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Guardian Angel x Phil -Nadeka live 10/10

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My Child’s Guardian Angel

Have you ever wondered if your child has a Guardian Angel? If you have had your own first-hand experience of Angels, then you’ll already be in doubt that they do! However, if you’ve yet to see or sense the angelic realm around you, help is at hand! I have connected consciously with Angels since childhood myself and I can tell you that not only do your children and yourself have these beautiful benevolent beings of light loving looking over you, but that far from being ‘wishful thinking,’ they actually have a very important and integral role during the different stages of your child’s development. This is a very precious and delicate time for both mother and child, during which the guardian angels of you both are working to ensure a safe carriage, delivery and spiritual heart bonding between parent and child. This can also be pinnacle experience for many mothers and family members where they can actually ‘feel’ the presence of assistance and help after delivery I have seen that many angels gather in the delivery room with different roles to play. Some are there in medical assistance, some are there as overseers, some are there for relationship and ‘soul contract’ reasons and some are there in celebration! The bringing of a new being forward into this world is not taken lightly at all by the angelic realm that’s for sure! Each child is cherished and has their own personal mission and purpose for being here and therefore we all come into life with angelic assistance to do the learning, growing and service we are here to do. When a child is not traditionally conceived, and is adopted or fostered out, the guardian angels work with the very special soul contract and bond that is created through the process. Angels stay close to us all our lives, but during the early years and up until the age of around four or six, children are likely to see and/or communicate with their angels very clearly still. Feeling a little embarrassed at taking her screaming child the restaurant she walked three blocks away to another hotel where my Mum had now settled down and seemed perfectly happy. My Gran always expressed that Mum was listening to her guardian angels to steer them out of most certain danger. There are times when they are tuning in to what’s going on and this is something I am so looking forward to sharing with you even more! Next time we will be looking at how to connect with our Angels and those of our children to bring so much fun and creativity into the early stages. She is a workshop creator/facilitator and practitioner in the fields of Angels, Energy Healing, Sacred Space and Sound. She teaches courses in Angels and their connection to children and has successfully used energy and sound techniques to assist children with learning difficulties and illness.

‘Your Dear Companion’

From the very you are born and for every day for the rest of your life a guardian angel looks over you. THE FACT IS THAT THE GUARDIAN ANGEL IS A UNIQUE BEING WHOSE SOLE FUNCTION IN LIFE IS TO LOOK AFTER A PERSON’S BEST INTERESTS. God does not put us on this planet and then abandons us to struggle through life’s adversities alone! For each and everyone of us He created an individual guardian angel to care for us and guide us through life. How does one become acquainted with one’s guardian angel? And indeed how can he exist at all if one’s life has been so full of bad luck? In his book ‘Your Dear Companion’ Dr Lightfoot reveals how you can obtain absolute and positive proof that you have a personal guardian angel. That’s right – you can prove for yourself once and for all that you do indeed have a guardian angel. Did you know, for example, that your guardian angel has his own name? Not a name that you can give him, but a name he already has, a name which you can discover with the aid of Dr Lightfoot’s instructions The last time you felt an overwhelming reluctance to do something for no apparent reason; or when you were ‘given’ an idea that solved a problem; or you were going to do something and all of a sudden you changed your mind and were glad you did – these and other inexplicable actions were almost certainly because of the promptings of your guardian angel, but all without your conscious knowledge. CONTACTING YOUR DEAR COMPANION. This unique book shows how to quickly make contact and build a relationship with your very own guardian angel! How can we feel so certain about this? We are convinced by our own amazing experiences, and those of Dr Lightfoot’s; and the glowing reports of other people who have established a rapport with their guardian angels! You will, within minutes, begin to recognize the existence of your very own personal guardian angel. All angels bear different names, and your guardian angel will reveal his name to you, once you know how to find out! WHATEVER YOU WANT – YOUR DEAR COMPANION CAN HELP YOU GET IT! Your guardian angel can help you in every area of your life! Your guardian angel’s sole interest in file is your personal’s welfare YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN LIFE!

A Personal Guardian Angel?

Q: I have a question about the belief some have that each Christian has a personal guardian angel that watches over and protects us through life. A. The Bible doesn’t say for sure that there is a single personal angel assigned to each believer. His thinking, which may have largely come from a theologian named Honorius of Autun, gave the idea that everyone received his or her angel guardian at conception “Even before the graces of baptism!” Aquinas also maintained that a person’s angel was not someone else’s before birth, though possibly the angel would be reassigned if its first human was condemned to Hell. He believed, too, that the guardian angel would be with the assigned person in Heaven for eternity but that the angel would leave a person who went to Hell and that, instead, the person would receive a demon that “Will torment you forever.” Aquinas also said that every angel has a name and that there is an angel for everyone because there are more angels than human beings. One is Matthew 18:10, which reads, “Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven.” Several observations weaken the argument, however. Second, the context refers to children, so if there is such a thing as a guardian angel, the reality might be limited to them. Third, the passage conveys the idea that angels are there in general, not specifically assigned to each individual. Another passage is Acts 12:3-19, the account of an angel rescuing Peter from prison. Some take this to mean that the angel was Peter’s personal guardian angel. If believers do not have a personal guardian angel, we certainly do not need to despair. The Bible makes it clear in many places that numerous angels are ready to protect and aid Christians in many ways. We can take comfort in such passages as Psalm 91:11: “For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.” This verse does not mean that the believer will never experience trouble, but it does show that God will, through His angels, keep believers from anything that is not His will.

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