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German Shepherd Puppies, German Shepherd Breeder, Long Coat German Shepherd, KS

Long haired german shepherd puppies, standard coat, long coat white german shepherd puppies, quality German shepherd puppies for sale from imported and titled lines. We are a state licensed German Shepherd breeder in Wichita, Kansas. Guardian Angel German Shepherds make wonderful companions and are great family members. Our german shepherd puppies make great pets or go on to be working dogs, show dogs, therapy dogs. We breed the different and highly desired white shepherds, long coat german shepherds, and traditional working and show lines from Europe. I fell in love with the German breed the first time I saw one run through a field to retrieve a ball. I was amazed at how intelligent, beautiful, and loyal a german shepherd could be. I have had many german shepherds since then and I constantly crave for more knowledge, understanding, and betterment of the breed. I still strive to breed only the most excellent, healthy, superb examples of the German Shepherd breed. Since 2004, Guardian Angel Shepherds, have been raising great german shepherds in our home. Our shepherds have over 6 acres of field to run and play in. Our puppies are whelped indoors in their own birthing suite with their mother. Mother has a whelping box and puppies have a play pen area. Our long coat white german shepherd puppies are stunningly beautiful, agile, intelligent and strong in character. We produce long haired puppies, short coats, sables, bicolors, and white german shepherd puppies.

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Angel Art Paintings

DonnaBellas Angels is non-profit dedicated to providing inspirational art to the public. We permit personal use/ non-commercial use of our images as part of goal in helping others to provide inspirational oncology healing support. You may click on the images below to get a full image of the painting that can be shared with friends, family and co-workers. We also have images available for sharing on our Pinterest Gallery or at Flickr. “I don’t think the public realizes how much sharing DonnaBellas Angels helps me in my work as a hospice nurse. I recently spoke with two sisters who signed their Mom in hospice. I was so happy to have the DonnaBellas Angels art package I received so I could share it with them. I often connect with the patients and their families. It is an honor to help them as a nurse but wonderful to leave something so touching as DonnaBellas Angels art behind during a very precious time in their lives.” Thank you so much for the beautiful postcards and the frame sized art prints. I gave out a few of these to our Cancer Center volunteers at our recent holiday party. The volunteers are at the frontline assisting cancer patients and caregivers. I thought the art would be appropriate for the volunteers because they bring love, peace and hope to the Cancer Center and the art reflects that. Thank you for all your efforts in providing such a beautiful service to cancer patients.

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Guardian Angel HealthCare Services, L.L.C.

We at Guardian Angel Healthcare Services, L.L.C. have a genuine love for the elderly and disabled. We do not feel that you have to wait for a certain time of the year to help those that have a need today and everyday. If you would like to donate to the Adopt a Senior Angel Program, you will provide someone with a gift that continues to give 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This program provides monthly support to those that are financially unable to obtain an emergency necklace or button that they will push if they fall and/or need help. Always Remembering….the only kindness you keep is the kindness you give away. We have some very important people currently making donations. These people and organizations have found it in their hearts to donate to this very needful program. Tolbert is a local artist has much of his artwork out in the Nashville Tennessee area. You may find his artwork in Vanderbilt hospital, many Middle Tennessee Area doctors offices. His artwork was donated to the Adopt a Senior Angel program through Guardian Angel HealthCare Services, L.L.C. What is so special about this artist you may ask, he is disabled himself with severe Lupus and Arthritis, he is donating his artwork to be sold and the proceeds to be donated to the Guardian Angel adopt a Senior Angel Program. If you too would like to donate, please give us a call.

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The bad angels tried to drive God out, but the good angels fought to pro­tect Him. God thanked His good angels and made them stronger and even more beau­tiful than ever. One of the bad angels crawled up out of the dark domain where he lived. “I will give them strong friends too. I will give them good angels to be with them always.” Whenever God makes another son or daughter, He calls a good angel. “Go to earth,” He commands, “And take care of my child. You are a Guardian Angel.” So whenever a baby is born, down from Heaven comes an angel to protect the child. From that time on the Guardian Angel never leaves his little friend. Sometimes boys and girls pay no attention to their Guardian Angels. So if a boy or girl sins, the Guardian Angels are very sad. When they see temptation coming close to a boy or girl, they try to drive it away. If a bad angel comes near, they protect their little friend. Way down deep in their hearts, the boy and girl can hear the Guardian Angels say, “Don’t do what is evil. It will make you very unhappy. Always do what is good. That will make you happy.” The boy and girl who listen to their Guardian Angels will always be safe. Don’t you want to make your Guardian Angel always proud of you? Don’t you want him to be glad that you are his little friends? We will walk to the gate of death with an angel at our side.

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My Guardian Angel News for 02-28-2018

Guardian Angel Tattoos- High Quality Photos and Flash Designs of Angel Wing Tattoos

A guardian angel, of course, is someone who watches over you; in some ways, a guardian angel tattoo is like a holy fairy godmother. Angel artwork can incorporate some of the best things about angels – like glowing auras, ephemeral wings and glittering halos – while blending in surprising and contradictory details. Angel tattoos can be depicted smiling wanly or glowering. If you really want to throw people for a loop, you could go for an angel design that includes a dose of violent imagery – swords and guns are great options. Of course, guardian angel tattoos don’t have to be splashy or outlandish. A simple, austere depiction of an angel can convey a surprising amount of feeling and emotion. When it comes to simple tattoos, angels are definitely top contenders. When most of us imagine an angel, a glowing being that looks a lot like a mortal human immediately comes to mind. The major difference, in most cases, is that the angel sports a pair of ephemeral wings. Halos are optional, but they can be found in many classic and contemporary depictions of angels. As you can see, angels and guardian angel tattoos have been depicted in many different ways through the years. Although angels generally conjure images of purity and goodness, they are sometimes given a strange and surprising twist. Depictions of classic angels can be interwoven with unusual elements like barbed wire or drops of blood to create dramatic, eye-catching effects. Spunky cartoon angels can give off a rakish or even a punk kind of attitude.

