the ministration of the Holy Mysteries and of reception of Holy Communion, which grants remission of sins. When you close the doors to your dwelling and are alone you should know that there is present with you the angel whom God has appointed for each man…This angel, who is sleepless and cannot be deceived, is always present with you; he sees all things and is not hindered by darkness. There is a prayer to the guardian angel in the morning prayers. All help ultimately comes from God, but He enables men and angels to help others according to His will. The “Four bows” have a prayer to the guardian angel. 2 Most Holy Theotokos, save us.3 Holy Saint , pray to God for me.4 Holy Angel of God, my guardian, pray to God for me.

Pray To Your Angel For Divine Guidance

First and foremost, just begin! Our Guardian Angels are around us all of the time but typical of the higher archtypes – archangels and angels, we have to call upon them first. I would suggest that you get a journal to begin your journey with working with your two guardian angels. Many in the angel therapies say that we have two guardian angels around us but you do have your own freewill to call upon one guardian angel or two guardian angels. As you talk to your angels and ask them for petitions and guidance you will over time develop a knowingness when they are around and you will become more aware of their presence in your life and in your circumstances. Practice makes perfect, so write down what you are saying to your Guardian Angels and keep a log. Our guardian angels speak to us in many different ways: They speak sometimes directly, they will whisper in your ear. Messages from the angels will never be negative! They always speak, guide and mentor in a most loving way. Our guardian angels and angelic masters love to mentor and guide us. Always thank your Guardian Angels, Angel Masters or ArchAngels after you petition them. Please send Angels of Healing to be with me and fill me with the light of your love. Send Angels to smooth the way and draw everything together for my good. Please bestow upon me Love that gives me strength; Love that brings me peace; Love that brings me insights and healing.

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