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Feast of the Guardian Angels Franciscan Media

Perhaps no aspect of Catholic piety is as comforting to parents as the belief that an angel protects their little ones from dangers real and imagined. Their role is to represent individuals before God, to watch over them always, to aid their prayer, and to present their souls to God at death. The concept of an angel assigned to guide and nurture each human being is a development of Catholic doctrine and piety based on Scripture but not directly drawn from it. Jesus’ words in Matthew 18:10 best support the belief: “See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven always look upon the face of my heavenly Father.” Devotion to the angels began to develop with the birth of the monastic tradition. Saint Benedict gave it impetus and Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, the great 12th-century reformer, was such an eloquent spokesman for the guardian angels that angelic devotion assumed its current form in his day. A feast in honor of the guardian angels was first observed in the 16th century. In 1615, Pope Paul V added it to the Roman calendar. Devotion to the angels is, at base, an expression of faith in God’s enduring love and providential care extended to each person day in and day out.

Subtle Signs You Have a Guardian Angel

A White Feather In your time of need, your Guardian
Angel may bring a white feather as a gift to let you know
that she is around. The white feather is a classic sign,
which says, “We are here for you, we are supporting you; you are not alone.” You’ll probably find your white feather in an unexpected
place, or it will appear in a place where no feather existed just
moments before. A feather is a safe and gentle way for your angels to show you they are with you. This is one of the most common of all the angel signs and I’m sure you’ve heard of it. White feathers are known as the calling card of the angels and they can be any size. Some people find lots of little white fluffy feathers and others find larger swan-sized quills. Have you ever found feathers of your own? Their appearance can be quite unexpected or they might appear in an unusual way.

Animal Protection

The Guardian Angels Animal Protection program is moving ahead, full speed. Started by Nancy Regula Esq., a cat colony caretaker for over 10 years in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, this program was started to help some of the most vulnerable and voiceless members of our society – animals. Study after study has shown that those who abuse animals are more likely to abuse people. Animal Protection is a natural extension of the Guardian Angels philosophy – WE NOT ME. This slogan recognizes that individuals acting alone cannot provide a lasting, effective solution. The first program initiated by Guardian Angels Animal Protection was building outdoor housing to give to those caring for cat colonies. Providing shelter to cats during winter months reduces stress & illness, helping cats live longer. One of the greatest stressors on cats is inclement weather. Compared to domesticated cats that lives on average to 14 yrs. A colony is managed by a “Caretaker” – a dedicated individual who spays/neuters the cats, feeds them daily and provides shelter for inclement weather. Cats are a great way of keeping rat and mice populations in check; just the scent of cats increase stress levels in rodents to the point of infertility. In New York City, the Javitz Center employs feral cats to control the rodent population. In Chicago the Cats at Work program has proven to be 100% effective at repelling rodents! In cities throughout the United States, rats are out of control! Colony caretakers are responsible for getting cats spayed & neutered. Caring for colony cats is also a way to teach children empathy toward living creatures, particularly a problem for children whose parents are from 3rd. world countries where animals are viewed more akin to property.

The Guardian Angel (2018) – IMDb

Thriller · The most incredible series of hypnosis crimes in history send an
investigator and a hypnotist into a world of psychological manipulation.

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Guardian Angel

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