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Guardian Synonyms, Guardian Antonyms

1 a person or group that watches over someone or something the state became his guardian when he was put into protective custody Synonyms of guardian custodian, guard, keeper, lookout, minder, picket, sentinel, sentry, warden, warder, watch, watcher, watchmanWords Related to guardian observer, patrol, spotter, surveillant, watchdog; bodyguard, convoy, defender, escort, honor guard; gatekeeper; hack [slang]. 2 a person who takes care of a property sometimes for an absent owner the guardians of the summer estate awaited the return of the tycoon Synonyms of guardian caretaker, custodian, janitor, keeper, warden, watchmanWords Related to guardian cocurator, curator; sexton, steward. 3 someone that protects the editor defended his newspaper’s unrelenting exposure of government corruption, arguing that it is journalism’s role to act as a guardian of democracy Synonyms of guardian custodian, defender, guard, protector, guardian angel, protectionWords Related to guardian bodyguard, champion; lookout, sentinel, sentry, warden, warder, watch, watchdog, watchman; conserver, harborer, keeper, preserver, saver. 4 a person who has responsibility for the care of another when her parents died, her aunt became her legal guardian Synonyms of guardian carer, caretaker, caregiverWords Related to guardian foster parent; babysitter, minder, nanny, nurse, sitter; custodian, guard, keep, keeper, protector; attendant, chaperone, companionNear Antonyms of guardian charge, client, dependent, ward.

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Naming Your Guardian Angel: Don’t Do It

Some Catholics practice a devotion of giving personal names to their guardian angels. The Holy See does not allow this practice and formally discourages it. The practice of assigning names to the Holy Angels should be discouraged, except in the cases of Gabriel, Raphael and Michael whose names are contained in Holy Scripture. A special thanks to Father Gary Selin and my friend Jordan Low for finding this citation. We cannot name our Guardian Angel because naming another implies authority over the other. Angel of God my Guardian whom God’s love commits me here. I do not have the authority to name my angel. When God gives a new name to someone, he is signifying His authority over him as that person acts as His vicegerent in His name. Notably, God revealed the names of Jesus, Mary, and John the Baptist to their parents before they were born to show His special authority in human redemption. Please share this post on Facebook and Twitter, since most people still think it’s alright to name their angels. Over 15,000 copies downloaded! This is a quick and easy way to learn the basic philosophy and theology of Saint Thomas Aquinas. The Popes of the last 300 years have endorsed St Thomas Aquinas. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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welcome to Guardian Angel People

Are you targeted or not getting along with an executive or senior manager? If you are, then read on. You have come to the right place as Guardian Angel has vast expertise with dealing with these types of managers and can help you directly on providing immediate answers to your problem of dealing with this individual. We also offer career counselling if you wish to make a move away. Times are tough right now, if you make the wrong move it could ruin your career – even though it is not your fault. Employers want sparkling resumes not a list of personality clashes as reasons for leaving or being fired. Women employees are particularly vulnerable, as Dr Sheridan discovered in 2005 that women managers are more likely to be bullied out of the workforce. Expert counselling regarding what to do with these ‘difficult’ managers. We can also be invited into an organisation and sort out the managerial problems at hand, please see our other division of Guardian Angel Holdings Pty Ltd:. Guardian Angel Executives which has a specific website to assist employers, HR staff and the executives themselves and outlines our unique knowledge about management based on Dr Sheridan’s work. This is the only place where you can get such expert help. We are changing workplaces for the better thanks to our new methodology and approach – no blame no blood loss! Got an immediate problem and need quick answer? Go to The Executive Doc and get a knowledgeable reply for free.

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My Guardian Angel News for 02-27-2018

A Historic Catholic Parish in Downtown Chaska

The Guardian Angels Men’s Club invites you to join us for the Annual Beef & Sausage Dinner. Dinner will be hosted in the GA School gym on Sunday, February 11, 2018 from 11 am to 1 pm. Adults are $12 and children eat for only $5. Take-outs and eat ins are both available. All are welcome! We invite you to join in celebrating Christmas with us this year! Mass times are as follows: Sunday, December 24 4th Sunday of Advent Celebration 8:00 a.m., 10 a.m. Noon – Spanish Christmas Eve Celebration 4:00 p.m. 12:00 a.m. – Midnight Mass Monday, December 25,. A. All are welcome! Please join us in celebrating the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on Thursday, December 7 and Friday, December 8. Guardian Angels will be holding mass at the following times: December 7 – 6:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. December 8 – 6:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m. with the School The Feast of the. Join us for an Archdiocesan Mass of Solidarity! Archbishop Hebda invites all Catholics to join our migrant and refugee brothers and sisters from around the world, as he and Bishop Andrew Cozzens celebrate “An Archdiocesan Mass of Solidarity” at 5:00 p.m., Saturday, December 9th at the Basilica of Saint Mary in. Venerate a relic of St. John Paul II and hear stories of his life shared by Mother Adela and The Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

