Guardian Angel News for January 04 2018

ASMR Your Guardian Angel Roleplay ☁️ Positive Affirmations for Self-Harm & Depression

Please remember that videos such as this are not meant to be a replacement for medication, therapy, or other treatment. If you are suicidal, please call 1-800-273-8255 in the US or click here…

Guardian Angel Publishing

Guardian Angel Publishing is BOTH an eBook publisher and print publisher and will sell and distribute your book for sale with online worldwide English speaking countries, internet stores, and in some brick and mortar stores. Guardian Angel publishes books that encourage principles of positive growth for children, sharing and caring and healthy attitudes. If you are a teacher/administrator wishing to participate in such a contest, check out our page Angel to AngelGuardian Angel Chapbooks for Tweens These chapter books are longer and are for our older readers but not quite teens! Chapbooks for Tweens�should have 8-10 chapters for early chapter books and about 50,000 maximum word count for our older readers. Health & Hygiene Guardian Angel Animals & Pets picture books and story books about our furry and feathered friends, and personal books for the pets in our lives. If Guardian Angel publishes your book, it will be edited by our professional editors, we provide cover art if required and we will format the book for you into all the formats sold on our website and others. We will provide in-house artists to share in the royalties earned on book sales for picture books, story books and some early chapter books with interior art. We promote the book for you in a limited fashion: by selling your book in distribution in a worldwide market; selling your book to schools and libraries through Follett Digital and Library Resources; keep up with the trends of evolving eBook markets and formatting. Picture Books, Story Books & Chapbooks- For eBooks, CDs, DVDs and print paperback or hardback books: the author royalties are 30% of net UNLESS the picture/story book� author/artist is the same person. Guardian Angel Publishing formats the books for the authors. Our children’s Illustrated books have the option of paperback, and those that qualify also may be in hardcover(there is a page limit imposed by the printer) this will be done through our international printer Lightning Source, Inc. and a one time setup fee to the author for this format is $100 US. All yearly fees and other fees are paid by Guardian Angel. If you wish for Guardian Angel Publishing to publish your book it must be accepted in the usual manner for exclusive publishing. If you are an Author wishing to use Guardian Angel Publishing Staff Artists to do the book illustrations you will need to sign the following contract agreement as well: Artist-Contract-For-Services.

Guardian Angel® Light Bar

Click on the Videos tab to learn more about the Guardian Angel® and to see the device in action – Lighting the way to increased safety! The Guardian Angel® was designed by first responders with decades of on the job experience. The Guardian Angel® has your back providing personal visibility and versatility in a lightweight mobile device. Please take a moment and read the October 2014 review of the Guardian Angel® Light Bar recently completed by EMS World. Front & Rear LED Mode – The Guardian Angel® is equipped with a rear and front LED mode that can be used separately or together in any situation where being seen is the objective, such as at the scene of a traffic accident with oncoming traffic. The Guardian Angel® will increase your visibility and therefore your safety on the scene. Emergency LED Mode – The emergency mode of the Guardian Angel® activates front, rear, and vertical strobes simultaneously, allowing the Firefighter/EMT to be seen from up to 2.2 miles away. Work Light – The Guardian Angel® is equipped with a white LED work light that provides illumination of the immediate area in front of the Firefighter/EMT, to better assess the situation, gain supplies/meds for a victim or fill out any necessary paperwork – all while keeping your hands free. Immediate On/Off Functionality – By simply pressing the center button on the Guardian Angel® you can immediately turn the unit on or off when situations deem necessary, putting the wearer in control of when they want to be seen or not. Power Saver Mode – We understand the long shifts firefighters and EMT’s have, which is why we built in a power saver mode to give the Guardian Angel® longer battery run times. The power saver mode slightly diminishes the intensity of the Guardian Angel® illumination, but allows the user up to 93 hours of continuous use. Numerous Mounting Applications – The Guardian Angel® offers several different mounting systems that are mostly interchangeable making the mounting options and applications endless.

Know your Guardian Angel

I am calling on you, Padre, the Angels’ Messenger, because I wish to test your first free Angel Reading trial offer. As it is always best to know who you are talking to when addressing a Celestial Being, please reveal, as a gift, the Name of My Protective Guardian Angel. Welcome to my world, to the world of Angels and ofthe Higher Beneficial Forces taking care of you. My name is Padre and with my free angel readings, I can help you to solve all your problems whatever they may be and to connect with your Guardian Angel. Whatever your wishes might be, they could be granted by your guardian angel! Thanks to my free angel readings, whatever you aim to or what you need: money, love, luck or to fulfill any other desire, through my close contact with the world of the Angels and your Guardian Angel, I could be your wishing well! My free angel readings have been and are of great help to a lot of people, and even often their last chance to get what they need or to change their life. Today, I give you the opportunity to get solutions to all your problems and an answer to these major questions: “Who is my Guardian Angel?” and “What is my angel name?”Thanks to your Free Angel Reading, uncover 3 secrets about your future!Simply fill in the confidential form and I will fully commit myself to delivering you Your Free Angel Reading, Your protective Angel Name and 3 astounding secrets about your future! After receiving your request, I will contact the Angels and particularly your Guardian Angel in order to prepare your free angel reading. I will come back to you as soon as possible with their answers to your main issues! So do not delay, act now to get your free online reading with a lot of amazing revelations including 3 revelations to improve your well-being at all levels and drastically change your situation, whatever it is right now! Through me, your Guardian Angel will talk to you in this free angel reading!

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