Guardian Angel News for January 05 2018

13610 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA

We are a locksmith company based in the Los Angeles area ​and have been providing high-quality, dependable, commercial and residential locksmith services since 2003. Our team of customer representatives and locksmith technicians are the best in the industry. Guardian Angel Locksmith is focused on providing the most professional, honest, and responsive locksmith service you have ever experienced. Guardian Angel Locksmith makes an effort to build trusting and long-lasting relationships, Our goals and commitments are to the customer. We consider it our responsibility and obligation to provide you with the most quality products and services available. Whether it’s a simple lockout or high-tower master key system… we value your business and home, and take care in always providing consistently excellent service. Thank you for your constant support, and for choosing Guardian Angel Locksmith Los Angeles as your Lock and Security specialist! Founded in 2005, Guardian Angel Locksmith was founded with the purpose of providing extraordinary service and a wide variety of products to suit our client’s needs. To this day, Eli Shirel and the team at Guardian Angel Locksmith continue to make it their business to provide clients with peace of mind and first class service. Our first class service is achieved through honesty and integrity in all aspect of our business. Guardian Angel Locksmith not only provides basic key and locksmith services, we also offer a wide variety of burglar and fireproof safes, security systems, intercom systems, camera systems, car keys, and high security keys. With over 35 plus years of experience Guardian Angel Locksmith is no longer just a locksmith, we are your security specialists.

Guardian Angel Prayer

What is a guardian angel prayer? Guardian angel prayers express adoration to a specific type of God’s heavenly messengers. Unlike the Bible’s examples of prayer uttered by Hannah, David, or Jesus, prayers offered to angels differ significantly. Guardian angel prayers frequently include Most Faithful Companion, Guardian Dear, or Blessed Protector, establishing a spiritual connection with something other than God. Dear Angel at my side, my good and loyal friend O most holy angel of God I humbly salute you, O you faithful, heavenly Friends of my children!Guardian Angel Prayer – Where Does the Power Come From? Is there power in a guardian angel prayer? Yes, there is great power. Live radio shows, hosted by metaphysicians, angel practitioners, and spiritual doctors of psychology encourage channeling your guardian angel through divination. Guardian angel prayers are prescribed as a key ingredient in harmonizing every aspect of one’s life. Using divination to foretell the future Choosing to obey or disobey God Ignoring the Word of God Choosing death over lifeGuardian Angel Prayer – Does it Go Against God? Is a prayer to God the same as a guardian angel prayer? Any prayer directed towards anything but God disrespects Him. A “Guardian angel” prayer acknowledges a created being as your source of protection, healing, and guidance. While angels are superior to people in power and intelligence, God created angels to love, worship, praise, obey, and serve Him. Only God has the power to direct the actions of angels. A prayer to God brings us to a place of intimacy with our Creator. Through His Son, Jesus Christ, all prayers belong solely to the God of peace.

Gear Review: Guardian Angel holsters

In this test, we tried out two separate models of Guardian Angel brand holsters for the Glock 19-one outside-waistband, and one appendix, inside-waistband. Guardian Angel offers these holsters in many colors. The holster never threatened to come loose from the belt, never shifted uncomfortably, and despite its size, kept the grip of the gun snug up against my ribcage for great concealment, albeit under a big shirt. OWB models begin at $50. Guardian Angel is also offering a suede-backed IWB holster with two belt clips for $65. A wide range of colors are available in all models. Guardian Angel holsters are made in Iowa, USA by Benjamin Dangler. Both holsters in this test have a feather logo stamped discreetly on the grip-facing side. Guardian Angel holsters kept the logo small, allowing the product to speak for itself. One random added advantage: Messing around with various holsters and guns shortly after the arrival of these two, we discovered the Glock 19 model also holds a Smith & Wesson 9mm Shield just as well. Of course, the first priority in any concealment holster is safety. A person could do cartwheels in these holsters without risking the gun falling out. The Guardian Angel holsters slogan is “We keep the piece.” That cute slogan is backed up with performance. This holster represents a sound choice for open or concealed carry at a price slightly below market average for handmade Kydex holsters.

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