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App, Fake Call to Get Out of Dates

For some reason I can’t find a clip of it on the Internet anywhere, but you probably remember this Sex and the City scene, too: Charlotte’s telling the girls how she’s nervous to go on a blind date, and Miranda’s basically like, “If it starts going downhill, run to the bathroom, call us, and we’ll call you five minutes later when you’re back at the table. You pretend that something really bad happened to the person on the other end, excuse yourself, and then come meet us.” Voila. At the time, that seemed like a genius maneuver, but now I’m pretty sure it’s a commonplace single friend go-to move. Which is part of why the new Guardian Angel jewelry is pretty brilliant: As soon as you press the button on its sterling silver receiver, it triggers a fake, computer-generated call to your cell. No involving other people, no previous reaching for your iPhone needed. At $120, the wearable panic button’s definitely not the cheapest way to get out of an awkward Tinder match, but it has its benefits. A portion of profits go to AWARE, the Association of Women for Action and Research, for one. If you press and hold that same silver button for longer, it’ll also send an emergency text and a map of your location to one of your friends, sort of like these safety apps do, but with a non-cell phone trigger. In a situation that’s scary, not just slightly uncomfortable, that instant SOS is a pretty priceless thing to have dangling from your wrist while the other person’s none the wiser, isn’t it?

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Home Care Agency Billerica, MA

Guardian Angel Senior Services was founded in September of 2003 based on a dream that we could make a difference in the lives of seniors and go above and beyond the call of duty. A dream to become like family members to our clients, someone they could trust, feel safe with, and can enjoy the company we provide. We truly enjoy being the small Mom and Pop family based company in this area. We are very proud today to have realized many of our goals. We strive to continue our efforts in meeting more seniors, in our local area, to provide the quality care and respect they deserve. Your satisfaction and personal well-being is our top priority – call us today. “Our mission is to provide home care service with love; to enhance the quality of your living through our attentive yet subtle style of care; to maintain your dignity and independence while serving your needs with honor and integrity. After all, it is your home”. We are certified to care for individuals with Alzheimers and Dementia. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection. We pride ourselves on being too organized, with individualized detailed care plans, on-going training and in-services for employees, staff that is professional and friendly at the same time, and a team that works so well together they are always trying to help when needed. Call Guardian Angel Senior Services, Inc. today at 877-279-4554 to schedule your free in-home assessment of your needs with one of our reliable home nurses and caregivers.

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Home Page

We have a large indoor kennel for boarding dogs and cats, indoor and outdoor play areas for doggie day care as well as our guests, a full grooming shop located on site, one of the best training programs for dog obedience, and we are a supplier of many different types of food for cats and dogs. Our facilities consist of a large metal building that houses our reception area, kennels, indoor play area, and grooming shop. We also have an outdoor play area, and two multi-acre fields used in dog obedience and retrieving training. The outdoor play area has a pool with balls, frisbees, and other dog toys. The indoor play area is used during inclement weather. We also have a full kitchen that can accommodate any feeding regimen or medications. In the summers the facility is cooled with two commercial sized air conditioners keeping your pet nice and cool. We invite you to call and come by to tour our facilities. Please use the contact information at the bottom of this page to inquire about these top of the line animals. Our family has been raising and showing animals for twenty years. During that time we showed lambs, pigs, steers, and dogs. We feel this has given us the experience we need to professionally run a kennel. Two years ago we felt God calling us to open a boarding and grooming facility. After much prayer and consideration, we decided to build the facility on our seven acre farm where we reside. God has truly blessed our family with this business and we count it a privilege to care for and train your animals.

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My Guardian Angel News for 02-27-2018

Guardian Angel Program

Want to earn your wings? Become a Guardian Angel and sponsor the adoption fee of an adoptable PAWS cat or dog. When a forever home is found for an adoptable in the Guardian Angel program, the adoption fee is waived since it is covered by their Angel! Guardian Angel donations also help cover the cost of those animals who have been at PAWS for a long time. Your gift of $80 for cats or $150 for dogs ensures that the adoption fee of an adoptable animal is paid when they go to a forever home with their new best friend. You can also make a gift of any amount to the Guardian Angel Fund. Every dollar counts towards our goal of having at least one Guardian Angel for all of the cats and dogs at PAWS! Please go to the Cats for Adoption or Dogs for Adoption page and click on “Become a Guardian Angel” underneath the photo of the cat or dog you select. Or complete the form below to make a gift to the Guardian Angel Fund, and allow PAWS to select the cat or dog most in need of an Angel. If you see the above icon next to your dog or cat’s listing, they already have a Guardian Angel. PAWS adoption guidelines and standard adoption fees apply for all adoptables in the Guardian Angel program. Puppies under 6 months of age are not eligible for the Guardian Angel program. Make a gift to the Guardian Angel Fund by credit card using PayPal, a global leader in secure online payment services. You can make a gift using PayPal even if you don’t have a PayPal account. Become a PAWS Guardian Angel Sponsor the adoption fee of an adoptable PAWS cat or dog.

