Guardian Angel News for March 14 2017

Phoebe: My Guardian Angel Gives Me Security | Cordial Curiosity Interviews #7

Phoebe has always believed that everyone has a guardian angel. This belief gives her a sense of security and she uses her feelings to know that it’s true.

Map of Guardian Angels

His return to the Guardian Angeles was prompted by the death of a fellow Guardian Angel who was shot to death out side his home on October 18, 2000. Notably, while performing in World Championship Wrestling, Ray Traylor wrestled under the alias “The Guardian Angel” for a short time, complete with an authentic Guardian Angels uniform. In 1998, the Angels authorized Casio to release a limited edition of G-Shock Guardian Angels Raysman watch, dominated by Red with Black accent. “The seniors are older, they’re vulnerable, they’re nervous. Some people won’t leave the building,” Pitfield said, adding, “They had, on their own initiative, contacted the Guardian Angels. They got the permit six weeks ago. It was just the TCHC found out it was the Guardian Angles and said no.” The group ended up holding an outdoor ceremony in Allen Gardens. In popular culture The Guardian Angels were spoofed in the 2006 video game Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories as “The Avenging Angels” but instead with green bomber type jackets.

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