Guardian Angel News for December 03 2017

Guardian Angel Sam, Sisi & Marcus

The CCSPCA staff made every effort to help me find a new home. Then there’s my friend Marcus – he fell upon bad times too. Sisi, Marcus, and I became friends pretty quickly as we watched other animals around us go home with new families. Then we learned about the Guardian Angel program where people just like you can care for us. Because of Guardian Angels like you, Marcus, Sisi and I were able to stay and receive the care we needed. Sisi was nursed back to health, went into the Foster Care Program, and has now regained her health and happiness. Because of Guardian Angels like you, veterinarians were able to treat Marcus’ infected paw and he too was able to enter the Foster Care Program. Because of people like you, I had a place to stay until my new family could find me. Some of them may be there for a while, just like I was, or perhaps they’ll need medical attention like Marcus. I wonder if they will have a Guardian Angel who will help with the expense of their stay – a Guardian Angel who will make sure that they have a place where they are safe until their new family finds them. Sisi, Marcus and I are happy and healthy today because the Chester County SPCA took on the role of Guardian Angel. Will you be a Guardian Angel and make a difference? Donate to the Guardian Angel Fund Today!

Manchester Guardian Angel

I had to have ‘Manchester Guardian Angel’ when I saw how vigorously it had grown in a friend’s garden, after only one year. It wasn’t until later that I found out about its interesting California heritage. Pamela Temple created this releif by casting the face on the original marble sculpture, in the Manchester cemetary. In 1980, Joyce and Virginia Demits discovered the rose flourishing near an aged marble statue of an angel at the Evergreen Cemetery, in the village of Manchester. Joyce named and sold the rose as ‘Manchester Guardian Angel’. Amazingly the rose was discovered two more times by two more people, in two completely different cemeteries, and ended up in the market place with three different names! Jeri Jennings, well-known rose rustler and scholar, writes a fascinating article about all the confusion. ‘Manchester Guardian Angel’ grows along our front walkway, on a lattice fence made of 2×2 redwood. Three separate introductions into the market couldn’t be a better endorsement for a rose. Here’s a look at the rose in the garden of Gregg Lowery and Philip Robinson. This allows the flowers to spill over the edge, but not fall out. Here you can see the twist of wire I used to hold the stems together. ‘Manchester Guardian Angel’ is available by mail order at Vintage Gardens.

Guardian Angel Aquatics

The Guardian Angel Aquatics Swim Team offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of Guardian Angel Aquatics to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities. Swimmers must be water-safe and be able to make it across the length of the pool with minimal assistance. From the Bronze group, athletes move into this group. This group will consist of swimmers that are near proficient in all strokes and are able to perform turns/flip turns for all strokes. Multi-swimmer discount is $10 off of each additional swimmer. “A payment to USA Swimming in order to register as a member for the”seasonal year. This charge is mandatory as a USA SWIMMING membership is required to be covered under the insurance at practice and meets. This amount could change from year to year and is determined solely by Southern California Swimming. 45.00 – for each additonal swimmer from same family. 100.00 – per swimmer enrolled in both Swim and Synchro. 75.00 – for each additional swimmer from same family enrolled in both Swim and Synchro.

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