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Guardian Angel Tattoo Designs- High Quality Photos and Flash Designs of Guardian Angel Design Tattoos

If you’d always like to know just where to find an angel, you should consider getting one tattooed somewhere on your body; with guardian angel tattoo designs and illustrations, you can’t go wrong. Gabriel is another archangel that most of us have heard of; he acts as God’s messenger, which would be a pretty stressful job. Would Michael or Gabriel make for decent design ideas? Why not! With the help of a talented tattoo artist, the sky’s the limit – pun intended. Archangels are sort of like the royalty of the angel world. The most famous archangel is definitely Michael, who shows up in the Christian and Jewish faiths. Michael was an archangel who led the Army of God, so it’s easy to see why he is so popular and well-recognized as an angel tattoo design. A lot has been said about angel tattoos through the years. Since they’ve made so many appearances in pop culture, there is a treasure trove of quotes about them floating around. G.K. Chesteron, an English writer whose memory has largely been lost to the ages, once wrote, “The reason angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly.” Voltaire, who was considerably more famous than Chesterton, once said, “It is not known precisely where angels dwell – whether in the air, the void, or the planets. It has not been God’s pleasure that we should be informed of their abode.” Little did he know that guardian angel tattoo designs would one day adorn the arms, chests, backs and other body parts of people around the world.

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Angel Wings, Guardian Angel and St Michael Designs

Angel tattoos have been slowly but surely gaining popularity over the past few decades and it makes sense when you think about it – an angel tattoo is like having your guardian angel with you all the time. Angel designs are usually pictured with wings, although the Bible doesn’t mention angels that have wings. So the kind of angel tattoos that are so popular nowadays are actually cherub tattoos. Often, angel tattoo designs are taken from classic art. Sometimes people use an angel in a memorial tattoo to commemorate the death of a loved one. Rather than a whole angel, some people opt for an angel wings tattoo. The most popular spot for angel wing designs is between the shoulders, the place where wings would naturally be if humans had them. Cherub tattoos are those that most people call angel tattoos. The most popular archangel tattoo is one of St. Michael, God’s warrior angel. A fallen angel is an angel that has been banished from heaven as a punishment for disobeying God. Typical fallen angel tattoos usually picture an angel with a menacing look, torn wings and sometimes horns, they look like a thug angel. Also in the category of dark angel designs is the Angel of Death tattoo. The Angel of Death is usually used as another name for the Grim Reaper, although Angels of Death are usually pictured with wings and the Grim Reaper is not. Nicole Richie: actress and socialite who has angel wings on her back, among many other tattoos. David Beckham: has a guardian angel on his back combined with the names of his children.

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My Guardian Angel News for 02-26-2018

710 Laura Duncan Rd, Apex, NC

439-0769 Guardian Angels is a nice thrift store that must have sprung out of nowhere; or maybe I’m way overdue for an eye exam. The larger furniture is against one wall, and as I walked around the perimeter, I passed the mirrors, headboards, bookcases, children’s toys, kitchen items, books, vinyl records, linens, jewelry, accessories, and then interesting, high-end items. As with the nicer thrift stores, everything was in great shape and in some cases, close to new. A nice clean thrift store in Apex! Decent selection and an extremely helpful and friendly staff. Pants Plus sizes come here! Great plus size selection. There sizes are somewhat sorted out so you can quickly find what u r looking for. What a gem! This place has nice furniture, cute collectibles and a cool selection of antiques. Definitely want to go back when I have more time to look! I really like the Guardian Angel Thrift store in Fuquay so I decided to check this one out when I was in the area. It is a large store and cleaner than most thrift stores in the Raleigh area. There is a large selection of various items and I thought the prices were reasonable. Pretty nice place, friendly workers, but some items were pricey. Wilton cake pans for 5.00! Many casserole dishes too were between 7-10.00, which is high for a thrift store. No toys to be found-again! My daughter did find a cute top for 3.00-not bad. Guardian Angel Thrift is a wonderful store. I love how clean and organized the store is and I almost always find whatever I’m looking for.

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Your Guardian Angel’s Gift

You or someone you love, now or very soon, needs the message this book contains. Your Guardian Angel’s Gift, a beautiful full-color gift book, is the perfect answer to this need. We all have a Guardian Angel up in heaven. Yours has sent a feather to the ground to let you know she’s watching over you. See, we all have lifelong challenges,Adversities and fear,But your Angel up in Heaven. If you ever feel you’re stumbling,Remember: stand up straight and tall,Your personal Guardian Angel. So if you’re ever frightened, worried,Lonely, in despair,Remember that this feather. Complete your gift with a Guardian Angel Feather Ornament. These beautifully hand-made ornaments have glitter sprinkled lightly inside with an angel feather, and are topped with a delicate bow and rosette. Christine Clifford, CSP is a well-established author of eight books and a 18+ year breast cancer survivor. She has enjoyed success with her previous books including her bestselling Not Now I’m Having a No Hair Day! and Cancer Has Its Privileges: Stories of Hope & Laughter. Since having breast cancer in 1994, she founded The Cancer Club®. Today it is the world’s largest producer of humorous and helpful products for people with cancer. Facing another overwhelming challenge – divorce – not just once but twice, Christine co-founded Divorcing Divas LLC® and is the author of the recently published book The Clue Phone’s Ringing It’s for You! Healing Humor for Women Divorcing. Christine is a true survivor, willing to share her stories of hope, inspiration, love and humor.

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Guardian Angels Chaplet

I was very excited to make this latest Guardian Angels Chaplet. I wrote a while back about Guardians and the Hierarchy of Angels on my blog and in my reading I came across a chaplet in devotion to the Angels. The beads I chose are Amethyst, it’s difficult to get a photo that really does this beautiful beads justice, as semi-precious gemstones these beads have a lovely variation in shade and some have natural white markings and cloudy insides. As a tree resin these beads are full of natural inclusions. The result was a truly beautiful chaplet that has a nice heavy feel and a great texture in your hand. As with any chaplets or rosaries we make we include a ‘How to Pray’ card. The most grace filled moments I have ever experienced have been when I have been surrounded by the prayers of other people and to this end we have a tradition of praying with each of the Rosaries or Chaplets before sending them out and if you’re ever giving one as a gift we encourage you to do the same. O God come to my aid – O Lord make haste to help me. ON THE 4 PENDANT BEADS. ST MICHAELAt the hour of my death, hold prisoner the evil one so. ST GABRIELBring me a lively faith from God filled with hope, charity. MY GUARDIAN ANGELObtain for me divine inspiration and the special grace. SERAPHIMObtain for me a burning love for God and set my heart on fire. Then One Our Father followed by Three Hail Mary’s on the smaller beads. POWERSObtain for me strength over all evil spirits through God’s grace. Filling my heart with the desire for truth and obedience.

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My Guardian Angel News for 02-26-2018

Diana Cooper

In New Light on Angels and Angel Inspiration I teach people how to attune to the angels. The Angel Correspondence Course also helps you to link into the angelic realms. The angels of the 7th dimension are your Guardian Angels and others who help humans. Every single person has a Guardian Angel who protects and looks after them. If your soul has agreed that you need an experience illness or accident for your spiritual growth or even if it is time for you to pass over, your Guardian Angel must step aside. Your Guardian Angel and Guides also arrange for you to meet the people you are meant to meet, such as a partner or good friend – even an enemy who challenges and strengthens you. Your Guardian Angel organises all co-incidences and synchronicities. There are dozens of wonderful inspirational stories in New Light on Angels and Angel Inspiration illustrating how people are helped by angels. Your angel is always listening and if you ask for help he will assist you. Your angels will help you to be safe, to find a parking space, to reach your destination at the correct time, to find something, to heal a relationship and many other things. Your Guardian Angel is always by your side if you need him. Your Guardian Angel loves you and nothing can stop him from loving you whatever you do. Archangel MichaelMost people know Archangel Michael who is the warrior and protector angel. New Light on Angels and Angel Inspiration share many stories of how he has helped people. Call on his emerald green angels of healing for help for yourself and anyone else who needs it.

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Guardian Angels

Safety Patrols have been the heart and soul of the Guardian Angels since its inception. Patrol Volunteers are thoroughly trained in protection of self and others while regularly patrolling their communities. Their efforts help combat the terrifying disease of street crime by uniting citizens together to respond to the ever-changing elements of community problems. They address criminal activity where it is needed most and go beyond the defensive to empower the collective community by teaching practical skills, initiating community programs and emphasizing cooperation to solve problems. The Guardian Angels empower people by teaching practical skills and a full spectrum of “Self-help” skills in schools, at their local chapter facilities and community centers. Their programs are enabling people to take action without relying on government, a key principle of The Guardian Angels. Chapter Volunteers use their hard-earned experience to teach self-defense courses and “Street smarts” skills to seniors, women and community groups, schools and university students around the country. From community defense classes, to training of life skills to adults and youth programs for at risk youth, the Guardian Angels have the ability to see the big picture in how to respond to community issues from their very core. Fostering the self-reliance inherent in us all and understanding why local residents are most capable of solving their unique problems, Guardian Angels are there to lend a helping hand as long as others are willing to Dare To Care with them!

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Find Out Who Your Guardian Angel Is

What makes life more enjoyable for strong women compared to the average person? They don’t give a single f*ck about the little things. Even if you decide to remain friends with your ex, that doesn’t mean you have to carry the weight of their drama anymore. Women’s clothing is a complicated, ridiculous thing nine times out of ten. Someone once told me “You can’t break up with your friends.” Says who? You reach a point where, when you have a toxic friend, you just can’t do it anymore. A friend who say things about you behind your back is not your friend. A friend who gets a new boyfriend and then never speaks to you again was not your friend – so don’t just take them back when they’re single again. A friend who cheats with your boyfriend is not your friend. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not in order to make friends and attract people to you. Just about every woman can tell you about a time when one of their female friends talked behind their back, did some shady stuff, and just wasn’t a very good friend. These women aren’t your friends, and you cannot maintain your friendship with them by being just as terrible as they are. That’s what these women want more than anything else. I’ve known funny women who try to be some quirky, Zooey Deschanel knockoff and tough women who try to be Sarah Connor from the second Terminator film. It can be hard to find your way through life, especially when you’re a young person, but don’t try to be other women. If you enjoyed this article, please SHARE it with your family and friends on Facebook!

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My Guardian Angel News for 02-25-2018

What Do Guardian Angels Do?

Does God make a new guardian angel for each new baby? What happens to guardian angels when their humans die? The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us “Angels are spiritual creatures who glorify God without ceasing”. Although the Church does not have a formal teaching on guardian angels, it is a traditional belief that every person has their own particular angel. The Church has always held the belief, even designating October 2 as the Feast of the Guardian Angels. From its beginning until death human life is surrounded by their watchful care and intercession. “Beside each believer stands an angel as protector and shepherd leading him to life”. Already here on earth the Christian life shares by faith in the blessed company of angels and men united in God. Angels were created sometime before the creation of the world; they “Have been present since creation and throughout the history of salvation”. They are created immortal beings, meaning that they are created and they cannot die. Angels are not separated from us after death, but remain with us in heaven, not to help us attain salvation, but ad aliquam illustrationem. If, God forbid, we should not go to heaven, we can assume that our angel would continue, as it has always done, to glorify God unceasingly. Please note that all email submitted to Catholic Exchange becomes the property of Catholic Exchange and may be published in this space. Published letters may be edited for length and clarity. Names and cities of letter writers may also be published. Email addresses of viewers will not normally be published.

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Blackberry Tracking Software from Guardian Angel

No one will disagree that using a cell phone while operating a vehicle is dangerous, not to mention foolish. Study after study detail the risks associated with texting, talking, surfing the internet, or reading and answering e-mails while driving. This is why Trinity Noble has developed cell phone monitoring and tracking software named Guardian Angel. Designed to prevent cell phone use by fleet and inexperienced drivers, Guardian Angel is a phone-based software that locks the keys of a cell phone while a vehicle is traveling above certain speeds. With the exception of “Whitelisted” phone numbers the driver cannot engage in texting or talking as long as he or she is driving. While similar software solutions exist, Guardian Angel is the ONLY mobile phone monitoring application that can tell the difference between the cell phone of a driver and the cell phone of a passenger, and prevents the driver from overriding the application, ensuring safe driving practices, something other products cannot do. Guardian Angel can be used as a standalone tracking application or a cell phone with an internal GPS or “Married”, via Bluetooth, to a vehicle through an external GPS receiver. In addition to preventing distracted driving, Guardian Angel offers the fleet owner as well as the parent the ability to set Geo Fences, vehicle tracking, controlled messaging and various custom alert capabilities. Guardian Angel is an elegant, easy-to-install software solution that can save your child’s life as well as protect your staff and your assets at a surprisingly low cost.

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Guardian Angel Ornament EBay 2018

Overall: 18.5cm H x 13cm W x 18.5cm D; Overall Product Weight: 0.35kg. he figurine features an angel helping a little boy making the first step. The product is supplied in branded gift box with the vellum insert containing a signed note from Susan Lordi and a gift …www. Dimensions: H38 x W23 x L20 cm / H15″ x W9″ x L8″ / 12 kg This elegant Guardian angel hand-cast heavy stone statue is the perfect garden centerpiece for a special corner or quiet place. Oldest living retriever of Epiphany cross calls it his ‘guardian angel’. TARPON SPRINGS – The once-golden cross is chipped and faded, but it still shines for Hercules Ypsilantis. Almost 70 years have passed since he retrieved it from Spring Bayou during the annual Epiphany Celebration in Tarpon Springs. Tradition says the boy who retrieves it first will get a year of blessings from God. “It has been my guardian angel,” he said from his home in Tarpon. If you’re looking for an adorable Christmas craft tutorial, here’s one that will show you how to make angel tree ornaments. Angels play a big part in people’s holiday season’s decorations. Angels are thought to protect every soul and bring positive vibes in the home. Christmas angel ornaments can be found in a wide array of models, dimensions and designs: from tabletop decorations to tree toppers. Marcus Cheong wants to introduce a new character in the Christmas story. Her name is Sera the Angel and she lives on top of your Christmas tree. How she got there is the subject of Cheong’s musical, Angels.

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stories, articles, personal experiences. Good angels. Bad angels.

“For the angel of the Lord guards and rescues all who reverence Him”. In Pakistan, during a time of great political upheaval, I had finished a series of meetings in Lahore and was taken to the train station. The director of the railway line rushed us onto the train, put us in our compartments and told us not to open our doors under any circumstances – unless we knew that the one knocking was a friend. The train ride to Karachi would require more than 24 hours, which was just the time I needed to finish rewriting my book Come Help Change the World. It was not until we arrived in Karachi some 28 hours later that I discovered how guardian angels had watched over us and protected us. The train in front of us had been burned when rioting students had lain on the track and refused to move. In retaliation, the mob burned the train and killed the officials. Now we were the next train and they were prepared to do the same for us. God miraculously went before us and there were no mishaps. A Red Cross van took us to the hotel and there God continued to protect us. Whether in a train or wherever you are, God guards and rescues those people who reverence Him. Today, you can know for certain that God will send His guardian angels to guard you – simply yield your life to Him and ask Him to come into your life and forgive your sins. I open the door of my life and receive You as my Savior and Lord. Thank You for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life. If you prayed today and asked Jesus Christ to come into your life and take control, we would love to hear from you.

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My Guardian Angel News for 02-25-2018

Home Staging Cleveland, Estate Sales, and Relocating Services for Northeastern Ohio

Pat and Bill Diesing are the Guardian Angels in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio helping people for over a decade with their home staging, estate sale, and senior move management needs. Pat and Bill are real Guardian Angels creating attractive, efficient homes that sell and assisting those that need help in the transition and relocation of their lives. Nothing goes a longer way than a clean, sparkling house. Older cabinets, floors and bathrooms can take on a new look just being clean. Your home should be meticulous, regardless of the age. Buyers should walk through the house enjoying the clean beauty, not footprints on your floors. Staging your home to be organized, clean, and uncluttered may not seem like a big deal, but if it’s your house and your family lives there, it is a big deal. Not to mention the need to neutralize the red walls and blue carpet. You’d better get busy! No time? Don’t know where to start? So you’ve logged onto all those home staging sites that tell you what to do, but they seldom tell you how! Don’t worry you now have Guardian Angels. Guardian Angels will meet with you to view and discuss the most efficient and beneficial way to proceed with your liquidation. Guardian Angels have been providing services to sellers and buyers for over a decade. Relax and trust Guardian Angels to prepare your home for you just the way you would do it yourself if you had the time. Have everything done the way you like it and meet your deadlines, guaranteed. To the many questions that arise, Guardian Angels are the answer. If you have Guardian Angels you don’t need anyone else.

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Who Is Your Guardian Angel?

Home >> Angels >> Angels Articles Who Is Your Guardian Angel? We all have a guardian angel that is with us at all times. Who is your guardian angel? How do you know your guardian angel? Our guardian angel protects and guides us throughout our lives. When you find your guardian angel, you can ask your guardian angel for assistance at any time, their divine purpose is simply to help you. Some experts believe that we have more than one guardian angel and can even have as many as three guardian angels. So if you have always felt additional loving angelic beings around you, you may be one of the lucky ones who have more than one guardian angel! Your guardian angel is more than simply your guide; they are also your friend and closest companion. You will be connected with your guardian angel throughout your entire life. You can count on your guardian angel for any type of help that you have a need for. Your guardian angel is also there for you to celebrate your life and experience times of great joy, such as your wedding day or the birth of your children. Some may feel their guardian angel’s presence with them, or simply know that they are there. Your guardian angel knows you the very best, as they have been with you all along. There is something about simply talking to your guardian angel that can make everything feel better. Amen.Many believe in guardian angels, but have never asked their guardian angel for assistance. Try asking your guardian angel for help with something and you’ll simply be amazed at how easily and quickly things seem to come together for you.

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Guardian Angels, Inc.

Imagine that someone in your family is very sick and needs medical attention, your child’s school is an inadequate environment to learn, or you are unable to provide meals, shelter and clothing for them. Besides experiencing this pain and suffering, you are from a country that does not have medical equipment and supplies to offer, the hospital personnel have told you that they do not have the necessary supplies and medications for your illness, or the country in which you reside does not have any social services that may assist you with your needs. This scenario is typical in many developing countries where other people like us are dying of these hardships. Although a limited amount of these supplies may be found, the funds to acquire them are not; hence, health is being compromised and more complicated problems are likely to arise due to this delay in treatment. Children are not attending school, lack nutritious meals, and are living in sheds and houses literally made out of boxes. Assisting hospitals and clinics, and the children who are our future in these developing countries are a couple of the primary goals of Guardian Angels, Inc. We seek to alleviate the pain and suffering of these individuals by donating the necessary supplies, and our time in delivering these necessities to them. Your donation is greatly appreciated as we continue this humanitarian mission to ease these desperate conditions. You will save, change lives, and give hope as you help us provide the essential need that is so scarce in too many countries around the world.

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My Guardian Angel News for 02-24-2018

7 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Trying To Contact You

Where do you turn to if no one is there to help? But for luckily, spiritual gurus believe that guardian angels are at our sides at all times. I think this mystery is an inherent aspect of the infinite universe. As an element of infinity, we all see different answers. Regardless of how you visualize the truth, the manner that angels appear have stayed the same for a long time. Seeing shafts of light streaming or shooting around you are definite indications of angels. You may notice sparks of light or become very aware of shadows around you. The way angels vibrate can slow or speed up the molecules in the air, resulting in a change in temperature. Pay attention to what you are doing or thinking and feel out what is being communicated. Have you ever been at home or in the wilderness, a place where random scents are hard to find, and smelled something amazing? If you can smell an inconsistent smell to your surroundings and its very pleasant, an angel could be a hug away. While this is absolutely an indication you are crazy, in this context that’s a good thing! You are open to the inclinations of the universe, where others are remaining closed off. Feathers all around you for whatever reason? Did you not particularly seek this out? It’s a sign that they are near and paying attention to you. One of the most common signs of angels is a small feather. This is especially true if the feather is found somewhere where feathers are not commonly found. Angels like to leave feathers as a reminder that they are there, and watching over us. This is especially true if someone has found a white feather.

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Guardian Angel Pins

We have hundreds of guardian angel pins to choose from. Browse through our Angel Pin Index by clicking the “Angel Pins Index” tab at the top of the page, then select a category. For your convenience, the category list is on the left of each page, once you are browsing through the angel pins index. All angel pins are guardian angel pins in some form. If you would like, we also have a complete list of angel pin designs on the Angel Pins, general index. Pictured on the left of this page are examples of some of our guardian angel pins, just to give you a taste of our style. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for to portray your guardian angel, e-mail us with a custom request for your unique guardian angel pins. What better way to cherish the memory of your loved one or honor the accomplishments of your friends or family than with custom designed guardian angel pins? Our unique, guardian angel pins are sure to touch everyone’s heart. I invite you to browse through our designs and read the tender stories attached to each guardian angel pin design. In one form or another there is a guardian angel behind each angel pin design and story. We are sure you and your loved ones will cherish these precious guardian angel pins for years to come. Our guardian angels can act upon our senses and upon our imaginations, but guardian angels do not act upon our will. Guardian Angel Pins serve as a daily reminder that we are not alone. Many people routinely wear guardian angel pins for comfort. Browse our index and order several guardian angel pins for yourself, your friends and your family.

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Discover your Guardian Angel

Your Guardian Angel is assigned to you at birth and remains with you throughout your life. We all call upon our Guardian Angel for help at times, although we dont always know their names. Take yourself off somewhere quiet where you wont be disturbed. This could be into a room indoors or out into nature if you prefer. Concentrate on your breathing to ensure complete relaxation. Focus on your own full birth name and birth date.6. Now ask Guardian Angel of mine please reveal your name to me having the faith that you will receive an answer. Listen for a name to present itself to you, it may not be audible but it will become strong and prominent in your mind remember that a lot of Angelic names are unusual or strange to pronounce. So dont be surprised if it is a name you havent heard of! Now, after thanking them for revealing their name to you, write down the name of your Guardian Angel, fold the paper up and place it in a place that is special to you you may have a small Angel altar, or box, or you may have a crystal or other treasure you would like to keep with it. Remember that anywhere that feels right for you to keep the name IS right. When you next feel the need to call on your Guardian Angel. My Guardian Angel I call upon you,and thank you for loving me through all that I do,Please shield and protect me and show me the way,and carry me through to the end of each day. Would you like to know more about our Archangels? Please click the link below …. Knowing your Archangels. Please take the time to browse around the rest of it while you are here.

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My Guardian Angel News for 02-24-2018

Intro to Angel Healing, Archangels, & Guardian Angels

Here you will find information and resources regarding The Angels, their Purpose and how you can communicate and heal with them. All of this information is compiled and based on various beliefs. Depending largely on geography and individual preference, the details on the Angels differ from each other; but that certainly doesn’t make one more or less right than the other. Once you understand how our beliefs can work to affect our experience, you will understand how the belief in Angels can greatly assist you in your life! Within the Angel Healing subsections you will be able to learn about The Angels and their various configurations throughout different religions; including the Archangels, who they are and how to begin healing with them. You will also learn how to meet your Guardian Angels, as well as other Angels. We will strive to teach how you can begin the process of learning to listen to the Universe because it is always speaking to us. If you believe in Angels, you already know how wonderful and caring they are. They can help in any situation, no matter how trivial or big our problem may be. It is a great desire of theirs to help us in life, as we are as much a part of them, as they are of us; They would like us to remember that separation only exists in the mind and that we are One, infinitely connected to each other, and Our Divine Source. They are here to help guide us through life and to eventually lead us to an understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Allow the Angels to fill your life with love, hope, and understanding. Many are tasked by God to watch over humanity and to keep us safe.

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Guardian Angel Figurines

These guardian angel figurines are perfect for your home. For the guardian angels below, you will find a variety of guardian angel such as ones protecting families. There is a guardian angel protecting a child as the child slumbers peacefully. Feast your eyes upon the family guardian angel clock, this guardian angel watches over a family with an apprentice guardian angel swinging from the pendulum. While you are looking, the fireman’s guardian angel night light will illuminate your room. Wherever you go, whatever you do, your guardian angel watches over you. Guardian angel sun catcher protects children on a beautiful summer day. There is a guardian angel wall clock which depicts a guardian angel keeping watch over two children as they cross a bridge. See the guardian angel wall fountain; it features a mother guardian angel lovingly attending to her child. Whereas, the guardian angel wall plaque has a guardian angel overseeing the travels of two children. The musical guardian angel keeps the children in the protective folds of a guardian angel’s gown as a gentle reminder of god’s protective love. Porcelain guardian angel holding a dove is an elegant angel with dove and rose figurine. There are more guardian angels located on other pages through out the site, just take a look at the musical angelic figurines, for your listening pleasure. You will find that all guardian angels are not females, perhaps you have a loved one in need of a little reassurance, this strong guardian angel figurine watches over a chlid as he sleeps. You will find a guardian angel wall plaque, providing a watchful atmosphere for children.

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Source: has 194 complaints

Read the warning! Attention: US residents who have been contacted by scammers over the phone or email could be at risk of identity theft. I have been waiting for them to honor their money back guarantee and issue a full refund since 8/31/17. They issued a partial refund & then debited it back out of my account. Then after emailing them over 200 times they finally responded. They asked for screenshots of the transactions, I sent them, they responded with “I’m so glad that these have been refunded to you.” I told them over and over they issued a refund and then took it right back out. Paid in installments and otherwise yet only one refund on a multiple payment plan and he continues to charge me despite only one refund. Did you find this complaint useful? Yes No By: SamK1. He is very convincing but then he just takes your money. His money back guarantee is a complete lie! Don’t trust him! I’ve sent close to 100 emails since 8/31/17 for a refund and still nothing. I sent “Padre” money for his “Help” after being assured that there was “No risk.” After about a year, nothing he said was true so, I asked him to honor his guarantee. I have emailed him close to 50 times since 8/31/17 & he won’t respond or issue my refund. Padre managed to scam me out of a lot of money and has repeatedly ignored my emails requesting that he honors his 100% risk free guarantee. I had been trusting & “Working” with him for a while and when I asked for a refund, they issued a partial refund and then took it right back out! Do NOT give him any money! Did you find this complaint useful? Yes No By: mmarmenta25.

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